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Young Merlin (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from eLmaGus-:

No Cheating detected whatsoever.

Play Quality:

Fluent execution for the most part of the run. I feel like the route can still
improve but at the same time im quite impressed so many things from the TAS
are implemented into this route. The few minor mistakes that were made can be
overlooked imo since it is really easy to make slight movement mistakes in this
game. At no point during the run I felt like there was nothing going on either.

The only "major" issue i have is that the puzzle starting ~18:00 couldve been
solved quicker(~5 seconds probably), I don't think that weighs down the run
overall though.

Audio/Visual Quality:

Audio and Video seem good to me for all of the run.

Quote from RedArremer:
I really wonder what went through the developers' heads when they decided to make this game. "Hey, remember that part of the Arthurian legends where Merlin goes off to fight some giant ants and dwarves in order to plant some flowers and shit?" "Yeah, that was awesome. Let's make a game about it!".

This ... I'm not sure I would actually call it a game. This piece of software is quite an experience, and I'd recommend anyone who never experienced it to do so. There simply isn't enough suffering in this world, and I intend to make it greater. And once you get stuck, which you likely will right at the start, you can watch this excellent speedrun.

There are a few flubs in this run that I'd consider minor, but in a software this, uh, unique, I think a run like this should be considered a fantastic outcome. Normally I would suggest the runner keep at it to optimize his run, but this IS Young Merlin we're talking about, so I'm not going to. I don't even know why I volunteered to verify this.

Quote from Dana Crysalis:
I was planning on running this one day, really I was!  Been sitting in my broken SNES for a couple years now.  No matter what CERTAIN people say, I enjoyed this game (especially the music), and only the block puzzle (yawn) and the minecarts (argh) really made me cranky.

Run Quality
This is a very solid run.  There are minor menu errors and hiccups during boss fights, but nothing that cost unreasonable amounts of time.  Could this run be improved?  Certainly, but it would take a lot more time/effort to eke out the few seconds lost over the nearly hour-long run.  The glitches were performed excellently without any setup time cost, and his movement was fairly solid the whole time.

Technical Quality
No complaints, video and sound are excellent.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'DumDumDugan'!
Thread title:  
Extra bonus points for the Marvel-related name.
Hurray! I think I know which puzzle eLmagus is talking about. I agree that it can be solved quicker, and I just went with a solution that was easier to memorize. If I could memorize the fastest way to solve the puzzle, that would be the next thing I changed in the route. Knowingly solving that puzzle a little slower is what bothered me most about this run.
I'm addicted to games
Can someone do me the favor of writing an intro to this game for its game page?
This game by Westwood Studios for the SNES features a young magician kissing mermaids, riding minecarts, crafting magic items, and solving puzzles to save the lands.  A young Merlin, the wizard of legend, travels through peaceful landscapes, taking on grumbling villains to defeat the evil Shadow King. The Lady of the Lake makes an appearance to help Merlin in his travels.