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Streaming guide
This guide is to help people who are having trouble setting up their stream. It will show you how to stream a portion of your desktop whether that be a PC game or a capture window. In addition you will see how to set up a microphone so you can chat with your viewers and even add a Skype call to the stream if you would like.

If you are using this guide I make the assumption that you have some way to get the game video/audio onto your computer. How you do it doesn't matter (capture card, emulator, widowed PC game, whatever) so long as the video plays on your monitor and the audio comes out of your computer speakers.

1) Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE):

2) SCFH Desktop Streamer: The first link under the "Download" heading. See: for installation instructions.

1) AmaRecTV is a video and audio capture program. For the purposes of this guide I will only discuss the audio capabilities which can be used independently of the video. You need to unzip the download somewhere and then run "live_setup115b_en.exe". Configuration will be explained later in the guide.

2) Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) and Audio Repeater: This is the only tool that costs money. You can use AmaRecTV but this program offers a configuration option that I use frequently which I have been unable to duplicate with AmaRecTV. The site tells you to use the trial version to make sure it works before you buy it; I suggest you do as well.

3) WebcamViewer: or some other way to view your webcam on the desktop. This program is a no-install program that uses the .NET framework so it is windows only.

Basic stream setup
1) Install the programs above that you will be using. For a bare bones setup that is only the two required programs.

2) Start your source. In my case it is the preview window for my capture program.

3) Start FMLE and configure it as your streaming provider requires. The important settings for this guide are Video and Audio; I'll assume you can figure out how to hook it up to broadcast to your account. For video device choose "SCFH DSF". Don't worry if the preview window isn't showing the correct thing yet. For audio device choose "Stereo Mix". I changed my resolution to 960x540 so it would broadcast 16:9.

4) Start SCFH and choose the option for FlashMediaLiveEncoder. When you do this your windows color scheme will be adjusted and your screen will go black for a second. Don't worry it automatically changes back when you close the program.

5) When the new window opens you can configure the portion of your desktop to capture. The easiest way is to use the "Drag Here" option. You simply click on it and hold down the cursor. Then move your cursor over the window you want to be captured and it will automatically pick up the size and position. Alternately if you click "Area Selection" then a green box will appear on the screen. You can move and re-size the box exactly how you want it and then double-click on the box to apply the settings.

6) The preview window in FMLE should now show what you want to stream. With the audio set to "Stereo Mix" if it comes out of the speakers it will go on the stream.

7) Start the stream in FMLE.

8) Enjoy.

Advanced stream configurations

If you only want the game audio to go over the stream then you can just stick with "Stereo Mix" in FMLE but if you would like to stream a microphone or Skype call these audio guides will help.
AmaRecTV is a great choice for your audio configuration if you don't care about hearing the game audio from your computer. So if you are playing a game on the PC then this will work for you and it is free. If you are using a capture program for a console game you might want to consider the VAC option.

1) Make sure it is installed. If you haven't already run the file "live_setup115b_en.exe".

2) Run the program "amamix.exe" which will show you something like this.

3) Click on the "Config" menu option.

4) Configure amamix. On the Input Device tab you should have it set up similar to the screenshot. Just leave the "Name" dropdown as it is that just affects how the device reads in the AmaMix window. I have device 1 set to use the microphone, select Master Volume, and 44100. For device 2 use Stereo Mix, Master Volume, and 44100. On the "Live" tab set the Sampling rate to 44100 as well. Then select OK.

5) Make sure the bottom checkbox under the first two mixers is checked. This will cause those to output to the stream. The "Play" button checkbox will make it output to the speakers if you want to test it.

6) Change the audio setting in FMLE to use "AmaRec Audio Capture".

This setup will cause anything that comes out of the speakers as well as your microphone to go over the stream. Since the Skype call plays through the speakers it will send that audio over the stream too if you have a call running. What you say on the Skype call will be covered by the Microphone.

I use Virtual Audio Cable to manage my audio for two reasons. First I feel it offers more configurability. Second I am playing on a console so I don't want the game audio from my capture device to play over the speakers since it's already coming out of the TV. I set this up in Windows 7. I'm not sure how or if it's possible to set up in older versions.

1) In the setup for VAC configure it for 3 cables. That is the default so you really shouldn't have to change anything. For the purposes of this guide you should think of the cables like this: Line 1 = what you hear on the stream, Line 2 = what would normally come out of the speakers (i.e. your game audio), Line 3 = Skype.

2) If you are using an external microphone make sure it is plugged in and recognized.

3) Change your default audio device. You do that by right clicking on your speaker icon in the start bar and choosing "Playback Devices". Select "Line 2" and click on the "Set Default" option. This will make all programs that generate audio send their audio to line 2. You should see the green checkmark on line 2 as in the image. You will no longer hear sounds through your speakers. Some programs may need to be restarted for this to take effect.

4) If you are going to be using Skype go to: Call > Audio Settings > Speakers. Update the dropdown for speakers to use Line 3. You will no longer hear the Skype call through your speakers.

5) Now for the confusing part. You are going to need a few instances of "audio repeater" (should have been installed with VAC). Open them one at a time and set them as is appropriate. The following setup will stream the: game audio, a microphone, and a Skype call over the stream but you will only hear the Skype call coming out of the speakers. If you are not using a Skype call you only need the first two.
1		Line 2		Line 1		Send the game audio to the stream
2		Microphone	Line 1		Send your microphone to the stream
3		Line 3		Line 1		Send the audio from the other callers to the stream
4		Line 3		Speakers	Send the audio from the other callers to the speakers so you can hear them

6) Click on the sound icon in the start bar, find the item for Line 1 (the names show if you hover over the icons) and choose "Mixer".

7) Find the audio repeater for the game audio and turn it down. Unfortunately all the audio repeaters are named the same so you will need to have the game playing audio currently. If that is the only line generating audio it should be easy to tell which one it is. In the image it's the one with the green bar. Turn it down to whatever is appropriate to make you able to be heard clearly over the game. For me it's 15%.

8) Set FMLE to use Line 1 as the audio source.

When you are done don't forget to set the speakers back to the default audio device.

This guide shows you how to stream your beautiful face from your webcam and the game, both at the same time!
What do you do if you want to show your webcam, your timer program, some random text note, and the game all on the stream at the same time? Panels! And here is how you set them up.

1) To be able to stream your webcam you need to have it appearing in some location on your desktop so SCFH can see it. Open the WebcamViewer program and select your webcam. Then chose the size that works for you. I selected 160x120 because that makes it a good size in relation to my split program. I then placed my split program directly underneath it so I could capture both of them in the same panel.

2) If you want to have some text saying whatever visible on the stream open a notepad document and shrink it down to an appropriate size. It should be larger than the text you want in it but it shouldn't overlap any area of the screen that you will be streaming from another panel.

3) In the SCFH main panel click on the "Layout" button. This will open the layout window. From there you can add a second and third panel and by clicking on their number at the top of the window configure them individually. First I would use the main window to draw area selections over the portions of your desktop you want to stream. Then you can configure the layout as needed. In my example here I put the Webcam/WSplit on the right side and made the game fill the remaining space with the appropriate aspect ratio. Then I just filled the gap at the bottom with my text. Unfortunately you can't save the layout and have multiple ones but it will remember the layout between loads.

Hopefully this covers all your streaming needs. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of X-Split so I can't show you how to use that. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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Sticky this, guys?
Did that explain it for you IMW? Let me know if anything is confusing.
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i can't get game audio when putting both those things on VAC line shows no volume for stereo mix in recording devices as well
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Sorry for the delay in responding, I didn't have the thread set to email me when it get's replies.

If you just play the game do you get the game audio through your computer speakers? Whatever you are using to play/capture the game has to be routing the audio through your speakers. My capture program plays the audio from the preview window. So an emulator for instance sends the game audio to "Stereo mix". Also make sure that you don't have your computer audio muted.

What are you using to play/capture your game? Is it an emulator or some capture card?

P.S. I have to use "Stereo mix" because my capture utility doesn't show up as an audio source for the Audio Repeater. If your program appears in the "wave in" dropdown for audio repeater I would definitely use that instead of "Stereo mix".
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Bump in case anyone needs this info.
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VAC: "trial, trial, trial, trial, trial" (multiply by infinity)


This is a very informative post and I have tried this setup, it works.

However, VAC is made by a terrorist organization and if you buy it you are funding terrorism. I would rather spend my $40 on an Xsplit license than VAC, but I also have a good enough mic to pick up game and commentary. If you do not have a great mic you will need VAC to pick up game sound.
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Terrorists, oh noes!

Seriously though if you don't need/want your voice then you can get away without VAC. The thing is I wanted to have clear game audio from the input and my voice at the same time so I needed something that would let me combine them since FMLE only accepts one audio input. I don't know if Xsplit accepts multiple but if it does that would cut out audio repeater as well.

Now that you mention it does Xsplit combine audio sources and will it let you use "Stereo Mix" as a source? If so I might nab that and update my guide to show both ways.
so pro u don't even know
Quote from Youkai:
Terrorists, oh noes!

Seriously though if you don't need/want your voice then you can get away without VAC. The thing is I wanted to have clear game audio from the input and my voice at the same time so I needed something that would let me combine them since FMLE only accepts one audio input. I don't know if Xsplit accepts multiple but if it does that would cut out audio repeater as well.

Now that you mention it does Xsplit combine audio sources and will it let you use "Stereo Mix" as a source? If so I might nab that and update my guide to show both ways.

Not sure about the stereo mix, I would have to check on it when I am home.

I think you should update your guide to include Xsplit anyway though because it is a very popular choice and does not require extra programs to designate screen regions. Your FAQ would be more comprehnensive that way. Basically it would be the same thing for Xsplit, but minus the SCFH. So it makes things a lot easier for people who are just getting started. For advanced users SCFH seems like a pretty good program though.

Hopefully more people will post about their setups in this thread, because quite frankly, it was a huge pain in the bum to start streaming and guides like this can certainly help runners that wanted to get a stream set up.
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Ah, what a great thread.

Without Stereomix I've been looking for a way to get my mic, the game sound and Skype running through the stream at the same time (prominently Skype but I guess any sound coming from the PC would be around the same idea.)
I've been using 2 VAC lines to try and organize the volumes, it works out like this:

Game audio -> Line 1
Skype output -> Line 1
Line 1 -> Line 2
Microphone -> Line 2

With Win7 i can "listen to" Line 1 with my speakers and reduce the volume of Line 1 -IN- Line 2 so it's quiet enough for my mic to be heard on stream without changing the volume of what I hear in my speakers. I can also reduce the input volume of my game sound to 10-20% in the 'recording devices' settings.

My problem is that the people I'm in a Skype call with hear a really quiet echo every time I set this up, I can imagine this could be caused by looping of overflows/underflows but so far I haven't found a definite answer, any help?

I'm happy to elaborate on my set up if it serves as a solution to some of you guys.
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I haven't yet figured out a way to get a skype call working with the setup described above. The problem is "Stereo Mix". My capture device doesn't show up as an audio source in Audio Repeater so I have to use Stereo Mix. I don't want to hear double audio and I can't mute my speaker because that would mute Stereo Mix and my game audio wouldn't go through the stream. So to overcome that I just plug a pair of earbuds into the computer which effectively "mutes" the audio for me. But that does mean that I can't do a skype call because I wouldn't be able to hear it.

How do you set the speakers to play "Line 1"? I wonder if that would negate "Stereo Mix". If not I could do something like your set up but have my speakers play only the skype call. If I had to guess I'd say your "Really quiet echo" is the microphone picking up the skype call. Have you tried moving the microphone away from the speakers (if that's an option). Let me know how to adjust the speakers and I'll test this out when I get a chance. Might not be until Monday night though.
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Hopefully this image explains it

I can't say how you might get your capture device to show up as an audio source. If it shows up in the recording settings (above) then I guess it would be a problem with VAC.
I'm going to try sticking some headphones in next time I stream with Skype, I'm a little embarrassed I didn't think of that before haha.
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Youkai: 2012-04-28 05:45:11 pm
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Hmm weird. I don't have the "Listen" tab on mine. I did a little looking but didn't find it I'll have to look more later. Do you know what causes that tab to appear?

EDIT: Oh! I was on Playback. I needed to be on Recording. Sorry I'll play with it some more.
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Ok I'm getting the same thing you did with the echo effect. Also you can create the same results by setting up two audio repeaters and not having to mess with your system sound. Leave the microphone the default listening device then set up these two repeaters:
--Microphone > Line 1
--Line 1 > Speakers

That setup also generates the echo.

I have been testing with my microphone instead of skype but I still haven't been able to come up with a method that will play only my microphone through the speakers without playing the standard computer audio. If any time I make a change to the configuration that causes it to not play the system sounds (i.e. a youtube video) it won't play my microphone either.

I'll do some more looking into it. Also I'm pretty sure the echo is some sort of loop between the Line 1 and your systems "stereo mix".
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Having moved my speakers away I don't seem to be getting the same echo, it may very well be that I have unintentionally solved the loops in VAC, considering you're getting the echo too it's even more likely that's the case.
Quote from Youkai:
If any time I make a change to the configuration that causes it to not play the system sounds (i.e. a youtube video) it won't play my microphone either.

I'm not sure why this is happening, I'm guessing you're turning off all of the PC sounds like this (or even muting the sounds):

You would have to do the same to other programs you open but I've never had your problem. I know there are settings that reduce the volume of PC sounds when using a mic or when people are calling you, you seem to be getting it the opposite way though.
If you're still getting interference then I can only assume it is stereo mix, which I actually don't have set 'listen to' through anything (in my case it's "What U hear").
Also to correct myself about my audio repeater set up, I have my game sound into line 2. This is because I can hear the game sound through AmaRec or my tv already and it leaves only Skype in Line 1, if I didn't do this I would have to change the Skype volume, against my mic, in Skype which reduces the volume of Skype through my speakers.
I'm sorry if this is becoming unreadable but I'm coming close to the end of my knowledge of these things, yet I'll help if I can (without making stuff up.)
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No worries man. The problem with mine is my capture device only plays through the default audio device, I can't specify. I have an idea on how to resolve my issue but my internet is being shitty right now so I can't test it on the stream. When I get a chance I'll test it out and if it works I'll update the OP with a secondary guide.
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Ok I figured it out. Hopefully my new Skype guide will help you DRsynj, or at least be an interesting read. Let me know if you have any questions.

I don't currently plan on adding a guide if you want to hear the game audio but also send the Skype call but I suppose I could add one if people are interested in it.
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Greenalink: 2012-08-27 04:10:58 pm
DS Dictator
Has any runner managed to create a run that uses FRAPS (or any screen recording) to record a raw with only in-game audio while livestreaming at the same time with(out) In-game audio and Voice commentary.

I was figuring out for my (3)DS live attempts that I want to record a RAW avi with in-game audio only and while I do these live attempts at the same time, viewers can hear both In-game audio and commentary without messing up the actual raw AVI sound settings.
- I got Windows 7 so I can tweak audio mixing.
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Youkai: 2012-08-27 04:20:18 pm
Don't know what to speedrun :(
Does FRAPS let you specify the audio source? If so I can tell you how to do it.

EDIT: Hold on I'll do some tests see what I can come up with.
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Greenalink: 2012-08-27 04:25:45 pm
DS Dictator
I should say that I think my DS capture app records from Stereo mix because it picks up both in-game audio (line-in cable) and mic. I might be able to change when I set a different default device.

Edit: I set my default device to one of the Line ins that takes my DS audio and I played a twitch broadcast in the background. And it manages to record the footage from the DS and the audio only from the DS, ignoring Audio. I think I know how it works.
Edit history:
Youkai: 2012-08-27 04:27:38 pm
Don't know what to speedrun :(
Ok I'm a little confused then about what you are trying to do. Let me know if any of the following are incorrect:

1) you have some sort of cable/program that lets you get the signal from your DS onto the computer in a window
2) you want to capture the video and audio from the DS stream using fraps
3) you want to stream at the same time
4) you have a microphone you want to use to talk on the stream but you don't want that to be on the recording

Is all of that correct? If so in your first post you specify FRAPS to record but in the most recent one you say DS capture app. Which one actually records?

EDIT: oh you are recording a run while watching a stream at the same time that isn't yours? I see. Do you need to be able to hear the stream? If not you could mute it.
DS Dictator
EDIT: oh you are recording a run while watching a stream at the same time that isn't yours? I see. Do you need to be able to hear the stream? If not you could mute it.

Recently I was testing my mic to do commentary when livestreaming. I did a small test offline of recording a raw DS video and the mic and it managed to pick up both audio sources, that's ok for livestreaming but I wanted my raw video to only have the in-game audio and not my commentary. I just did a test of tweaking default devices after posting my original question and I managed to do a raw recording of DS video+Audio and ignoring everything else and it works.

In short, my problem is solved.
I know the setup when I want to create a Raw AVI video with In-game audio only (for SDA submissions) while I livestream an attempt with both In-game audio + Commentary.
Thats how you comin' bruh?
I have a question. In order to record your live stream on Xsplit do you click "Local Recording"? I may take your advice and upload it on YouTube.
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I can't answer that one Somsai. I don't use Xsplit. Perhaps someone else can answer for you.
Quote from Somsai:
I have a question. In order to record your live stream on Xsplit do you click "Local Recording"? I may take your advice and upload it on YouTube.

That is correct. Won't get you a very good recording but try it out and see if it's good enough for you.