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Yakuza 3 (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses


Anyway, I admit that when I first inquired to verify the game, my knowledge of the game was fairly limited to watching others play and a short playthrough from a while back, so my knowledge of the game is a bit rusty.  That said, might as well say really fast that the quickly that Video quality is good, and the sound is good as well.  It was nice for the runner to submit his SS run in 13 parts, but there were no problems with the quality and did play properly when played back one after another.  Also for those who are going to read my notes, I'm writing them down as I watch the run, so if I speak a bit random, it is because something random just happened in the game.

One thing to get out of the way really fast is that in the game, random idiots will approach you and want to start fights.  For the most part, the runner does his best to avoid these fights.  It should also be noted that in this NG+ run, the runner makes use of the "Golden Gun," which allows him access to a gun that does not run out of bullets.  So if anyone is expecting some street fighting, it is more like the scene from Indiana Jones where he shoots the guy holding the sword.  It is more like a murderous shooting spree than it is actually fighting.  Plus, considering how most of the people against him panic the moment he whips out the gun, he pretty much goes untouched and doesn't have to worry about anyone fighting back.  That is until the Boss fights where it seems that many of the bosses can simply walk off getting shot in the face several times over.  Then again, this run is being completed on the highest difficulty, thus it is understandable as to how it seems that the boss characters won't drop after a few shots.  There was a bit of tricky situations with the fight against Goro, but the fight against Rikiya was literally what you would suspect when you have someone with no weapons going up against a gun. 

Then there is Golfing!

WOO! First for Speed Demos Archive! Golfing!  and no, I'm not counting the Tiger Woods speed run that is on the site already since that was disk golf.  DOESN'T COUNT!

Anyway, the golf could have been better.  I'm not saying the runner should have focused on the golf part more, but the runner hit bogey on each hole, and that 2nd swing on the 3rd hole was hard to watch (or almost as hard as that 3rd stroke where the runner barely misses the hole).  Fortunately, the golfing isn't a main focus of the run, but it is hard to ignore.  Still, with that said, obviously improvements on this part wouldn't be that much more considering how those would be slight minimum improvements overall, perhaps saving a few seconds in a run that is over three hours long.

Well, after alot of talking, we get alot of shooting and quick time events.  A slight mistake when the runner went into the small room, but then for the fight against Tetsuo tamashiro went as well as shooting a guy repeatedly can go.  Of course at times, he would dodge a bullet, but it was basically filling up another guy with bullets.

More running... dialog... filler... Idiots that get violently shot trying to pick a fight against a man with a gun...


I'm going to go on a limb here and say that the runner knows how to do baseball a bit better than golf, although if I was to nitpick, his  1st, 6th 7th 8th 9th swing was the worst considering how the runner blew it out of the park where as the rest of the hits were lower.  Mainly speaking, when the hit is lower, it resets the pitching faster, but that can still be tricky as we see how in his 10th swing, he completely misses.  Not too much time lost overall, but again might have been a bit better.  And then...


Taking photos of a lady on a scooter as he rams a taxi from behind looking at a billboard and does a front flip while landing safely and fierce texting?


err... TOKYO!

Anyway, moving forward from there: More violent shooting and the fight against Hasebe.  Copy and paste my "Shooting idiots* comment here since again, nothing special happens.  Should also be noted that the finishers that the runner chooses doesn't really do anything special, or at least not from what I've seen.  The headbutt is used if the boss can be killed easily, otherwise another move is used to weaken the boss more to ensure that he drops in the next shot.  Also the runner has a lightsaber that was needed to finish off the boss.

More running around and... Albert Wesker?!  He's in this game too?  Well the man in black surely doesn't care much for the runner as he actually forces the runner to back off due to his kicking ability and the others around him that made it harder for the runner to shoot them all.  One chase sequence with a black guy later, we see how the runner lets the black man (named "Man in black"... a black man in black?  Don't look at me, I'm sure that is what the developers had in mind when they put him in the chase sequence) we get another chase sequence with the cops!  Also apparently in Japan, their caps have the police lights on top.  Must be easier to run away than to chase.  More running, & shooting idiots in a hotel and... the main character knows how to flash step?!  anyway, the runner does a good job of tracking where the man in his underpants is hiding before we go to our next boss against him where he pretty much survives a barrage of bullets with no bullet proof vest.  After he tries to desperately pull a statue piece from the wall, we actually get to see the runner do a bit of hand to hand before delivering more bullets into his head and chest and then...


err... I would like to say that this game is rated M for very good reasons and that it can get very... suggestive.  So let's just say that the runner does rather unspeakable things to the boss and move on.  More running and dialog and next boss fight with Majima Gorou in a cage match.  Now... this fight is rather concerning because we see how the boss is pretty much flash stepping all around the runner while he can't land one shot with the gun.  Granted this is all part of the fight itself where once his aura is fully activated, he can't really be hit all too much.  From there the runner uses his light saber, actually punch the opponent several times, and get stabbed a couple more times too.  One of the hardest fights up to this point, but still done as well as it could have.

Another "Running, shooting, chasing sequence." with the runner now getting shot at too.  We see how the runner is now making more use of the light saber to do more damage towards the end of the fights. In case anyone asks, because of the Heat Action moves that are done towards the end of the fights, we don't usually get to see them all too much since the runner knows he needs to save it for the end and by that time, it is faster to shoot them in the face.  The next boss, has a special ability where he can move forward in spite of getting shot in the face several times, but still drops soon enough.  After that fight (and alot of dialog and running of course) we get the security force that get violently shot up.  More running around and now masked wrestling!  The runner misses a few inputs, but it still comes together fairly well.

After even more running and more dialog (got to love long single segmented runs), we see how the runner accidently murders an innocent bicycle trying to shoot one thug, and wasted a bit of time due to how that thug fell over and couldn't get up, so he had to literally curbstomp the guy.  Another small complication raised up during a chase sequence with Ayoko.  Not only can the girl run, but she chooses to wisely run through a crowd so that the runner bumps into them.  He did that a few times during the first part, but he did a better job during the 2nd part.  More dialog as the next boss fight happens in a strip club.  While the boss does a good job at least approaching the runner, the runner's trigger fighter has yet to fail him, or at least not until they go to the bottom floor when the boss does get a few hits and and forces the runner into a retreat for a brief moment or so before his aura disappeared and allowed the runner to shoot him again.  After the same usual shooting, the runner fights off a bull before the next boss, to which he shoots the boss several times over just like last time.

Now there was one thing on the 11th part at around 12:30.  It sounds like there is dialog is going on, but nothing can be seen.  Then when everything comes back, something weird happens to where it doesn't sound or look like anything is syncing up.  Of course after he leaves, everything sounds back in order, but I'm not too sure what happened there.

As we get into the last part, I gew concern about just how many hits the runner was taking.  It didn't really slow him down much, but it was still delaying him slightly each time he took a hit.  We then return to shooting Wesker, who is now being identified as a "CIA Agent" and the runner gets to take great pleasure of shooting him up twice!

We finally get to the final boss, and it seems he has the same cplications as Gorou where he seems to dodge bullets and can be alot harder to put down.  The runner got hit quite a bit during this final fight, including having to heal himself twice through the menu.

Funny how in the actual part of the game, the runner did a great job with the run, and the fights were very good, especially considering that this was on the highest difficulty, while for the side activities, the runner didn't do as well.  Still, a pretty solid run all around, thus I would have no problems giving this a proper Accept for the hard work put into this run.

Also before I forget, the run time.

According to the clear data, he started his new game + at about 74:18:16 and time stopped at about 76:59:50, thus should place the final time at around  2:41:34.  Also there shouldn't be any worries about the number of saves and how it incrased to 12 by the end of the "SS" run since Im' sure it like to see for saving at the end of each chapter.

My only other verifier went AWOL.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Sergio 'Holy_3051' Frances!
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