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Just finished routing for a mostly magic route. There's a standard physical route on Speedrun.com


^ There.

I rerouted to abuse this


to its fullest potential by becoming a wizard ASAP and using its 280% increased damage over the lvl1 spell as the baseline to wreck things. That youtube user also has another vod:


^ there. Some of those solutions are pretty badass, others not so much.

Notes in progress:


*edit* run:


Route updated with suggestions by Shiroi_Tenshii, and with information from a runner named tatataUT on Youtube. New set of notes will follow when time allows and be linked in the spot above.
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Some quick notes; you can kill the first miniboss at level 2 using Ice magic from the shop.

After the first actual boss, the tree guy, you can sequence break utilizing a glitched jump and gain an absurdly powerful spell for the time. You can use this to annihilate the second major boss.

You can skip a miniboss by reentering Egret Mountain from the base--just hover over using the boots.

The final boss is supposed to be immune to anything but a specific weapon, but you can stand underneath its first form and cast the Death spell to deal significant damage to it. Smack it until it becomes vulnerable, then kill the first phase with a one-cycle using Death. 2nd phase is still as the developers intended.