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Neo_Qwerty: 2010-05-11 08:25:25 am
Sorry, the whole list doesn't fit in the title, so I threw up the most important up there. All selling prices are $CAN, mostly because I'm using my local game shop pricing as a guideline.

Wanting to buy/trade for: (I'm willing to shell out up to $40 for any of these used, and $55 for new with manuals
- Pokemon Stadium 2 (N64, NSTC-NA, I'm fine without a transfer pak) hold
- Megaman Legends 2 (PS1, NSTC-NA) hold
- The Misadventures of Tron Bonne (PS1, NSTC-NA, Megaman Legends series)
- Pokemon Channel (GC, NSTC-NA)
- Pokemon Colosseum (GC, NSTC-NA) hold
- Megaman: Maverick Hunter X (PSP, NSTC-NA)
- Boktai 2: The Sun Is In Your Hand (GBA, PAL only!)
- 1 N64 controller (without loose control stick and sticky buttons, tested is good) hold

Up for sale/trade: (unless mentionned otherwise, I don't have manuals or boxes)
- Pokemon Emerald (GBA, NSTC-NA, V.1.0, no save, tested and Pal Parks fine, with box and manuals) In transit
- Vectorman (SEGA Genesis, NSTC-NA) $7
- Ghouls'N Ghosts (SEGA Genesis, NSTC-NA, untested) $5
- Jurassic Park (SEGA Genesis, NSTC-NA, untested) $4
- Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (NDS, v.1.0, comes with box, no manual, I got bored) In transit
- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64, NSTC-NA, V.1.2 or 1.3?, completed save file) $10
- MYST (PC, in case with manual, for Windows 3.1/95, scratchless CD, untested, caution: water-damaged manual) In transit
- Kingdom Hearts: RE:Chain of Memories (PS2, NSTC-NA, comes with box, no manual, I suck at it) $15

I also have a perfectly fine black GameCube, comes with all its cables, but no controllers. In transit

If you want to buy, I don't have a Paypal, so I take money orders (already converted to $CAN would be neato) or Wii Point cards of equivalent value. If you want to sell, I can likewise pay by money order (CAN or US) or wii point cards.

I'm hoping someone will respond to this!
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Waiting hurts my soul...
I'm not really interested in anything, but I do have some questions that might help you get more interest.

If you have prices in mind for buying as well, then I suggest you put those up. Most people here will deal fairly with you.

You don't really mention manual or boxes for all of your games. Can we assume the genesis games don't have them? What about Ocarina? Are your prices in US dollars, since you mention $CAN?

What color is your Gamecube? $35 for a gamecube with no controller seems like a bit much.
Ah, sorry, I forgot to mention these...  Did a tiny price adjust and mentionned it's all in $CAN.

The Gamecube is black. Does this price seem better? I honestly don't know what price it's supposed to be.

But thank you for helping me clarify things! I'm a bit stupid when it comes to this.  Tongue
I might be willing to sell you Pokemon Stadium 2, Pokemon Colloseum, and the N64 controller.  However, are you saying that you're willing to pay $120 for all three?
Back in the game!
I want Mario/Sonic @ Olympic Games.
Replying a day late...

@ Time: Yes, I'm willing to give $120 for Stadium 2, Colosseum and the controller if no one else beat me to it yet. What color is the controller, for curiosity's sake?

@UltimateDarius: Deal! Just PM me with your address, and I'll make sure to notify you when it's on its way and give you my contact info back!
Willing to teach you the impossible
Hay, i see that its on "hold" but I am interested in the gamecube. If it becomes available, I would like to get it