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World Court Tennis is a hybrid tennis game and RPG. It's main selling point is a "quest mode" which puts you in an old-school Dragon Quest world. Each encounter is one "game" of tennis. Winning gets you money and losing gets you put back at the beginning. You use money to buy better rackets (more powerful hits) and better shoes (run faster on the court) as well as better shirts (higher percentage of escaping random encounters when choosing to Run).

This game is like an RPG but very stripped down. There is only one continue point. There is no HP or special resource points. There are only five towns and when you visit a town, you can warp there instantly with no cost. There are no levels, so there is no point of doing matches against enemies once you have the best Racket, Shirt, and Shoes in Toronto. The five towns are: Chicago, Paris, Tokyo, London, and Toronto. None of which resemble the real cities and are small and quaint towns. In your quest, you will have to beat six bosses (to get a pearl from each), get a ball of light, and beat the final boss to become the tennis champion of the world. In addition to that, you will need an inner tube and can also enlarge your racket. When you get the inner tube, not only does it make an upgrade, two bosses, a crucial item, and the final boss possible to reach, it allows you to go on the water, circumventing path restrictions on the land and avoiding encounters entirely.

Here's the route I've made so far:

After the king's monologue, press the 1 button two times to warp directly outside the first town, Chicago. Head to Paris immediately. Buy the racket and shoes from there. Tokyo is out of the way, so head through the desert to London and Toronto. London technically isn't even required, but it's a good safe checkpoint. Once you've reached Toronto, warp back to the town next to your favorite grinding place until you have enough money to buy the A tier racket, shirt, and shoes. The A Shirt will have a 100% success rate for running away. Go through the maze and get the inner tube. Go to an island to the north and get the enlarged racket. Now that you have everything, beat the first two bosses near Paris. Start heading to Tokyo, which is out of the way and isolated in the mountains. Beat the two bosses in both Tokyo and at the end of the mountain path near Tokyo. Warp to Toronto and beat the bosses in the path and in the corner after an inner tube lake section. Once all six bosses are done, warp to Paris and inner tube over to the shack in the small island where you get the ball of light, which allows the final boss to be possible. Warp to Tokyo and go to the island with the final boss's castle on it. Now it's time for the final battle, which is 2 out of 3 sets. And then you win! Run over!

One more thing: the main category is "No Gambling". In Paris, you can bet on one of two automated doubles teams. The No Gambling restriction means you must do all the grinding yourself so the run isn't based on luck.
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Finished a run! No Gambling 1:43:00. The first completion on the entire internet with the girl, and actually succeeds at skipping London entirely. The purchase route and the the town visiting route should be followed with more optimization and avoidance of turns and walking on grass due to there being no encounters in the water. Very satisfied with this run, as it is a sub 2 run of a challenging RPG where the player can't just absentmindedly keep hitting attack to win even the simplest battle.

New Route!

It is possible to complete the game visiting only two towns: Paris and Tokyo. Cutting out Toronto (from the previous route) saves having to do a huge grinding section.

First, go to Paris and buy D Shoes like normal (you can also reduce risk by buying D Racket). Now for the major route change: Go to Tokyo accepting every match along the way and you might have enough money to buy the C Shirt once you get there. Now warp back to Paris and go all the way to the inner tube (skipping Toronto) running from every encounter. With only the C Shirt, you will probably have enough money to afford the C Shoes and C Racket (and grind near Tokyo if you don't). Now that you have all the C equipment, that is what you will use to beat all 6 bosses with. When beating the two bosses near Toronto, warp to Paris, get there with the inner tube, and do both of them in one go. Warping to Paris and getting the ball of light and then warping to Tokyo to get to the final boss also applies like in the previous route. It's a little more challenging, but no problem for an experienced player. Don't worry.
Ultimate Route! This gets to Paris and then warps back to Chicago as usual. After getting the E equipment, you visit all three remaining towns. By then, you'll have enough to get the A Shirt, which will allow you to run away from every encounter. Not only is this much less matches than usual, the E racket is also a better racket to use due to the fact that you run much less of a risk of hitting the ball out. This route will make sub 1:15 a possibility.
New discoveries!

Toronto doesn't need to be visited anymore. The B Shirt is half as expensive and has dodging abilities that are almost as good as the A Shirt, and it can be obtained much earlier. So the route is: go to Paris, warp back to Chicago to buy the E Racket and E Shoes, warp back to Paris, go to London, go to Tokyo, warp back to London, buy the B Shirt, get the Inner Tube, and finish the seven bosses.

The fifth and sixth bosses near Toronto can both be done back to back with no need to warp back to a town.
I have at last made my long-awaited return to speedrunning in 2020. Instead of going for uber duper long speedruns and other outlandish categories, I've decided to focus on one game at a time and scale back my ambitions somewhat. Anyway, I got a new PB: 1:19:12 off of a sloppy derust run that uses a fantastic new route. The game can definitely go sub 1:15 now that I've discovered this.
I really hope you'll stick with the game until you have something submittable! We can't have very many tennis game in the collection. XD
Got a 1:18:27 this time. Better route and smoother run. This game is getting optimized. When I first started this game, it was nearly two hours and I cut 1/4 off of it on my own. I was doing all the routing, all the strategizing, all the running. What I'm saying is this game is in dire need of more runners. I can't hold it up entirely on my own. Improvements will become more scarce and small in the sub 1:20 era of WCT.
New PB: 1:17:02. Another minute barrier cut. Getting close to the sub 1:15! Feel free to join me!
At last, I got it! 1:14:56, a sub 75 minute run, using the best route I could come up with. After much hardship early on, this route gets the A Racket and A Shoes as soon as possible, then proceeds to breeze through bosses. Very tight and satisfying run. Will not be improved until done on English.
The post-magic era has begun! with a sub-1:10 (on the English version!) it will now be prohibitively impossible to get the WR without skipping the Magic Ball!
Half an hour just fell from this game. It is now possible to beat it in under 40 minutes. In the English version only, you don't need to beat the six bosses to unlock the final boss. You can beat the game without the Magic Ball or a single pearl. In Japanese, you must get all six pearls at least. I guess the developers didn't think anyone would bother beating the final boss without the Magic Ball.