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Is the Wonderboy in Monsterland port for Xbox 360 and Xbox One (Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World) a valid version to be used in a Speedrun for the record? Thank you for any help!!
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DS Dictator
Yes it's an official release. So it is a valid version.
Upon checking, the port of Wonderboy in Monsterland on the Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World is a port of the arcade version of the game.  The speedrun record, set by Mathieu 'Mpatard' Patard on 2013-05-26 with the time of 0:18:50, is with the Sega Master System port of the game.  The two ports (or versions) of the game play similar, but they are differences such as the overall look of the game.  So my question is this, if I speedrun on the Xbox 360 collection release, will I be running against Mpatard's record, or will I be trying to establish a new record with a different port?  Sorry if my line of questioning is trivial, I just wanted to have clarification so as not to upset anyone.  Thank you so much for any and all help.  HYPE!!!
DS Dictator
No, the Arcade release has different physics including aerial sword attacks losing forward momentum and the lack of the wiggle trick to get 60+ gold from a single coin drop. Your run will not be competing against the Master System version and will have its own time instead if you submit the arcade run to this site.
Greenalink, I played a few moments last night on the Xbox port of Wonderboy in Monsterland and the "waggle" or "wiggle" trick is def there.  I was blown away!  Been doing research and it seems there isn't any time savers such as clipping.  Not from what I have read so far.
DS Dictator
I mis-wrote that last reply.
Master System version is the one that loses forward momentum during an aerial attack and lack of wiggle trick to get 60+ gold from a single coin. It also does not have the small brown/white kong enemies and the big knights only appear in boss fights, the small knights were used as replacements to any big knight used in regular stages outside of boss battles like the 2nd last stage. The final stage in Master System is very different than the Arcade due to the lack of boss refights before the Dragon.
Greenalink, I have a question for you. That is if you don't mind me picking your brain. Is there any strays recorded or documented from the speed run community for the "Wonderboy in Monsterland" arcade port on the. Box 360 collection. I amm having hard time finding any strays. There are runs recorded and uploaded to YouTube but they are incredibly slow and lacking tricks such as th "coin waggle". Any help form the community would be helpful. I also wanted to share with the community the signifance of this game and why I am driven to not only speed run the game but also set the record.
My very first console that my mother and father bought me was the Sega Master System. I loved it. The very first game the bought for me and the only game I had other that the game that came with the system, was none other than "Wonderboy in Monster Land".  I played the game endlessly and finally beat it and I was elated.  Jump forward to 2008 and I lost my father to cancer on November 8, 2008.  It was the most horrible lost I have ever went through. My SupermN was gone.  I knew I needed to honor him someway. That is why I decided I was going to speed run the first game he ever bought me and I am going to attempt to set the record and my ultimate goal is to submit my run with commentary to Awesome Games Done Quick or Summer Games Done Quick, and I seriously Hope and Pray they will consider me to display the run for this wonderful community and honor my father. I would try to bring him honor if while running at the marathons I get Personal. Best or even break the record. I know I am not a big name in the speed run community and I know my goal seems out of Reach. It seems out of reach for me to stand on the same room as SpikeVegeta or The Mexican Runner or Bubblesdelfuego.  Thank you to whole ever read this. I hope you would like to see the name of Negatron accomplish a speed run of the arcade port of Wonderboy in Monsterland at AGDQ for the Prevent Cancer Foundation in honor of my father. HYPE!!!!!!
There is a typeo I meant to say stats not strays