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Hello, I'm new to the forum, but I've watched many of the speed runs on this site.

I was thinking about trying to do a speed run for Wonder Boy in Monster World for Genesis because there isn't one yet. I didn't see any threads about this game, but the runs for the SMS games in this series were pretty awesome. I haven't officially tried to do a run before, but this is one of my favorite games and probably the only game I could do a run for without some very very serious practice first.

I have the US version. I was confused at first about a video I saw on youtube, but I think it's just because it's the Japanese version.
Big difference: last boss.

Anyone who's played the US/EU version knows how corny that conveyor belt is.

That's actually the only real problem I can foresee, and I would totally hate to have an awesome run and die at the end. Does any one have any good ideas for how to fight the last boss?

The game is fairly linear so I don't have to do much planning for my route (unless anyone knows any short cuts), except for maybe the ocean part, but I've already figured out which items to buy.

You have to grind the snake at the beginning of the game to buy the leather boots because they make you run faster. I'll just keep trying that part until I get large gold drops from the snake since it's the very beginning. The only other spot I might have to grind some enemies is the penguins right before the ice town to buy the ceramic boots. I might not have to though because I realized there was a chest in the ocean I was forgetting. Either way that shouldn't take too long. I shouldn't ever have to worry about grinding for cash to buy any weapons, shields, or armor, just those 2 boots.

I'm trying to keep sleeping at inns at a minimum, but fairly soon it becomes necessary to replenish magic.

I need to experiment on a few enemies to see if I can kill them faster with any magic, and I need to plan my menu navigation a little better, and I need to see if I can reasonably skip a couple of the heart container boxes, namely the one in the forest temple and maybe the one sitting on the clouds before you enter the last castle. That depends on if, after practice, I think I kill the last boss without them. Of course I don't plan to grab hearts that deviate extremely far from the main path or require back tracking.

I think that's about it so far.
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everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
Please, we need more Sega love. Looks good so far.
I'd love to see a run of this. Was my favorite game on the Genesis, before I accidentally dropped off a bunch of Genesis games when I returned some old stuff to a GameStop.  :-[

I can still emulate it and I've got a bunch of free time on my hands, so let me know if you need any help. Just don't ask me to beat the last boss again. Once was enough for me; that sucker's a pain in the rear.
pi pi pi
mm, things I going pretty well I think. I've gotten from the beginning to the dragon village right after the pyramid down to approximately 40 minutes. that leaves the ice castle, the volcano, the dark castle, and the boss. It will be REALLY awesome if could get the total under 1:30 but we'll see. It will be close, I think.

I'm still really worried about the boss. I want to do a SS but I might have to make segments just cuz the boss is so random. I'll see if he falls into any reasonable pattern after I practice killing him some.
pi pi pi

I realized I can do a lot better, especially with jumping over certain enemies. I'll get my time down yet. I'm more confident now I can get my total under 1:30.

I watched the TAS video and saw a few details I didn't know about, most notably the coins on top of the house at the beginning. I'm buying items differently and my route is very different regarding the ocean because I need the money chests. I get burned by the TAS on the swimming. I think a lot of stuff in that video is way too risky unless you're doing a TAS, which I suppose is the point.

Hopefully, I'll have everything pretty well ironed out by March. I'm planning on recording my run during spring break when I go to my parents house. That's where my actual system and game are. I'll post again when I finalize my route.
Yeah; if I recall correctly, the TAS skips the Oasis Boots, which will be nigh impossible for a human unless you've picked up a ridiculous amount of hearts along the way -and- have perfect timing with your jumps. 'S'my opinion, though. I'll check and see if it's possible soon. Can't wait to see the route!
pi pi pi
i just tried skipping the oasis boots since you just brought it up. It's actually not to hard to cross the desert because you're invincible when you're life is being drained. but then you have to run the whole pyramid and and the part with the boulders and the spear imp things pretty much perfectly since you have no life left.

I can actually reasonably have seven hearts at that point since there's a heart container in the ocean on the way to a money chest, so that affords 3 more hearts worth of damage total when you count the two elixirs, but that's only helps for about 2, maybe 3 more hits if it's just spikes (and about no hits for the spear guys). unfortunately, i'm not nearly as perfect as some people on this site. i'll see if i can practice and get good enough to do it, but i don't think it's likely.

if i end up doing a segmented run, i will definitely skip the boots.
pi pi pi
bleh… okay, I’m sorry to do this but I’m going to have to suspend my progress on this speed run. I’m currently contending with the busiest semester in school of my life. also, I’ll most likely have a job this summer sadly won't afford me any more time. Anyone else is welcome to take up this project if they want, otherwise I’ll probably come back to it around August-ish.

I haven't really played it all since my last post, but I’ll post what I know so far just in case anybody is curious.

Here’s a quick rundown of the items I was planning on buying:
-buy the boots at the beginning
-buy the small spear in alsedo (just grab all the coins from the crabs along the way (and grab the 2 hidden coins above the third rising platform) and you should basically be at 80 gold when you get there. you might have to kill about 3 mushrooms, oh well)
-make sure you get 300 gold before the end of the sewers. you should be able to get a little over 200 from the myconid and then the hidden coins on the other side of the ladder as you enter the sewer should get you the rest of the way. this should only be around 7 minutes into the game so you can reset if you get screwed on gold (I only got 180 one time from the myconid)
-buy the knight sword and the ladder boots in purapril
-the next thing to buy is the marine boots after defeating gragg and clagg
-in my run I was going to grab the money chests in ocean (besides the one with just coins that only gives around 200 gold) you might kill one of those giant fish for good measure but they might just give you a big heart instead of money. regardless there should be plenty of money to buy Excalibur before the dessert, which will be the last weapon bought.  also a 50 gold potion is needed at this point to skip the oasis boots (which is only reasonable in a segmented run).
- you probably need to grind a bit of penguins before childam to buy ceramic boots (4000 gold) but this won’t take more than a couple minutes and the boots make the ice bomber and the ice castle in general much easier. you might be able to get by without them if you use lightning on the ice bomber’s projectiles (I thought of this but haven’t tested it out)
-after the volcano, might as well buy flame armor with all the excess gold
-buy a holywater to fight the demon king
-might want to go back to dragon land to buy a hi-potion before the last boss (I haven’t tested how much more these heal than holywater) if not a hi-potion a holywater is absolutely necessary

the general route of this game is pretty linear so I’ll just make a few points right now in no particular order:
-the ocean with poseiden’s temple should definitely be done before the ocean part with the pygmy armor so you can use return after you get the armor
-as for which chests to grab in the ocean (if you’re grabbing chests). I would grab the thunder chest in poseiden’s ocean because thunder magic is GOOD for fighting multiple bosses and eliminating otherwise time-wasting enemies (like the fire snake things in the volcano). don’t grab the money chest in poseiden’s ocean with just coins-waste of time. All the money chests in the first ocean are good (especially the last one since it’s right next to the heart chest, which you’ll want if you’re planning on skipping the oasis boots.) don’t even think about getting the heart chest in poseiden’s ocean; the door to access it is waaay back at the beginning of the sewers, about the farthest back you can possibly back track to at this point in the game. if you need to know where any of the hidden doors are, there are some awesome maps at
-for what it’s worth, you can jump to the chest with quake in it in the cave before the ice world if you equip the marine boots
-general tip: most of the enemies that appear on screen as you move to a new one act very predictably—these are the ones to ALWAYS jump over
-I tested it out and it seems that the ghost things along the path to lillypad will always fly down in front of you soon enough to jump over them if you continuously run to the left without ever slowing, otherwise they’ll descend directly on your face. the only exception is the last ghost, you have to wait for a second to jump over it. I just use firestorm usually and kill it
-magic dominates most things in the game. in the pyramid you should be firestorming everything that you don’t avoid, and then quake the crap out of the spear guys leading to the dragon village (just make sure they’re not jumping, I hate those guys)

I think that’s about it. If there’s any other confusion, I think aqfaq’s TAS video takes the most optimal path.
I've always been interested in this game, and was disappointed to find no one seems to run it. I've now done 2 basically practice runs of it and got a 1:35:48. This counts dying to the final boss and forgetting to get the bracelet before heading to the ice area. Suffice it to say, I think 1:30 is an extremely conservative estiment. For my route, I skip getting money on the way to the mycanoid. You can beat him easily enough with just starting equipment. Then I buy spear and armor before leaving.
It should be possible to barely have 300 gold to get the marine boots before doing G&G, but I haven't gotten it yet. Instead, I just buy ladder boots and that helps a lot too. Then get marine boots after. I swing by lilipad to get the 800 gold armor before going into the desert. [For safety. Maybe don't need it?]  Only part I've had to grind on is the ice area to get 5000 for the armor. I'm almost positive i couldn't survive without it. I haven't tried getting ceramic boots instead yet.
I'm interested in trying the idea of getting chests in the ocean to help with the cost of the armor. That might help a lot. Does anyone else play this game? I'd love to compare ideas and times.
Ah Monster World. A run of this on the US version would be interesting to see (especially that final boss....) I've got both the US and JPN versions of the game and I think that conveyor belt is the only change between the two that I can recall. In response to the Maugham Desert without the Oasis Boots, if you carry a health potion you can get all that lost health back once you enter the pyramid. It's been quite awhile since I last played through the game to really know for sure if it's worth it or not.

I had done a casual 3-heart run through the JPN version the last time I played and that seems like a nice challenging category to get into if you want a little more WOW to your run. (may not be advisable in US version lol)
That conveyor belt at the end is a huge pain. I can't image playing this game on 3 hearts!
In my most recent run the game decided to screw me by taking my elixer before the battle. Anyway, I got a 1:28:40, and the money chests helped a lot with my ice grinding. I still managed to gameover once and was generally sloppy all over. I think 1:20 is for sure possible.

And I think the best health potion you can get before the desert is regular potion, which heals only 3 hearts. If you can manage to pull that off, my hats off to you sir.
That damn conveyor belt. I was on pace for around 1:21 but died and got 1:26:27 instead. Drat.

At some point I should try the ceramic boots and see if they are better than getting the armor.
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dethwing: 2012-10-14 07:11:56 pm
Skipped the heart in the 2nd dungeon this time, optimized my money grinding a bit, and most importantly didn't die to Biomeka! All this gave a 1:15:58 this evening.

I think in the future I can skip getting the legend boots if I pick up the ceramic boots instead of the armor. I'm still a little leery about the castle without stronger armor, but it might be needed to improve.
Edit: Here's my twitch recording
In case anyone's interested in seeing it.
The original, since 2003.
Oh man this game <3

Seriously though, the final boss with the conveyor thing was a total b***h and required a lot of luck.  Even when I had the best armor in the game, all the hearts, an Elixir and the potion that restored you fully, I failed the final boss on a fairly regular basis.

Also of note that the conveyor also spawns a sawblade so you have to jump over that a lot too as well as the other stuff.  I believe the sawblade did half a heart's worth of damage, assuming you had the best armor available.

A single segment of the US version would most likely come down to how good your luck is on the final 2 major bosses (the dark castle boss and the final boss itself).. Most of the rest of the game isn't that hard overall.

Also a fun glitch to note:  If you answer all of the Sphinx's questions correctly, you're supposed to get a Thunder Magic spell.  But it never actually happens if you check your inventory both before and after the quiz.

Also, curious, are there any Charmstones that be obtained that aren't out of the way?  If so, you could use the Secret Shop in Purapil and trade them for extra heart containers. (If you already have 15 hearts, then you get one of every magic type in the game)
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dethwing: 2012-10-15 09:38:22 pm
There's two charmstones. One you can get in the pyramid, but it requires you to re-enter as a pygmy. That's pretty much out of the question, as it would be a massive detour. The other is sold for 500,000 gold in the purapil store. I think that speaks for itself Smiley

Had a good run going tonight, was 2 minutes ahead after ice, and even more near the end of the nightmare castle. Then I massively failed on the platforming, and then had to go grind money of all things to get a potion. So sad.

Edit: On a side note, the final boss really isn't that bad. Turn on power, and ram into him. Don't jump when the platform is going right, just stand there and wail. Don't use your potion until your elixer is gone. Also, note that you can't use potion while power is on, so once my elixer is out, and wait till im low enough to need the potion, then use it, and THEN turn power back on. works pretty well.
Improved time to 1:11:27. Sub 1:10 is doable. Next run I'm going to experiment with skipping the knight armor. Question will be if I can survive the ice palace.
1:07:57. New route, skipping the armor. It was close, but I made it through the ice palace.
The original, since 2003.
@dethwing: Out of curiosity, how many heart containers do you grab during the run?  Also, did you record any of this, or was this just a test run?
Let's see. I end on 9 hearts, and you start with 3, so I guess I get 6. Here's the video:

Side note: I discovered something interesting this time. The damage your spells do is dependent upon the number of heart  containers you have. So whereas I was used to quake one-shotting certain enemies in the ice palace, it spectacularly failed to do so. So I may have to alter the route again.
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Traysandor: 2012-11-29 06:20:26 pm
The original, since 2003.
That's pretty sweet actually, but keep in mind that Emulator versions of any game will not be considered for SDA records - you have to get your hands on a Genesis and a copy of the cartridge (unless it's been officially re-relased somewhere on another console).  You can still use the emulator to test things out though.
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dethwing: 2012-11-29 07:45:59 pm
I know. I do have the game for Wii VC, but I doubt I will ever do an official run for SDA. I mostly run for fun, and I thought I'd show what I'd done to see if there was anyone else interested in the game.

I was hoping my play might inspire someone else with the game on console and good recording capabilities to put something together.
The original, since 2003.
I wasn't aware it was on the Wii too, but that's pretty awesome.  I haven't picked up the game in a long while personally.  I don't have any recording devices myself though, at least not for console versions. (I've never tried recording PC-emulator stuff myself)  It's nice to see an old game that I used to have see some love.
I had no idea it was on Wii VC either. I actually got my copy off of Steam.
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Traysandor: 2012-12-01 10:27:52 pm
Traysandor: 2012-12-01 10:27:20 pm
The original, since 2003.
Oh, it's on Steam too?  I didn't realize they supported old games like that.  I always just assumed that old Genesis/NES/SNES/etc games that weren't as opular were just left to the scrap heap.

You don't happen to have a link to that perchance, do you?

Edit - Nevermind, I found it here:
Quote from Traysandor:
Oh, it's on Steam too?  I didn't realize they supported old games like that.  I always just assumed that old Genesis/NES/SNES/etc games that weren't as opular were just left to the scrap heap.

You don't happen to have a link to that perchance, do you?

Edit - Nevermind, I found it here:

If your gonna buy any of segas classics on steam I'd advise
1) Wait for a steam sale where you get the games cheaper
2) Always get a bundle with it. Single games are like $2 but 10 is only 4x that price.

I'm not sure if your allowed to run these versions because theres save state potential with the way the emulator is built, but every Genesis collection these days share the same features but would be significantly easier to detect. Having played through this game a few times I can say that it runs well enough to be submittable in Single Segment. I'd never try segmented runs on this collection tho, real easy to lose your progress.