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Wolfenstein 3D (Any %) (Segmented)

Verifier Responses

Guten Tag!

No cheating detected, AV is great, and straferunning turns this game into a hilarious mess. Awesome to see this on I Am Death Incarnate difficulty, kudos for that.

That 1% health in the last few stages was clutch of episode 1 was clutch, haha. The door tricks kinda threw me out of the loop at first because after running as fast as a lightning bolt, sitting around and waiting for the guards to come was quite an abrupt change, but I know it overall saves time, so it's all good.

For this run on SDA - Get Psyched! (aka Accept)

Episode 1: Occasionally the runner misses a shot or two or gets stuck on an enemy, but these are very small mistakes. Plus, best clutch ever. He almost gets shot, but the guard somehow misses. Crazy good RNG. Good thing to grab the health since the next damage he takes deals 1%. Gutentag!

Episode 2: The music isn't as good, but the gameplay is. Nice manipulation of enemies to get through doors early. Zombie nazis just don't stand a chance. Mine komf Nemo! Must be a Finding Nemo reference. Awesome kill cam.

Episode 3: Whoa, the music really pics up! Seems like Bad Dudes all over again, but the runner really is a bad dude. Great levels. I appreciate him sparing the doggies as much as he can. There are a few small mistakes like missing the key right away, but it really is a solid episode. Eva, Alvietersein! Yeah, I don't know German.

Episode 4: I'm just beginning to realize these guards really like aardvarks. No!! Don't kill the doggies! Reject, reject! Alright, I guess doggies had to die... Despite the canine genocide, this was very tight. Again, he knows how to manipulate enemies into going where he wants. Dona ventack!

Episode 5: I'm not sure which texture I like best--stain glass Hitler or the Hitler that, at first glance, looks like a crying baby. Either way, great set of levels. And "Yeah!" Finally some words I understand!

Episode 6: No more aardvark lovers for a while. Great enemy manipulation to open the door. They do take a while, but I think that's to be expected there. More crying baby Hitler textures.  I choose to believe that the dogs died on accident. Rosenof bleh!

Yeah, these are very tight runs. There are a few spots for improvement, but each one would only save a second or so. Definitely an accept.

There really isnt much to say that has not already been said, the run is really good as per the first verifier. Also, the clutch was amazing!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Karim 'Kimo Xvirus' El-Sheikh!
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Make it so.
Not only am I very much looking forward to seeing this but also: Damn the runner has the coolest name.
spread the dirt to the populace
wtfffffffffffff this just made my month if not my year

for those of you who aren't aware, kimoxvirus is one of the more recent people to get into doom speedrunning (as in, started a few years ago or so) and he picked it up faster than anyone else i can think of. he reached a whole other level above all the other players who were still actively running - i give his youtube page the absolute highest recommendation for anyone who's interested in or even apathetic toward doom.

if you look on that page, you can see that he hasn't uploaded anything new in years. he's egyptian and iirc his last uploads came shortly before the arab spring, so i had wondered if something hadn't happened to him in all that. but apparently he's still have no idea how happy this submission makes me.

fake edit: holy crap i never noticed that wolf3d thread here on SDA, guess he just left doom for this but never REALLY left. awesome!

oh, one last semi-related mini-rant - watch those videos and tell me SDA shouldn't take submissions for doom megawads! ask the community for a list of the best/most competitive ones and go from there imo. i think the exposure for those from SDA could potentially draw in new blood for doom, given that the megawads generally aren't as ridiculously optimized (and thus scary for new players) as the doom 1&2 stuff. also, said optimization means that (to my understanding anyway) doom 1&2 running has been basically dead for a while aside from that new clip in E2M6; doom speedrunning has been mainly focused on megawads for years and years now, and i think SDA would be well served to acknowledge this and recognize these excellent speedruns!

you know, i really should make a separate thread for this...also god damn this has to be my longest post in this subforum

anyway, major congrats to kimo!!! hope you aren't done with speedgaming =)
I am way stoked for this.
Edit history:
Kimo Xvirus: 2013-04-23 12:37:04 pm
wow! I'm flattered to hear this, Thanks so much Funkdoc!
Shortly after the Egyptian revolution had just passed, I actually abandoned speedrunning for personal reasons (not related to politics whatsoever), so I abandoned the channel and stopped uploading, but then I came back to speedrunning around October 2011 and continued my Wolf3d run until I almost finished it with only 6 levels of E6 left, but then I had a period of inactivity but came back again to the run last December and finally finished it in January of this year =)
Anyway, during this time I was thinking of uploading this run to my channel when it goes up on SDA to resurrect my channel in strong fashion Smiley

Doom speedrunning is really alive, there are a lot of players who are much more active than me especially in UV Max
Doomed Speed Demos Archive gets updated every week with quite a lot of demos
Most of these runs get posted first in the Doomworld Speed Demos subforum and the demos are discussed there as well
Compet-N the main demo archive for Doom, Doom2, Plutonia, TNT and some classic Megawads that only accepted vanilla doom demos ran during the period 1994-2005 got resurrected some months ago and it's looking great
There are a lot of good new players too, they just didn't get much exposure outside of doomworld speed demos forums, Looper and xepop revolutionized Doom Speedrunning and Doom TASes too, they came up with the E2M6 clip, semi consistent way to RJ on Map07 which they used in the speedrun for the whole game, and a way to force the RNG to get an archvile spawn on Map30 to complete it in UV Tyson, and other stuff.. There is a lot of other good speedrunners, too many to name them here...
So I don't know what to say really, maybe if we (Doom speedrunners) would advertise it more, more people would speedrun doom, as it really is easy to pickup and the movement is easier than in Quake 1, but as it is the community is supporting it quite well Smiley
Hey Kimo, I had been actively watching yours and tatsurd's runs for years on youtube, it was a shame that the channel got abandoned but with the situation in Egypt it wasn't really a shock.

I still remember some of your crazy runs now whether is was on scythe 2 map 28, the INSANE doom 1 UV run of Inferno and so on. Your videos were amazing. All I can say is the only thing that has kept me from personally doing doom runs is my fear of incompatibility with source ports. I don't want to spend a lot of time doing runs just to get the answer that "ooooh" that wasn't necessarily played exactly like the original doom so it is disqualified.

So I play on glboom+ for fun on streams to show off megawads, but if it gets advertised more I will for sure get into serious doom running.

You're an incredible player Kimo
Not a walrus
If you use a source port that can create demos that play back on the Steam version (I believe Chocolate Doom will do this), then source ports are fine.