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Wolfenstein (2009) - Speed Run FAQ and Information - /join #wolfenstein

Where should I start my timer?
Immediately after the second cut scene after starting a new game.

I can't get my timer hot keys to work with Wolfenstein (2009), what do?
Download this version of llanfair.

What should I base my splits upon?
Base them on level completion or load screens.

What categories are supported in Wolfenstein (2009)?
Currently they are based on difficulty and percentage.
Best example of this is: Any% Easy, Any% Uber, etc.

Where can I obtain a copy of Wolfenstein (2009)?
Bethesda removed it from Steam. Torrent it. Sorry folks.

Are there any glitches or skips? Notes Located Below
Church Dialogue Skip by Duane Jones
This glitch is performed by hugging the man in front of you and then immediately spinning around and continuing to push into him. If performed correctly the dialogue will cut.

Hospital Boss Skip by IvyVisual
This glitch is performed by hugging the shield wall in the Hospital Boss arena, and tossing all of your grenades towards the red barrels behind it. If performed correctly the barrels should explode due to grenade physics.

Castle Skip by IvyVisual
This strategy involves stacking objects with your MP43 and Leichenfast. Which is performed in this order; push chair into corner, push first office cabinet near corner, push second cabinet near corner, and finally place both cabinets up-right and use MP43 to push them upwards.

Castle Skip (Judgy Route) by Judgy
This version of the castle skips involves stacking one object upright ontop of a box before going down the stairs. The absolute easiest way to do the castle skip as of now.

Cannery Pipe Skip by IvyVisual
This is a skip involving jumping on the AI's hit box and using them to jump over a pipe in Cannery. Should shed off a few seconds. Note: Sprint into the NPC or you will not jump onto their hit box.

Cannery Box Skip by IvyVisual
This skip involves jumping on some pre-stacked boxes to bypass two small rooms of enemies.

Queen Geist Glitch by IvyVisual
This glitch involves triggering the Queen to spawn in its second form. Hopping on top of a ledge directly behind you and then onto a torch. Standing on the torch will allow you to bypass the Queen Geist when she walks forward.

Queen Geist Glitch by omfg_cob
[hidden]This is an alternate way to skip over the Queen Geist. You simply move back towards a ledge and walk up some slanted rocks. It's pretty straight forward.[/url]
Midtown West Despawn by Judgy
Judgy found a way to despawn enemies in Midtown West by simply walking down a different pathway. Great for low energy and avoiding death.

Airfield Boss Skip by omfg_cob
Basically a little bit of technical jumping and you can save about a minute.

Notebook Crash by omfg_cob
No use for this yet, though it could become useful later.

(Useless) Fence Hop by IvyVisual & Judgy
This is a useless glitch for the time being. It will completely skip the Dig Site level. However, you will not have veil which will ruin your speed run as you need veil to walk through static walls in the run.

(Useless) Queen Geist FF OoB by IvyVisual
Another useless glitch, where you can escape the Queen Geist's first form but still be attacked from range. It's primarily an Out of Bounds glitch however because this a new level loaded there is no use for it. At least that's how it seems.

(Useless) Zeppelin Portal Glitch
Yet another useless glitch, launches you into the air and the portal begins to spin rapidly. Physics yo.

(Useless) Out of Bounds Zeppelin
Not much you can do with this.

Categories for Speed Running
Routed & Timed
Any% Easy - IvyVisual - 1:25:30 - Dec. 30, 2013
Any% Uber - IvyVisual - 1:31:12 - Dec. 15, 2013

Unrouted & Untimed
Any% Normal - N/A
Any% Hard - N/A
100% Easy - N/A
100% Normal - N/A
100% Hard - N/A
100% Uber - N/A

Extra Links + Places to Submit PBs
Congratsio PB/WR Tracker - Super Recommended
PB Tracker - Great for Multigame Tracking
Wall of Text Guide to Any%

If you have any questions, comments, or want to discuss the running of this game. Feel free to post. I'll try and keep this thread up to date with any new leads, glitches, and records.

Also special thanks to professorbroman for recommending writing a FAQ for running games. He said it like 50+ times in one stream.
Thread title:  
Rye bread, beer and snus
No problem, I was just wondering if there are any more spots like that, it's been a while since I last played, can't remember exactly. But maybe I could dust off that game do some testing if needed.
Just checked, the catwalk above the tesla gun that leads to the room with the veil inhibitor has electricity coursing through it.  So, looks like the player still needs to pick up the Tesla gun.  Damn dude, I'm all sweaty.  Maybe there's a way to get around it still though. 
Quote from Hepe:
But maybe I could dust off that game do some testing if needed.

You should do that still!
Rye bread, beer and snus
Yeah I actually just did, and found out the same thing you did. I don't think there's any way around the electricity, I tried jumping behind those pillars, but all I managed was to fall down and die. So false alarm then Tongue
Yeah.  Damn.  I just tried to throw grenades down the catwalk to maybe blow up the inhibitor in the other room.  For 40 minutes.  No luck.  Balls.
Guess it's time to start streaming again.
Rye bread, beer and snus
Hey DJ, I just saw that you were re-doing the last airfield segment and getting different upgrades for the Fist of the Cadavers, any profound reason for this?
Edit history:
Duane Jones: 2015-01-09 07:05:30 pm
Yes.  You were right the other day.  The particle cannon, when it has its damage upgrade and the upgrade that makes it "spin up" faster, from my testing, does damage to Hans Grosse faster than Leichenfaust.  I ended up going back to the level with the final black market in order to get upgrades for the particle cannon, rather than for the Leichenfaust. 

Using the upgraded particle cannon on the final fight, mainly in phase 1 and 2, ended up being more efficient than the leichenfaust.  It's easier to aim at Hans during phase two, while he's running around.  It makes it so the

And with that being said, I just now finished recording the final segment for the game. 

It will probably be another two or three days before I get the last 8 or so segments encoded, and then I'll be submitting the run here to SDA.  And then it will probably be a day or two to fully upload all the encoded files. 

In the meantime, I'll be using that googledoc I linked earlier,,  in the thread as my notes for the run, rather than as a super detailed written guide.  I still plan to write fairly detailed notes, but since I'm going to be recording an audio commentary for the run, it won't be as verbose as it would have been.  Hopefully the commentary will better illustrate the strats/route/skips/etc. 

IvyVisual told me he'd be down to do the commentary with me, so that should be super awesome as he still knows more about the game than I do, and the strats he and Judgy found are the only reason my run was even remotely possible.  With the Single-Segment champion on board, the commentary should be sick.

Anyway, I'll be posting some clips of new timesavers from the run as I get them encoded and uploaded.  Preemptive shout-outs to IvyVisual and Judgy for finding all the shit that made this possible, and to Hepe for pointing out the liechenfaust strat on the turbines in the Zeppelin stage and the suggestion to use the particle cannon during the Hans Grosse fight. 
Here's a despawn in Castle, and a little jump that might save a second or so...
Commentary for Wolfenstein has started.
Rye bread, beer and snus
Awesome, any idea when it will be finished and when are you planning on releasing it? And by the way, has the run been submitted already, I already talked to DJ that I'll be up for verificating it.
We did 6 or 7 of the segments and commentated over them. We'll do more when we get together again.
WOo hoo, The run has finally been submitted and is now available for verification in the verification forum. 
Edit history:
Judgy: 2015-05-29 05:46:19 am
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Already volunteered as a Verifier but it will probably get pushed through to Public Verification.

Wake up and be awesome
To be fair, I also volunteered to verify, JUST ONE MORE
Rye bread, beer and snus
Well, I volunteered the day the run was posted, so there's already three.
Glich that crashes the game:
Skip for semi-boss fight in airfield:
Worse version of Ghast Queen strat:
Useless Zeppelin gliches:
That skip during the airfield boss fight is awesome.  I timed it out, if you get the jumps on the first try it saves at least 53 seconds, roughly. 

Great find dude!
Edit history:
omfg_cob: 2015-08-31 02:55:56 pm
I've been trying to find a potential use for the crash, but testing it is really difficult seeing as I get it once every 20 to 30 minutes, probably because I was using a somewhat wrong setup. It would seem you have to open the notebook around 1/8th of a second before you die and then close the notebook and then accept the mission a split second after.
You're playing on console right?  I wonder if it works on PC as well.  I bet it does.  I'll have to try it out.  Is that the method?  Opening the notebook as/before you're dying?
Yes, I play on console and what you do is you time the damage, in this case burn damage on easy mode to where you've taken three hits near death, then you wait until the red ring fades and then you hope you don't die before you bring up the notebook more or less, then you open up the yes/no to any other mission, you then close the notebook and press the key for yes a split second after. If this was what you got out of my previous comment then yes, that is what you need to do.
Updated the thread a bit. Thinking about running this again, haven't decided yet.
Edit history:
Duane Jones: 2015-12-16 06:33:48 pm
The Commentary I did for my run featuring IvyVisual and Hepe is finally put together and watch-able.  Woo Hoo!  I might have to run it again someday and use that trick that omfg_cob found....

Rye bread, beer and snus
So a little bit of an update, recently speedrunner Corpseflesh picked up this game and has made some pretty staggering improvements on the easy RTA run. The first completed run he made was 1:19:24 less than two weeks a go, over six minutes faster than Ivy's old run.
He has incorporated a lot new tricks not previously seen on full runs, such as the miniboss skip in Airfield and using checkpoint reloads to reset enemy positions and more importantly to fill up the veil energy.
Just today he got a massive WR of 1:11:52, which is 46 seconds faster than DuaneJones's segmented Über run. Granted, the segmented run is missing some of the tricks found after the run was completed, still a very solid time. The run was very smooth, maybe some 30 seconds left on the table but considering how fast he got the castle skip, solid queen fight and most importantly, a very quick phase 2 Hans Grosse foght, improvements to this run would require pretty godlike RNG.

Here's the run, easy RTA WR 1:11:52