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Wolfenstein (2009) - Speed Run FAQ and Information - /join #wolfenstein

Where should I start my timer?
Immediately after the second cut scene after starting a new game.

I can't get my timer hot keys to work with Wolfenstein (2009), what do?
Download this version of llanfair.

What should I base my splits upon?
Base them on level completion or load screens.

What categories are supported in Wolfenstein (2009)?
Currently they are based on difficulty and percentage.
Best example of this is: Any% Easy, Any% Uber, etc.

Where can I obtain a copy of Wolfenstein (2009)?
Bethesda removed it from Steam. Torrent it. Sorry folks.

Are there any glitches or skips? Notes Located Below
Church Dialogue Skip by Duane Jones
This glitch is performed by hugging the man in front of you and then immediately spinning around and continuing to push into him. If performed correctly the dialogue will cut.

Hospital Boss Skip by IvyVisual
This glitch is performed by hugging the shield wall in the Hospital Boss arena, and tossing all of your grenades towards the red barrels behind it. If performed correctly the barrels should explode due to grenade physics.

Castle Skip by IvyVisual
This strategy involves stacking objects with your MP43 and Leichenfast. Which is performed in this order; push chair into corner, push first office cabinet near corner, push second cabinet near corner, and finally place both cabinets up-right and use MP43 to push them upwards.

Castle Skip (Judgy Route) by Judgy
This version of the castle skips involves stacking one object upright ontop of a box before going down the stairs. The absolute easiest way to do the castle skip as of now.

Cannery Pipe Skip by IvyVisual
This is a skip involving jumping on the AI's hit box and using them to jump over a pipe in Cannery. Should shed off a few seconds. Note: Sprint into the NPC or you will not jump onto their hit box.

Cannery Box Skip by IvyVisual
This skip involves jumping on some pre-stacked boxes to bypass two small rooms of enemies.

Queen Geist Glitch by IvyVisual
This glitch involves triggering the Queen to spawn in its second form. Hopping on top of a ledge directly behind you and then onto a torch. Standing on the torch will allow you to bypass the Queen Geist when she walks forward.

Queen Geist Glitch by omfg_cob
[hidden]This is an alternate way to skip over the Queen Geist. You simply move back towards a ledge and walk up some slanted rocks. It's pretty straight forward.[/url]
Midtown West Despawn by Judgy
Judgy found a way to despawn enemies in Midtown West by simply walking down a different pathway. Great for low energy and avoiding death.

Airfield Boss Skip by omfg_cob
Basically a little bit of technical jumping and you can save about a minute.

Notebook Crash by omfg_cob
No use for this yet, though it could become useful later.

(Useless) Fence Hop by IvyVisual & Judgy
This is a useless glitch for the time being. It will completely skip the Dig Site level. However, you will not have veil which will ruin your speed run as you need veil to walk through static walls in the run.

(Useless) Queen Geist FF OoB by IvyVisual
Another useless glitch, where you can escape the Queen Geist's first form but still be attacked from range. It's primarily an Out of Bounds glitch however because this a new level loaded there is no use for it. At least that's how it seems.

(Useless) Zeppelin Portal Glitch
Yet another useless glitch, launches you into the air and the portal begins to spin rapidly. Physics yo.

(Useless) Out of Bounds Zeppelin
Not much you can do with this.

Categories for Speed Running
Routed & Timed
Any% Easy - IvyVisual - 1:25:30 - Dec. 30, 2013
Any% Uber - IvyVisual - 1:31:12 - Dec. 15, 2013

Unrouted & Untimed
Any% Normal - N/A
Any% Hard - N/A
100% Easy - N/A
100% Normal - N/A
100% Hard - N/A
100% Uber - N/A

Extra Links + Places to Submit PBs
Congratsio PB/WR Tracker - Super Recommended
PB Tracker - Great for Multigame Tracking
Wall of Text Guide to Any%

If you have any questions, comments, or want to discuss the running of this game. Feel free to post. I'll try and keep this thread up to date with any new leads, glitches, and records.

Also special thanks to professorbroman for recommending writing a FAQ for running games. He said it like 50+ times in one stream.
Thread title:
Quote from Hepe:
Yup, both work on Über, just tested it. And it isn't like 10 or so hits for the Tiger, more like under 5. Yes, the MP43 is actually more powerful than the Panzerschreck. Those turbines though require quite a lot of hits, around 20 or so each, but I'm guessing any other weapon would work as well, although I'm not sure if you could afford to waste for example Leichenfaust ammo on those turbines at that point.

Well there is ammo located in a room that I always get near the end of zeppelin which is right after the air craft room. At that point I usually have full ammo + more after in the room before the black sun dimension.
Rye bread, beer and snus
So I did a little testing and it turns out that one shot from Leichenfaust destroys those turbines. I tried this strategy on that part: destroy the turbines from the doorway with the Leichenfaust, get a Veil refill and use Mire to run upstairs past the jetpack soldiers. The problem I had with that was the enemies on the upper deck that burst out through the door would always get me. But with better execution I think it could be done, though that is a rather tricky spot, especially since I didn't bother to shoot down those jetpack soldiers.
Quote from Hepe:
So I did a little testing and it turns out that one shot from Leichenfaust destroys those turbines. I tried this strategy on that part: destroy the turbines from the doorway with the Leichenfaust, get a Veil refill and use Mire to run upstairs past the jetpack soldiers. The problem I had with that was the enemies on the upper deck that burst out through the door would always get me. But with better execution I think it could be done, though that is a rather tricky spot, especially since I didn't bother to shoot down those jetpack soldiers.

Yes, I definitely agree. The best strategy for that portion is to throw a ton of grenades at that door if all else fails. You can easily eliminate all those enemies with a good leichenfaust shot or just a mow down with the mp43. I am definitely grateful for this information because killing the turbines on the zeppelin takes quite a chunk of time.
Holy shit. 

I guess i just assumed that no one else was/has been working on this game.  I'm glad I was wrong.  After messing around with the game on and off for like a month, I finally decided to check the forums. 

I've been working on uber.  I'll check out your videos, see what I've been missing, and see what I can add to this. 

Woo hooooooooo
Edit history:
Duane Jones: 2014-08-03 05:52:08 pm
Been looking through the previous knowledge base on this....I've found a few things that will be of help to an uber run.  Most of it is just random amount of 3-8 seconds here and there.

Here's one example:

Before you enter the airfield level....I'm finding that all one needs to do is take out all the basic nazi soldiers in order to enter the Airfield level.  Or maybe it's take out the basic soldiers and the tank.  Or maybe it's take out that crazy skeleton nazi.  Or some combination of the 3.  Either way, here's a fast way to do it. 

It could've been faster---i back track towards the end, which i dont think was actually necessary.  And sorry for the audio in the background....I was watching  a stream and it bled through.  Whoops.
Rye bread, beer and snus
So have you made any progress with this game or has this been put on the backburner? There's still time to be saved, I'd prolly run this myself if only I didn't suck so bad at videogames. Or if I had time.
I'm still working on it.  I haven't been able to spend as much time on it as I like.  My plan is to have a sub 1:30:00 run within the next 5 days.  I haven't really found anything particularly new, I'm just trying to execute as perfectly as possible so I reset a lot.  Like.....a lot. 

I'm definitely going to keep running this until I get an optimal time.  No back burner for me.  I've got nothing but time for the next 3 weeks, so I plan to get a decent run up soon.    Once I get it down better I'll start some streaming and recording, but till then I'm just practicing.
Edit history:
Duane Jones: 2014-10-16 05:24:40 pm
Here, found this... this little move saves a little more than 20 seconds on uber. 

Edit history:
Duane Jones: 2014-12-09 04:06:47 pm
Didn't play much during September while my band was on tour, but after getting back a week or so ago, I've been getting some good runs in. 

Tonight I had the absolute best run so far...

Things just totally worked out on this run.  just a little bit behind the current record of 1:31:12.  I had a huge setback in the first segment, as can obviously be seen, and a bad time through the cannery. 

Glad I didn't get the new WR, since I wasn't recording or streaming.  That would've just made me nuts. 

I'll do a longer post in the next few days about the wealth of time savers (some small, some medium, but mostly small) I've found in the last two months. 

For many reasons that aren't very important, I have decided to stop working on beating IvyVisual's single segment run on Uber difficulty.  Instead, I've been working on an Uber difficulty segmented run focusing on getting a good quality capture and incorporating all the strats previously found in this thread and some other small new ones I've found.  And for eventual submission here to SDA.

I'm about 1/3 of the way finished so far.  I'll try and get  some of the videos up on youtube ASAP, along with a fairly detailed write up of each level--specifically the differences between a single segment run on Uber and a segmented one.

Woo hoo.
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How exactly have you done the segmenting, each mission separately or how? And what's the final time you're aiming for? Some of the strats I found might be more useful in a segmented run, especially the turbine section, that would a motherfucker to pull off in a single segment run.
Edit history:
Duane Jones: 2014-12-10 04:31:15 pm
Here's a link to the notes I'm writing for the run.  It's a work in progress so please forgive any typos and such.  It's a very rough draft.  Most of what's written so far actually talks in detail about how I am segmenting the run. 

I'm aiming for a final time that is faster than the single segment run.  I dont have an exact target time in mind right now.  Mostly I'm aiming to get the best run I can get currently, with current strats in order to "set the bar" for possible segmented runs in the future and to get it recorded for submission here on SDA.

Your strat for destroying the turbines during the Zeppelin level will definitely be used, as will more usage of the empowered mp43.

I have the first two segments encoded so far, and i'll probably upload those to youtube tonight.
Edit history:
Duane Jones: 2014-12-10 04:30:30 pm
Been quite some time. Shoot me a PM if you'd like to arrange a sitting. Could offer any extra advice where I can. At least if I can remember anything from last year. Also is there anything I need to update on this thread?
Here's a little skip I found while working on a segmented run.....

This method cancels the dialogue from the NPC blocking the doorway when the player first spawns in the Church stage.
Quote from Duane Jones:
Here's a little skip I found while working on a segmented run.....

This method cancels the dialogue from the NPC blocking the doorway when the player first spawns in the Church stage.

Added to the main thread for the sake of usefulness.
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By the way, are you using Ivy's routes to get the tomes, gold and intel for the required upgrades, or have you found any optimizations? And are there any upgrades Ivy got that you're planning on skipping?
As far as tomes and intel go, I only pick up enough tomes to get the first veil energy upgrade.  That's just two tomes, I believe. 

As far as intel, I only pick up a few pieces before the Church stage, just enough to buy the drum magazine for the mp43. 

Our upgrades differ also.  I get the improved rifling and recoil compensator for the MP43 before entering Castle.  I suck at shooting, so the improved accuracy from those upgrades helps me out a bunch.  As a result of buying those upgrades, I only have enough money at the last black market shop to buy the increased magazine size for the liechenfaust. 

These details are things I was planning on writing about in the google doc that I posted earlier in the thread, but I'm thinking it will be easier and more informative to explain them in an audio commentary once I'm done with the run.  I talked with Ivy the other day about doing the commentary with me and he was down.  Hopefully that will happen soon.  The only segments are zeppelin and the Hans Grosse fight. 
And I've got some videos of a little faster route through the beginning of Cannery and of a faster run through the airfield entrance segment (the area with the tank) that I've got to cut for time and post up on here.  Hopefully I can get that done by tomorrow morning.
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Awesome, you're quite far already, although i'm guessing especially Zeppelin is going to require quite a lot of grinding. Also I noticed by accident that you're also streaming on Twitch, you should've mentioned that here, I would've popped in sometime to watch you grind some segments Tongue
Edit history:
Duane Jones: 2015-01-07 05:50:11 pm
Duane Jones: 2015-01-07 05:49:51 pm
Duane Jones: 2015-01-07 03:41:37 pm
Yeah, I've been streaming a little, but my upload sucks so the quality is super terrible.  And I'm usually drinking and/or frustrated.  Might do a little of that later tonight.

Here's  an example of the first half of Cannery.

The first wall can be demolished with the empower upgrade.

The first assassin can be skipped entirely.

It's crucial to hug the right side of the wall as you start climbing the first ladder in order to refill veil energy while climbing.

IvyVisual's pipe skip.

Lastly, refilling veil energy while waiting for the final assassin to catch up to you, killing him, then using Mire to breeze past the Flamethrower soldier and the not-quite-yet-active veil inhibitor.
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I just watched the segments you put on Youtube, you got some really fast times in some missions, especially that sub 2min Farmhouse was really nice. One question though, is the Tesla gun required, or could it be skipped?
Oh GOD...

I mean...

I'll have to check...but I bet you can totally skip picking that up...If so...that means I'm going to have to re-do a lot of segments...
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Sorry to fuck up your progress, but that kind of caught my eye, because the Tesla gun for the most part is a pretty useless weapon. But I mean, how far EXACTLY were you, re-doing Hospital and everything after that must be a pain in the ass. Maybe you could consider recruiting Ivy for some help? Tongue
I have completed and recorded segments all the way up to zeppelin. 

If the tesla gun isn't required to complete the level...I'll just have to go back.  It's awesome that you brought that up, I'd rather know if it's a possible time save NOW, rather than after I completed and submitted the run.