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Hi! I'm andrewg!
Admin note: We were planning on making pretty much this exact thread for the New Users Board but Andrewg beat us to the punch.  Use this thread to introduce yourself to the community.

Existing users can continue to use this thread as it was initially intended and re-introduce themselves to the community.

Since I've joined SDA, there have been quite a few changes. I've noticed a lot of new users popping up, and a few people who hardly visit SDA anymore who used to be the regulars around here.

Anyway, I wanted to make this thread just for a sort of introduction to everyone, for everyone to get to know everyone else a little better. Just say a little about yourself, how long you've been on SDA for, and what your plans are for speedruns, and whatever else you'd like to mention; hobbies, etc. I'm interested to see what games people are planning speedruns for now and what people have been working on. I want to know what to expect at SDA for the future.

I go by Andrewg. I've been at SDA since 2005 and I speedrun mainly Mario games. For speedrunning, I prefer the old NES games mainly, I just love the classics. The first game I submitted to SDA was a Super Mario Bros warpless completion, which now I've improved by over a minute. Now I'm still working to improve that same exact run. Right now, I have plans for a Super Mario World (SNES) 100% completion speedrun and I plan on running Tom Sawyer (NES) soon for the "poverty exchange" - a really cool idea. I also have some plans for some other really obscure games to speedrun in the near future. I'm even considering running a 3D game in 2011, *GASP*

About me:
I am a 20 year old college student trying to get better at math and finish with some sort of degree, I'm really not sure what I want to do afterward. My main hobby is video games. I've played video games of all kinds since I was just a little kid and I've gotten pretty good at speedrunning because of all the practice I've put into it. My hobby is that I am a hobbyist. I like to get good at whatever I personally find to entertain/impress me. Among my hobbies, I ended up learning unicycling and juggling just for fun, and maybe some day I'll actually use it for something? haha. I'm a pretty strange guy I guess.

I want 2011 to be a cool year.
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cyghfer: 2010-12-31 09:41:41 pm
i joined sda like february or something of 2010, after watching a lot of the marathon vids and being extremely entertained by them. the first game i wanted to run was Gimmick! for the famicom but i had no way to do so at the time (i now have the cart, just need a famicom!) instead i ran tetris attack, the game i've played the most during my life. that's the only run i have on sda atm.

i've been working on super mario rpg for close to half a year now though. i'm nearly done with that, and have a lot of runs on my backlog that i've practiced - trip world, kid icarus, kirby's avalanche, dr. mario (nes & 64), wario's woods (i have completed runs of this game but want to improve them), and joe & mac 2 are the ones i want to do after i finish smrpg. one goal of mine is to have a run on SDA for every good 'block puzzle' game out there (except tetris, that game is boring :Z).

speedrunning's my main hobby right now. i used to devour music of all kinds but i've lost the drive for that for the moment. i try to read a good amount these days too but speedrunning is generally a lot more exciting, alas!
Planning, I suck at it. :-(
I'm Ryan but friends call me Perkocett. I have been lurking around SDA since 2006 or so but only recently decided to make an account here. I play mostly RPG's, and mostly do casual speedrunning using emulators because I just don't have the time to do speedruns proper on the console.

I teach Taichichuan and Chinese Kempo, am self employed and am generally busier than god during most days. Once my business kicks off to the point where I won't need to babysit it all day every day, I may decide to attempt a run of one of the Dragon Quest or Breath of Fire games.
Real name Jonathan, been at SDA for far too little time, though I've lurked for a while before I actually felt ready to start running something. I'm a math student with a passion for just about anything to do with movies, music, computers, or video games, especially speedrunning and completionism for video games. As for the type of games I like, I'm into just about everything, old and new (barring sports games). Only seriously working on my Enter the Matrix run right now, but I am planning on running a few others. I'm definitely going to run at least one other game besides EtM in 2011. Beyond that, my goal is to run as many games of as many types as I can and to do each one damn well.
You got a deletion wish?
Been around since late 2004, came across m2k2 first looking for some tips on Super Metroid and came across Smokey's 100% in 58 mins.  Saw Radix's 100% 1:37 Metroid Prime sometime afterwards.
I am PJ.  I run horrible, horrible games for the most part.  Been around for only 1 year.  I have been working on Actraiser 2 for 11 months now, and Battletoads for like....2.5 years.  I play the entire Btoads series and some other games here and there.  My plans for the future include finally finishing AR2 and Btoads (lol wut?  no way), and then moving on to bigger and better games like Mohawk & Headphone Jack, Lagoon, 7th Saga, and Batman Forever.
My name's Kevin, I found the site in a TG/SDA argument over my awful, awful DKC times and have been here ever since. I browsed the request thread, thought I could do a Mario Party run, and have been running games for SDA since I got that started.
@Perkocett: Whoa, you teach Tai Chi? So do I! Well, I haven't lately actually, but I still do Yang and Sun long forms every morning. Smiley
Whip it good.
Name's Alberto. I finally registered this december, but I've been obsessively watching the speed runs from this site for over a year. For years I've been buying the NES games that my friends could no longer play (most of them sold their NES and many, for reasons unknown, kept the games) in the hopes of repairing my own NES. That never happened, so I finally got a "new" one. Soon after I started playing, I got stuck on Bionic Commando, I looked for a video that would show what to do and I stumbled upon the game's speed run. Been hooked since then.
I Was working rather seriously on Castlevania until the record was beat not too long ago. Now I'm practicing Kid Icarus (Game Boy).
I'm also working on a Xenogears run, even though it wouldn't be hosted here (a very understandable measure) but that is mostly for the masochist within me. 
And I'm seriously writing a cook-book.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
How is is going everyone?  I'm MAS8705...  MAS being my initials for my name Mike Austin Sol, 87 was the year I was born and 05 was when I graduated from high school...

I discovered SDA when it was featured on G4 for the 16 star Mario run and since then I have been fascinated by speed runs... it wasn't until this time last year when I decided to when I decided to join in the world of speed runs...  After several failed attempts, I got lucky with the fire man run...  Hopefully I can continue to contribute to the site and get more new games shown on Speed demos archive...
Planning, I suck at it. :-(
@Kiyura: Thats great to hear! Everybody should practice Taichi. I primarily teach Yang shortform because it is easier for most people just starting to learn. I teach and practice short and long forms on the weekends mostly. It's more of a group that shows up in the park every weekend than a class really, I don't charge them. Wink
Hello all, I'm Timothy, and I joined SDA in 2006.  I found the site through Metroid2002 in 2005, which I found through an old Metroid speedrunning/etc. site even earlier!  I was impressed at the prowess of Metroid Prime speedrunning, which led me to be impressed by the speedruns of other games. I'm (gasp) actually 30 years old, although I don't feel like it.  I also just so happen to be a member of the United States Navy for  over 10 years!  I played and recorded my first pseudo-speedrun on Metroid Prime 2 on my ship in 2006 while I was on deployment.

The only game I've submitted a speedrun for is Donkey Kong Country, and my philosophy for speedrunning is practice and practice until you can even do the tricks people thought only tool-assisted speedrunners could do.

In the future, I would like to speedrun for Dark Cloud 2, maybe Super Mario Bros. 3, and maybe the Lost Vikings series!  We'll see how THAT goes!
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ZenicReverie: 2011-01-01 03:48:43 am
Waiting hurts my soul...
Happy New Year everyone. I'm Tony, and been around here since some time in 2007. I can't remember what run I stumbled across on youtube that led me here (probably Super Mario Bros.), but I quickly went through most of the content available and decided I wanted to get in on this. Going through my games, I had mostly RPGs, and didn't want to do that for my first run, so I suggested Einhänder. Then I read the rules, and suggested Bushido Blade. Then I read the subtext of the rules at the time and wanted to run Shadow of Destiny. Being dissuaded from my choices by the community didn't break my resolve to get into this hobby though.

So, I decided I'd do a run of Vandal Hearts. I chose it because I thought it'd be easy since it's linear, and I'd have fun coming up with quick strategies. 2 years+ later I finally finished it (should be coming through verification very soon). During that time I bought Jak & Daxter (the first one). After beating it I was very eager to see the speedrun; I mean every other game I've seen was amazingly executed and I wanted to see what had been done with this game. Watching it was a revelation that the speedruns here are done by real people, and sometimes they'll make mistakes. I took a break from Vandal Hearts and played Jak & Daxter intensely for a month straight. I did my best to fix obvious errors and improve upon the route. This is currently my only run on the site, and is far from perfect. Better strategies and tricks have been found since then that could cut another 5 - 10 minutes off the time.

This is getting longer than I thought, so I'll cut it a bit short. I've completed runs for Bushido Blade (being verified), Vandal Hearts (being verified), Archon (needs verifiers), and Jak & Daxter. I plan on running at least two games from the poverty game exchange (one should be on the way shortly, and another from andrewg). Beyond that, I have a number of games in my backloggery that just need some basic playing. Speaking of backloggery, I'm the guy with the massive wishlist of games. I'm really into RPGs, and plan on collecting and writing on most of them. I'll try to run about 6 - 7 games this year depending on how much time I can dedicate to them, and how lucky I end up being with them; I'll be happy with 3 or 4 though. I'm among the older crowd here; even have a wife (gasp) and children (double gasp). I'll be turning 30 this year so don't worry tjp, you're in good company.

Quote from Kirua:
Oh and apparently Kiyura and me are giving hard times with our nicknames.

Just on IRC; your avatar's help distinguish you on the forums.
Bwahahaha... there WILL be domination!
Legal name's Dustin, but I don't know anyone who calls me that anymore who isn't family.  Most of my closer friends know me as Barbie (Dyed my hair blond in highschool for halloween one year, and I picked up the nickname, dyed my hair over the summer, and when I came back to school, everyone still used it, so it stuck as a nickname instead of an insult), fellow gamers know me as Aita, shortform of Aitamen.

I've been in competitive gaming since Quake 2, in some form or another.  I left FPSs behind when Q2 competition lost it's glory (that is, when people stopped caring), without having gotten to the big leagues, so I turned to the arcades, which fell a couple of years later.  I've always been a gamer at heart, I started playing AD&D at 5, and I've been console gaming as far back as I can remember.  Games are quite the large portion of my life.

I was a lurker here since shortly after I started working on a Sonic 2 Score run (When I saw the current TG record could be beaten without leaving the first stage...), at the direction of Votava.  He also directed me to TSC, which has been my home of sorts since then.

A small route change in Mega Man: the Power Battles led to me speeding up a portion of it by 30 seconds, almost (the stage is less than two minutes, the whole game is three stages, and takes less than five minutes, I believe), so that's the first thing I plan to put on SDA.  I also may improve on Stanski's S2 stages/times, as well as perhaps giving Knuckles a go on the same game.  Recently, I've also been toying with the idea of running Mystic Heroes, but I'm not sure how to go about that >_>.  Aside from that, I'm waiting to get a capture card until I have more money~

My "job" is the perler that I've been doing, which seems to be how people know me thus far.  My girlfriend takes care of us with her job, and I do the cooking, some of the cleaning (I'm a slacker >_>), and generally stand as an entertainer.  She's a fellow gamer, and we celebrated our fifth year together (2 only-online, and then three together physically once I graduated HS) in July of 2010. 

I guess that's just me~
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What's up guys, the name's Vitaliy. I'm from Ukraine, though I've lived most of my life here in the states (hell, I know way more English than I do Ukrainian as of now). I discovered this site back in 2006 while looking for speedruns of Fusion and Zero Mission (my God was I addicted to those games back then) and seeing runs from SDA on m2k2's speedruns pages. Sadly, I didn't bother to join the SDA community until late 2007 (and m2k2's until early '09!). I've got a pretty weird history as a gamer, having mainly grown up on late-90's PC games instead of console games like a sane person would have Tongue . I prefer old-school games, especially those from the 16-bit era, as well as handheld games. Since starting off with Fusion back in '02, the Metroid series has become my favorite series of all time with Super Metroid becoming my favorite game ever since I first played in 2007. Unfortunately, I don't have any real plans for speedrunning right now, but who knows, I may actually find a game that I'm good enough to speedrun one these days.

Well, that's me in a nutshell! 
Hey everyone, I'm Taija, an 18-year-old girl from the land of ice and snow, also known as Finland. My other home is in Washington, US, where my fiancé lives. We've been in a long distance relationship for over 2 years now and it's hard but so very worth it.

I can't remember when I first found SDA - must have been around 2007. Speedruns (and the work people put into them) have always fascinated me and I've spent countless hours reading old threads on this forum, especially about Ocarina of Time. Two years ago I really got into Dino Crisis and started working on a run, but soon lost interest. Now I've picked up the game again and am seriously determined to finish my first every run. After that - who knows?

I've been a gamer ever since I can remember. Adventure games, such as Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey, Sam & Max and the Broken Sword series, have a special place in my heart, but I love to play all types of games. Some of my favorites include Okami, Deus Ex, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda series, Final Fantasy series, Phoenix Wright series, Silent Hill series, Pokemon series and Katamari Damacy.
My real name is Stephen Mark Kiazyk (I think you can guess where my nick came from).  I'm a 21 year old Computer Science student in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and eventually I want to either be a professor, or work in a games company (like every other guy my age).

I found SDA originally due to the 16-star Super Mario 64 run, and lurked for quite a while paying attention to the progression of runs on Ocarina of Time circa 2006.  My only published run is of Fire Emblem 9, which I did like, 4 years ago.  I've done sporadic work on other games but haven't been able to pull together another run, mostly due to being busy with other stuff (and lazy with everything).  Eventually I'm hoping to submit a run of Advance Wars DS, and some other stuff, but most of the games that I've tried running are done much, much better by the amazing people on this site (FF3, KSS, SM64, etc...).

Outside of speedrunning, I play a lot of Team Fortress 2, and also have recently been getting into BlazBlue.  Outside of gaming I play piano quite a bit (my favorite composer is Chopin, I'm currently trying to be able to play his entire solo repertoire), and otherwise am typically programming something or other in my free time.
nathan jahnke. enable age under the appearance menu.

sda was radix and some other people's quake speedrunning site when i first heard of it in summer 2003. radix and i weren't part of the main metroid prime speedrunning "scene" (we arrived later), so he decided to post his runs on sda on a special metroid prime page and i posted mine on my new site, metroid 2002. lots of other metroid series runs from other people followed. eventually i realized posting every new metroid run twice was inefficient. sda seemed relatively stable, so i just started linking to runs on sda instead of hosting them myself. originally i usually only captured and encoded metroid stuff for sda, but then over xmas break 2004 someone stole one of mike uyama's runs (everything was on vhs then) off radix's front step and we decided to have everything sent to me since my mail arrived in a locked box. so i sort of got dragged into it like that. Tongue more detail here if you're curious.

summer 2004 i ran alien vs predator for jaguar because the first movie was coming out and i'd always been a fan of the game and i knew no one else would do it if i didn't. then december 2005 i put together the il table for sonic 2 which stanski later totally destroyed. definitely glad i did that because stanski's stuff is amazing. i also did some initial work on phantasy star online as a force which dexter then built on to put together his awesome run.

unfortunately beyond developing and maintaining taiga forum, handling sda stuff, working on a light novel, keeping the boss satisfied at my day job, and trying to graduate this year with a phd, i don't have enough time to work on runs any more. i barely have enough time to get consistent at stuff in metroid prime which i'm running in the marathon.
The Speedrunning Teacher
Name's Tyler Larsen.  You can keep calling me Zyre.  Age? Just turned 27.

Let's see, I first came across SDA through  At the time, I was looking through the internetz for some sort of video of the fastest time that Sonic 1 was completed (that's how I discovered the term 'speedrunning').  Google turned up, and I followed the link.  After watching the video, I was interested in and watched several others that were hosted there.  I was curious where these videos were coming from, and following a link that said that they were coming from some place called Speed Demos Archive, I ended up here.  I didn't register in the forum right away, as I was more interested in the front page and all the videos in the game list.  Eventually, I wanted to do a speedrun of my own, and shortly afterwards registered in the forum.  So I guess that means that I've been lurking since 2006, and joined in April 2009.

I currently have one run that has been accepted (Skies of Arcadia Legends), one in verification (Adventures in the Magic Kingdom), and I'm kinda in-between runs (I'm working on Megaman Network Transmission sporadically).  For 2011 I plan on getting two runs done.

As for my life, I currently work at Utah State University doing IT work for a department and also do website freelance work on the side.  I'll be graduating in May with my Masters.
Heavy Metal Powered
They decided that I shall be called John about 22 years ago and I live in the ice cold hell most others refer to as Sweden.

I have been addicted to computers and games since 1994 when my parents gave me my first PC... It had Windows 3.11... I remember playing The Incredible Machine and Chips Challenge days on end. I was probably the only geek in elementary school which I had to pay dearly for, pretty much every kid bullied me for that. It got better in High School though when I was taking classes aimed at electronics, computers and programming and I got my CISCO certificate when I was 17 (it has expired now though). After this I moved on to University where I am now studying game development and I am currently working on my graduation thesis project.

My main hobby is not actually speedrunning but music, metal and rock to be precise (UP THE IRONS !! \m/ ), and I collect the stuff in disc, vinyl and tape. If anyone care my collection can be viewed here:
My secondary hobby is what brought me here, playing games competing against the clock, and my first project is what I have been working on since I came here in 08, the only game so far that I have enjoyed taking to pieces is No One Lives Forever and that game is quite the feat to speedrun I have understood now. I thought I'd be done in a month or so, almost 2 years later: still not done. When more important things of my life has not come in the way I have found or been shown some new time saver or other cool trick that makes me restart the run. I am hoping to have it in verification before 2011 ends though.

The nickname Warepire comes from me watching the Underworld movies too many times and my merciless fighting style when I play Tekken, I've been a hardcore Tekken player since Tekken3 came out and I participate in local tournaments pretty much yearly since Tekken5, I usually end up around 8th place in those.

In closing I want to share my motto:
What good is a life that leaves nothing behind, not a thought nor a dream to echo in time? So who am I in the eyes of the world, what I have done that will remain?

Questions? I don't give a damn.
from red to blue
I'm Kryal and the "k" of 4b1k. Trekhaak, Animeowzerz, PJ and Pootrain, I love you.
i'm ark. do what nate said and enable age under the apperance menu. ;)

been around m2k2 since 2004 and mostly post over there. never been much of an sda guy but i try to help out when i can, doing stuff like the marathon site. the only run i've submitted is myst, but i've been working on a set of wario land 5 ils for a while now. not sure if i'll ever submit them because i don't have much as time for video games as i used to.
you'll be able to see me run both myst and uncharted 2 at the marathon.

recently graduated from university and will be starting as a software engineer for a government contractor in a few weeks. i'm also the other developer of taiga forum which has been a blast.
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I am Tom, and I am a katamari nut, although I don't really play that much katamari anymore (until the next game Grin )  I first found SDA in 2005, but I am only around some of the time; sometimes I disappear for months and such.  I have only submitted a few speedruns, and I'm not currently planning any new ones until I come across a game I want to speedrun.

mikwuyma, Radix, nate, BallOfSnow, DJGrenola, Enhasa, Breakdown, Flip, VorpalEdge, dex, moooh, and the Quake people and everyone I forgot and everyone behind the scenes that I don't know about and everyone who has joined the staff since I posted this and all the speedrunners and all the speedrun watchers are all exceptionally cool people 8)  My favorite websites in the world are a katamari site, SDA, and Cyberscore.
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X: 2011-01-02 05:51:11 am
destroy them with lazers
I'm x real name Joe Black. Ive spent most my life moving around England and Portugal and generally enjoy the move because I love discovering the new areas and sucking up the culture and the beer. I went to university in Bristol to do illustration but have ended up running an electrical store. Can't even remember how I discovered SDA. Possible through stanski's sonic 1 run. I'm a huge beat em up and 2d platformer fan and big movie and music buff. No runs so far unfortunately, though with this new job I suppose anythings possible.
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Now it's Sui^^
Hmm... why the hell not!?
Sid, even though it's my older nickname. I'm like the shadow - always here, always watching, but writing only, when I consider it necessary. I was born and I live in Katowice, Poland... don't except a warm welcome from me, if you write something in polish to me - I'm not a Poland lover, neither I'm proud from the fact I was born here.
I've registered on SDA forum 3 years ago (2007-11-25) and since that time, I wrote only 48 posts (this one is 49th). I am a PC freak - never thought about buying console - from my point of view, nothing can top a Razer mouse and a good keyboard. Not to mention how different PC gaming community seems to be for me.  I love Valve and good indie games. I hate EA, Activision and Bethesda... hate modern crap in PC games like Low FOV and Mouse Acceleration.
Besides playing games, I enjoy video editing and making levels (Source Engine)... I also write some articles for my website about PC games. I was in 2 clans so far (1st was a clan of DFBHD, 2nd - COD4). Favourite game - System Shock 2.

As for speedrunning, I'm thinking about improving Hitman 2 speedrun, which isn't much of a challenge (the one I made so far is 2 minutes and 57 seconds faster, than the one on SDA, but can be done faster - one day, I may improve it and post it), maybe Amnesia.