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Old Iron Giant

This is disgusting coming from SDA staff and I've seen so much bigotry from some of you that it blows my goddamn mind, even worse that you think its perfectly justified, you keep going on and on about what welcoming community this is then act like complete assholes because the election didn't go your way, breaking friendships and refusing to talk to longtime friends, over what? Because Donald Trump will be the 45th president? You're willing to break up long standing friendships over this crap?

You keep preaching tolerance and are currently doing the complete opposite, its reprehensible for the community and even worse for GDQ.

I urge you guys to stop this, of all the things that's gonna cause a rift in the community, its going to be politics? I'd like to believe you guys are better than this but I'm rapidly having my doubts. If you continue down this path then don't even dare say the community is welcoming and you don't dare say its "the other side" that's the bigots when you're doing every single thing you accuse them off, at the very least reprimand the GDQ staff being hateful or your silence will tell people that you condone their behavior.
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Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Personal Opinions of people whether they be SDA Staff or not are there own to broadcast how ever they wish,

Seeing as this is from his PERSONAL twitter account he has every right to broadcast whatever he wants, regardless of what position he holds on this Forum, people will (for a long time after the fact) discuss and debate and argue about the outcome in many different ways, that is how people become knowledgeable about "the other side" as you put it. People have freedom of speech which allows this very thing and most of the people who use this freedom use it to try make others see that they are right regardless of whether they actually are or not.

You bringing up something that happened on a separate website to try and deface a long-standing member of this Forum is wrong. It has NOTHING!! to do with this Forum and without you posting it to try to (badly) prove a point it would have never have been known about here.

I understand you are pro-trump based on the posts you have made, BUT THIS IS A FUCKING GAMING FORUM!!! where people of all Nations, varying ethnicity, different Sexual orientations and political points of view come to because they have a common interest which is blind to all aspects of the list I just mentioned.


(Waiting to be Banned 'Goodbye')
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