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FionordeQuester: 2011-01-06 04:37:34 pm
FionordeQuester: 2011-01-06 04:33:47 pm
Why is it that the fact that it's done with only 50 Pikmin significant in anyway except for bragging rights?  I thought SDA didn't allow challenge runs?  Were the rules that significantly different back then?  And if so, how could it be improved if the runner allowed himself to use more than 50 Pikmin?  As a matter of fact, why isn't the first day counted?  It would be one thing if the runner had all leaf Pikmin, however, he has all flowers on day 2, so clearly he burned a whole bunch of time having the Pikmin become flowers.

Clearly, that's slower than just having them be leaves and getting them Nectar on Day 2, so why was this allowed?
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Fire Emblem?
I think it's basically grandfather clause. The original run was timed based on game days - you can't complete the game in fewer days even with more Pikmin, so 50 were used. So, yes, the run could be very much improved if 100 (+?) Pikmin were used, but only slightly. And in fact having Flower pikmin might even negate that.
Pretty sure that a 50 Pikmin run is considered to be low%.
No it isn't.  The run has the runner collect all 30 Ship parts.  If this were low%, the runner would stop at 25 parts, right?
Quote from FionordeQuester:
No it isn't.  The run has the runner collect all 30 Ship parts.  If this were low%, the runner would stop at 25 parts, right?

Probably not if it was timed on game days-- to end the game, you need to either collect all 30 parts or wait until the end of day 30. (It might be faster for real-time any% to repeatedly go to sunset after the 25 essential parts, though.)

Regardless, timing based on game days seems pretty pointless to me.
Ah, I get it.  I forgot about it being time based on game days when I made that last post. 
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Someone is free to do a real time category, which would include day 1 and not matter how many days you take or pikmin you grow. The 50 pikmin run is considered low% here and we could also have a real time run for it.
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I may be a bit late for this but for a while now I've been trying to figure out if it would be possible to get every ship part in the forest navel in one day since the distant spring is probably never going to be one day even if you have 100 of each pikmin. But if you can get a perfect challenge mode run of the forest navel there should be a way to get all ship parts. This is going to require more than the 50 pikmin definatly because you need more blue pikmin without going to the distant spring. So if your looking for a way to really improve the time this would be a good place to start.
Well, seems like 8 days is possible after all. The long-standing 9-day “minimum completion” is no more:

Unfortunately there isn't a video of me doing it just yet but I plan on attempting this again soon to record it. I don't have a dvd recorder so it will probably just be done by video camera sadly enough. Although if I were to speedrun this game in the future I would obviously need one.

Anyway, just a bit about the run, the day that I dropped was surprisingly enough the second day in Distant Spring. What enabled me to do all of Distant Spring in one day was making it there on day 4 because only on day 4 there are no snitchbugs. I had to grow 90 blues on day 3 at the same time as unlocking the Distant Spring.
Also, I discovered a way to get to the Chronos Reactor without actually needing any yellow pikmin at all. This knocked off about one minute. I recorded this because it is so vital:

If anyone would like to know the route that I used I could probably type something up (I guess this would be the best substitute at the moment until I can put up an actual video).
I don’t know who’s still around these forums that particularly cares a whole lot anymore about this game but I guess I just wanted to put this out there.
I'd love a route plan by days, this is a game I love, and after I'm done with my current project its something I may do casually. I'd love to know how you managed to do everything in 8 days.
Well i'm probably going to type up the one day in Distant Spring (which allowed me to complete it in 8 days). The other days were done similar to any other 9 day completion. Though, I'll probably be able to put a video up fairly soon. I don't think an 8 day run could be completed "casually" though..
Depends how you define casual, I did a casual run through pikmin 2 in 8 days as a break from paper mario, its just playing the game quickly without trying to be competitive, if I can follow the route I can do it right? Maybe not, I'm not that great at throwing pikmin quickly, but it'll be fun to try nontheless Smiley
Well it's pretty tough but with enough time and practice it'd certainly be possible.
I'm certain that I am not only speaking for myself when I say that the prospect of an 8-day run is exciting news. I for one would be very grateful just to see a one-day Distant Spring video.

Also, I find the prospect of a one-day Forest Navel to be interesting, but it seems like it'd be impossible to pull off simply because your first trip there requires you to set aside some time to grow some blue pikmin. Even though DS was far more difficult to reduce to two days, by the time you've reached that area you shouldn't have to worry about growing any pikmin. While you could prepare for DS by growing your population in the Impact Site all day, IS cannot be completed before the first trip to the FN, since it requires blues.

In a nutshell, I would also love to see a one-day trip to FN, but if it is even possible, planning a consistent and efficient route for it should prove at least twice as difficult as one-day DS.
Originally, I was trying to find a way to do Forest Navel all in one day but it just seemed impossible due to one of the space ship parts requiring 40 blue pikmin. I'm going to give it another shot though and I'll see what I can do. A 7 day completion seems extremely unlikely at this point.

I'm also going to try to record the one-day Distant Spring completion but it was exceedingly hard to do the first time so it may take a while. Hopefully it won't take too long though.

Also what do you mean by "FL"?
Sorry, I meant "FN" as in Forest Navel. I didn't catch the typos.
so any update on the 8-day pikmin video?
Ah sorry I haven't put up a video yet. I haven't been playing the game nearly as much as I was a few months ago. I definitely haven't given up on recording this though. I'm just taking a bit of a break.

Also, I recorded this a while back:

It's just a couple of out of bounds glitches in Distant Spring. Although, I doubt these would be useful in a speedrun.
Metroidvanias are God Tier
hmm if you are able to do the distant springs in one day, then maybe a 7 day run is possible.
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T3: 2011-07-18 04:12:30 am
T3: 2011-07-18 04:12:09 am
T3: 2011-07-18 03:33:32 am
Well I've recorded the majority of the 8-day challenge and have uploaded it to my youtube channel:

Most of the days are pretty standard and are like any other 9 day completion. The day that really matters is day 4 where i collect all 10 spaceship parts located in the distant spring. It is certainly no perfect run though and even features a few deaths but considering the extreme difficulty, I was happy with just doing it.

I'm sorry that the quality is quite terrible. I'll probably end up redoing this once I get a DVD recorder but I guess this will do for now.
It's amazing that we now have video evidence of DS done in one day, but now I'd like to ask: is a deathless one-day DS possible? It seems that using that one pikmin as live bait is a necessity, so I suspect the answer (at least for now) is no.
I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. At the end of the day you'd just have to run over to the bait pikmin and call him.
Hey there Cheesy
I'm now going to do a 8 day speedrun of Pikmin, some videos are already posted on my Youtube channel, but that was just to show other people how to beat the game in 8 days.
Now doing more videos about it, almost 2 minutes saved by only re-doing day 2 and day 3.
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Sillygramcracker: 2011-09-04 06:40:33 pm
Sillygramcracker: 2011-09-04 06:39:17 pm
It's worth noting that a 7-day route is in the works.
To xHaibara and T3: have you spoken to TimmyNuc1eus about the route for Forest of Hope without blues? If you haven't seen it yet, here's a video which shows the model for Timmy's route:

The accompanying description reads as follows:

"A stop animation of how to beat the FoH in one day.
First get out 75 reds(Go to impact site on day 1+2). 2: Send 1 red to bridge. 3: Get the fuel part, break gate, kill bulborbs and get 25 yellows. 3: Destroy the snarget gate, and the opposite gate and the gate blocking the bolt. 4:Get 20 yellows to carry the radar reds for the bolt. 5: Kill enemies near ship (behind the ship) and destroy the stone gate. Next destroy the gate and collect the nova blaster, and throw 30 pikmin on the ledge. 6:break down the A.C.B.'s gate(s) and get the part(dodge the A.C.B. with Olimar 'cause it homes in on him. 7: collect part near bulborb (on the ledge where you go uphill). Go back to the snargets and get the geiger counter(usually the snarget closest to the water has it) then get the sagittaurus (Idk how to spell that) by throwing pikmin over the gap, finish the other bridge an get the part."

The first issue with this route is the fact that it requires spending day 2 in the Impact Site to grow 50 more reds; however, T3 has a video that proves it possible to get the second part with only reds:

If one were to spend day 1 (which is untimed, in case you forgot) growing 25 reds, then grabbing a few to beat up the clam before bringing the engine over, and then spend day 2 growing the other 50 and grabbing the Positron Generator that would now be completely on land, then Timmy's proposed day 3 route (completing all of FoH) would be justified for a 7-day run, since there would no longer be a required return trip to IS before the Final Trial.

But there's another problem; the Sagittarius seems just barely possible to reach, and Radiation Canopy still seems nearly impossible to reach. Fortunately, I found this wonderful video, which does Timmy's FoH route justice (Protip: skip the first minute of the video!).

That's right, we now have absolute proof that the Forest of Hope is possible without any blues. The only remaining question is whether all parts can be grabbed in one day. This route must be tested!

EDIT: This video proves that deathless one-day Distant Spring is possible: