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I am playing now Resident Evil 7
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Love Helping
I'm playing Stronghold Crusader II.
Love Helping
If you wish, I downloaded it from here free. https://www.softquack.com/pc-games/stronghold-crusader-2-free-download/
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Today I was playing on http://www.friv1000games.org/ . There are so many small games. About 100 or even more. I like adventure and arcade games. When I have breaks at work I try a new game.
I am currently playing subway surfers really fun game and keeps me awake all night you can download it here for free https://subway-surfer.soft32.com
Soulless Killing Machine
Currently playing Alien Soldier for Genesis.  Amazing game by the makers of Gunstar Heroes, but has a high entry hurdle.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Got suckered into checking out Ghost Recon Wildlands because it was free on X1 this weekend.  Turns out I enjoyed it and since it was half off online, I caved in.
I recently started to play poker and now it's my fav game! Registration is free and you can have a look at instruction before playing. I play mostly to have some fun, but I've won some extra cash a few times already. Great feelings!
Formerly known as Skullboy
I've been playing Phantasy Star III and Donkey Kong 64 (streaming the latter).
Another attempt at a 1:30 sub on Pirate Skull Pass for LEGO Racers.
No luck at all. Again.
Lately I've been mostly playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild Any%.
For the last 4-5 years I am often buried in my iPad playing games or on the web. Roll Eyes

Currently I’m in a tiny developer’s Dragon Quest Monsters clone called Monster Mate, The Simpsons Tapped Out, and a bunch of clicker stuff.
Soulless Killing Machine
Streets of Rage 2 on Mania and Metal Storm on Expert.  Kind of tough...
Currently playing FIFA 18.