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I haven't trolled you guys in a while. So here's something to torture you with: a 100% speedrun of WarioWare Mega Microgames.

This is an extremely long, difficult, and tiring run. The run starts when you press OK after typing in your name and ends when the loading meter ends and unlocks the final icon on the main menu. In order to 100% this game, you have to:
Unlock all the main game modes on the Main Menu by beating the previous ones, and
Unlock the remaining minigames and modes by getting the target scores, thereby making the flower icons appear on them.
That's about it. This run should take something like 8-12 hours and has lots of action and little breaks, not to mention that some of the microgames are difficult.

And now for some tips:
1. After completing each character's stage, do them again to unlock the remaining microgames. If you're good, try to aim for the highest score possible on them to increase the chances of unlocking all of them. See if you can minimize the time shifting from the main menu to the practice mode.
2. When getting all the flowers in Practice mode, get good at each microgame beforehand and do them all in order- don't switch between characters all the time. Also, unlock them all before you start doing this. This just makes it more manageable, and ensures you won't be switching back trying to find the one you'll "get back to later".
3. When getting the required score in a microgame, be aware of ones that can automatically win themselves. Sometimes, you have to put an effort into losing.

This will be an epic speedrun, requiring things that aren't very speedrunny- repeat playthroughs and high score attempts within a speedrun!
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Finally completed a run. Look forward to competitors.

Pretty good run, all things considered. I powered on the whole way through and beat my target time of 12 hours. I didn't even get fatigued at all towards the end, I just kept on truckin. I look forward to seeing competitors struggle with this. This run does require WarioWare expertise. Much like other runs I've planned, there's one order I choose, but everything can be done in just about any order. I chose to complete a character, unlock all their microgames, and beat the target scores of all the microgames before moving onto the next one. I was a very focused and patient player.

Here it is. Enjoy!

Obviously, skip cutscenes.

Not obviously, fail at bosses every time except for the first time and the practice mode, of course. All other times, fail at bosses. This alone will save minutes.

Skipping cutscenes and failing bosses will get the sub 10!

Edit: Failing bosses makes it take longer for the microgames to appear. Skipping cutscenes will work though. Good luck to anyone who wishes to give it a go.
I just realized something: My run is more optimized than I first thought. Failing bosses would mean I'd have to re-do high score attempts more times before the microgames appeared, and skipping cutscenes would just be replaced with me pausing for the same amount of time a water/bathroom break would take. At a couple parts in the run, I even miss some microgames because of this. Doesn't make it harder for me to win, it just means my pauses might take longer than the game's own cutscenes (as well as being less interesting to watch). If I were at the absolute top of my game (for 10 hours), I'd just barely eke out a sub 10. It's possible, just not as much of a foregone conclusion as I previously thought.

Also, not only will failing bosses not make unlocking faster, it will make it slower. If you get as far as possible, you could unlock microgames in fewer high score attempts.
Here is my second run. Well, I tried. I skipped cutscenes and actually made sure to get even further in the high score attempts this time. This helped me unlock the microgames for practice mode faster. Problem is, my target score runs (which are the majority of the run) were awful. Even with new timesaving techniques, I was still behind most of the time. Should you ever attempt this run, it's up to you wether you want to cutscene skip or not. Doing so means fewer breaks, which has negative effects on your alertness. Anyway, watch both runs, and follow the target scoring of the first run, and the first completions and unlocks of the second run.
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So, I actually used to do any% runs of this for laughs on GB player, and I noted some ways you're losing time in your resets.
The game has a built in soft reset by holding a+b+start+select.  I would assume this was carried over to the Wii U virtual release, meaning you can reset quicker each time.  You can also do a reset faster at the end of each chapter, before the final cutscene starts.  You can reset as soon as the number counter increases to it's final value and your progress is still saved.
Good to know. Problem is, this run is so long, I need to take cutscene breaks. Skipping cutscenes nets far fewer breaks and only saves 30 minutes in a 10 hour run. The thing that matters is not failing on practice mode. Even if I skipped all the cutscenes, I would have still not PBd. My first run was incredible and I'd appreciate competitors.
Another thing is, I'm not as intensely dedicated to my speed games as most runners are. If I have a good time and no competition, there's no point in improving. Time to move on at that point.
I will do another run today. It won't be streamed. I will simply record it and put it on this thread.

I've made my decision. WarioWare: Mega Microgames will be my main speedgame. I will attempt it whenever I have a free day and upload every honest attempt to YouTube so everyone can see what the struggle is like.

My goal is sub 10 hours. Sub 9:45 would be the record of steel. I have made the decision to leave the cutscenes in so I can take breaks. Competitors can skip them if they like. It didn't work out for me. I still took breaks that would have been during cutscenes and played sloppier.

Bon voyage!
Well, I tried. Couldn't even get past the second microgame in the Grid. Someone else will have to take this up and carry the torch.
The YouTube video has 500 views now. It's remained consistently popular for months. Now is the time to become the first to dethrone me!
Finally got the sub 10. It's been a long time coming. My advice? Just be consistent.
New skip for 100%ing all WarioWare games: some microgames show up later in other characters' sets during high score runs, so doing those first skips having to unlock them earlier. Might require a few resets. I'll just leave this here to give you a chance to beat me.
I did research on the Japanese version. No differences. Stick to your version of Wii U VC.
Here is the new skip in action. Sadly, we no longer see the television model, but it'll save at least five minutes.
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Okay, so my new route with the new skip didn't work. Here's why.

I have a feeling that the RNG can be manipulated somewhat. It's more favorable the more microgames you succeed at. If you succeed at a boss, that's a huge favorability.

So my idea is, you complete each character for the first time, complete all the microgames you've unlocked (including the boss) and then do more high score attempts and you should unlock them faster. In my 9:41 PB, I do this once on Jimmy by accident. I'm thinking it would be good to do it deliberately and for every character. It's worth a shot. Plus it would break up the monotony of having to do target score after target score on all the individual microgames in a row.

Also, someone please do this run and try to collaborate/compete with me. That would be nice. It's been a year. I'm so lonely at the top.

My most recent attempt was a disaster because I was saving the target score runs for last, which turned out to be a bad idea. Doing the target score runs as early and often as possible might help you unlock microgames faster in the next high score attempt.
And it's confirmed- doing target scores in the Grid helps you unlock microgames faster. So here's the new route- do the first completion, do all the currently unlocked target scores for that character, then do high score attempts for that character to unlock the remaining ones. They will be unlocked faster and most likely in one attempt (even on Wario 2!!!). This will save minutes on a 100% run and will make sub 9:30 much more possible.
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That's some dedication.  Just watching all that makes my head spin. 
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And here it is- a video of the strategy in action, used on Wario 2. This strategy is very consistent. If you do not get all the microgames in one go, you will most likely get it on the second.

Here's how it works- the game has a secret counter of how many completions of microgames you've had within the same character. Bosses are worth more than usual. Completing Target Scores in the Grid adds to that counter as well as doing the high score attempts. The game can't tell the difference between high scores in the main mode and target scores in the grid, and adds them to the same counter that determines how fast you're able to unlock them. Executed well and with favorable results, this could make sub 9:30 or even some lower milestone possible. It already saves several minutes on Wario 2 alone.

Keep in mind- this isn't a timesaving strategy, this is just manipulation. It is entirely possible to get all microgames fast in one go without doing any of this. And due to the subtle menuing differences, advantageous (as in, not doing this is what the TAS would do if there were one). A dedicated player with thousands of free time could try over and over and make it work without this manipulation. It's just a consistency strategy for those who can't do this run that often.

My time has been beaten finally, just when it was about to be the record for a year. Coldeggman has a 9:17:41. It could have been lower by utilizing luck manipulation, but it does have Wario 1 skip and better playing overall. I look forward to seeing more!
Here it is. It's a bit less "pure" with all the grunts in the commentary, but it is a faster run. The splits contain the proper amount of points you have to get in each microgame, which is brilliant.

I don't think I can ever run this category again, at least not in English. The run isn't fun- the new route is all over the place and culminates with what is essentially a Full Album run (a category idea I had in Mega Party Games) with things before it. There is less improvisation and the run just DRAGS. This run was always a struggle for me to continue, and I could only really do it in periods of being obsessed with WarioWare, which I doubt I will have again because I enjoy discovering games more than grinding them out. I usually lose interest in a run when I feel the world has seen enough of it and it will take an insane amount of un-fun perfectionism to unlock its full potential. That's why my PBs are so far apart- I just don't take the games seriously between them. It's been fun, and I'm thinking of at least giving Japanese a shot when the Game Boy Player comes in.
Here's a request: how are the point values in the PAL version? And what is the fastest PAL language if there is one? Are there lesser point requirements on any of them? I want to know because PAL is very expensive.
I found it out- NTSC-U is the fastest due to having the lowest point values.