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Ok, so for 100% I was really hoping I can do the secret levels after beating the bosses (kinda like doing yoshi's island extra levels after final bowser) because it seems to fit better that way, but unfortunately that's going to be slower. Beating world 1 100% without secret levels doesn't give me enough money to buy both maps 2+3 at one trip (which is very useful since by 100%ing worlds 2 and 3, even without secret levels, I can then purchase both maps 4+5 in one trip to the shop). So I need to do the world 1 secret levels before going to the pirate shop to buy both maps 2+3 simultaneously.

So the route is basically pretty simple. Beat everything in world 1, including the secret levels, then unlock both worlds 2+3, beat both (with or without secret levels, doesn't matter), unlock both worlds 4-5, beat them with or w/o secret levels, then beat the game, then clean up everything. I'll likely just do the secret levels before beating the final boss, since I have to do that anyways for world 1, and it'll flow better.

Anyways, I have some more updates, this time finishing off the main levels of world 3.

Stonetooth Cave - very fun level with chillax music. This level overall flows really well.

Its-All Mine - Contrary to wreck train and stonetooth cave, this level is one of the worst; being able to do it in one trip honestly makes it worse since there are a LOT of luck-factors and one-chance things in this level. At least there isn't a no-damage mission and the runback is relatively easy <_<

Glittertown - Who likes gambling at casinos?

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arkarian: 2013-09-04 05:11:02 pm
don't know anything about coin routes so i can't offer much help besides my il vids, but just wanted to say i've had fun watching these. go go!
SEGA Junkie
I am so glad those videos still exist, btw. Have greatly helped me plan out any%, thanks!
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kirbymastah: 2013-09-04 10:33:59 pm
kirbymastah: 2013-09-04 10:28:08 pm
Main levels of world 4. After doing 100% of these, World 4 is easily my favorite world Tongue Even the submarine level is fun, thanks to the amazing music.

And no problem mike, it's great that these videos are being useful Smiley After doing a lot of 100% routing, I realize that any% routing is probably a lot more complex than 100% haha <_< 100% is generally "get every major source of coins", so it's pretty straightforward (except savannah valley, screw routing that level 100%)

Ropey Jungle, fun level, done in one trip. You can kill enemies without breaking the "don't kill enemies" mission by tossing them into the carnivorous flowers. Doesn't really matter in any%; in fact, the runback for 100% is insanely hard <_<

Windbreak Bay - lol

Airytale Castle - Another beautiful level, done in one trip.

Soggybog River - My favorite level so far, with amazing music. Could've been done in one trip if it weren't for that dumb "don't fall in the water" mission Sad

16/32 stages routed! 16 more, most of them being the insane secret stages!
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kirbymastah: 2013-09-06 07:40:20 am
Mount Bighill 100% - Some cool tricks that I stole from flip here. I'm really happy with the route I came up with; it's very good, and has almost no backtracking. I especially love the method I found for getting the third treasure (Again using the pound-on-edge-of-log trick that I saw flip use in his segmented run).

Creep Blue Sea 100% - I swear, it's possible to do this in one trip, just impossibly hard. I've been as close to around 300-400 coins away from the coin requirement while doing everything else in the same trip. If it's possible, it's not going to happen in a RTA run since it'll be so difficult <_<

So happy this game is getting some love. Good luck to kirbymastah and mike89.

@mike89 specifically, I'm glad that you're using a different map route for SS. I tried to get into some SS running of this game recently and I was determined to use a different map route but I just didn't have the time to work on it as much as I wanted. I really think that a map route that (at least) swaps 5 and 4 can beat my seg'd run. Seeing that you're running this really gives me the itch to get back into it but idk if I have the time.

also kirbymastah, nice trick in the lava level. I'm going to sit down and watch all of these later when I have time Smiley
Thanks! I'm not sure if the trick I used in the lava level is actually faster even in any%. Bouncing on the bandinero skips the pound animation and you get on the platform sooner, but you get off way later, whereas if you do it the intended way (pound), then since the platform is low, you can dash jump earlier than with my strat. Hopefully it's faster; the bounce strat is pretty cool.

Anyways, two videos.

Slipshod Slopes 100% - One of my favorite levels, but far from the easiest. Requires two trips. I also got the bounce-on-red-penguin strat that flip failed to do in his segmented SDA run.

Bad Manor 100% - This level shows lots of bad manners to me <_< I hate 100%ing this because two of the big gold bags are in TERRIBLE spots.

Also, cool trick I found on accident. If you land in water while lit on fire, you're invincible until you surface, at least I think you are. I found a use for it in bad manor, at timestamp 1:40 of my 100% run, where I jump through that stupid fish in the way, without damaging myself nor killing it.
SEGA Junkie
OK, just finished my planning, and I'm pretty confident 1-2-3-5-4 is the fastest any% route by about 40 seconds.

Because I just couldn't let all that work go to waste, I've attached my planning spreadsheet. The basic limiting factors were:
* Which areas are available, obviously
* The coin requirements to unlock each area
* Determining the cost of each set of coins to get

My first order of business was working out just how much time it cost to get every major source of coins in the game. This is where arkarian and kirbymastah's videos have been invaluable: I compared the same room in the two videos with each other and took the difference, where it was a valid comparison. Flip's old segments also helped where kirbymastah couldn't. If there was no fair test out of those three, I then had to run the test myself - these are the least accurate, as I'm not particularly good at the game yet and had to adjust for mistakes I made.

I then gave each of these sources a figure for "time per 1000 coins" and sorted them by this figure four times, in order to make sure the coins I picked would meet each of the four coin requirements imposed throughout the game. The results speak for themselves. The most interesting part of them, though, is that if played well this run will only spend five and a half minutes going out of its way for coins. Shocked
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kirbymastah: 2013-09-09 10:16:11 am
kirbymastah: 2013-09-09 10:11:38 am
kirbymastah: 2013-09-09 10:07:39 am
5-1 Free Coins 13720
5-2 Free Coins 41000
5-4 Free Coins 29200


Anyways, sweet work on the route Smiley I haven't been able to think much about any% routing, so I couldn't help directly, but it's great that the (albeit unpolished) 100% IL videos I put up were helpful Smiley

At some point soon, I'll probably try out your route, poke around and see if there's anything to improve in the coin route for any%.
So I decided to update with one video, since I'm starting the secret levels now:

Disturbing Tomb 100% - Takes two trips

Routing out secret levels will take a lot of time, since they're by far the most complicated, with a buttload of missions and tricky rooms.

Anyways, since I've basically been back to doing metroid fusion 100% 1:05 attempts (that 1:13 on SDA needs to be improved upon <_< ), I won't be spending as much time on wario land until I get that 1:05 WR. I'll still be working on wario land 100% routing on the side, but definitely not updating with 2 or 3 100% levels per day anymore.
Just random, but yesterday mike89 and I just did a race (I don't know the route and I don't think he's really practiced it much yet either), and we got times of 1:44:55 and 1:41:31 respectively (would've been a lot closer if mike didn't die to large fry and didn't accidentally buy world map 4 instead of 5 T_T). Basically saying if anyone else is interested COUGHFLIPCOUGH then let us know; we can make this game more popular to run and race! It's a fantastic speedrun game, and I personally think it's insanely fun Smiley

Also, on a more related note of things to 100%, I'm almost done routing gurgle gulch (secret levels X_X).
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TheOthin: 2013-09-11 12:40:49 pm
Speaking of secret levels, has there ever been talk of all levels runs?

Although amount of categories really depends on how many people want to run them. I want to get good at this, but I haven't even played in years, and my old copy doesn't seem to be coming back, so I'll have to wait for the new one to show up before even trying. So this isn't gonna lead to much anytime soon.
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kirbymastah: 2013-09-11 11:29:28 pm
I guess 100% stages would be legit; it would also completely change the coin route since we now have two more stages to get coins from, from each of worlds 1-3 (3 levels from worlds 4-5). I don't think mike89 wants to put in the work into a new route like that Tongue

Pure 100% is definitely very long and punishing; 100% stages would definitely be a nice middle-ground, since the secret stages are really cool and fun too
Haha well I can try laying out a test route when I get the chance and see if it goes anywhere one way or another.
SEGA Junkie
To be honest, most of the ground work for such a run is already laid in those spreadsheets. You'd just have to add space for the secret levels, find out the marginal costs for the coins in those, and run the intermediate checks again. The main difference would be that you'd have to test a lot more different routes - there's definitely scope for doing something really strange like 1-3-5-4-2 if the coins work out.
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kirbymastah: 2013-09-13 10:27:52 am
kirbymastah: 2013-09-13 12:51:31 am
Time for two cool tricks I found in level 1-S2 Gurgle Gulch, both abusing fork bandineros.

The first skips the intended way of getting the treasure chest. Unfortunately it takes too long to set up, and is ultimately slower.

The second, however, is VERY useful, and saves over 20 seconds, skipping draining the water. This skip is very useful for both 100% and all-stages, but unfortunately useless for any% since you never go to the secret levels <_<

EDIT: Of course, for the actual level 100% itself

Wooo skips and secret levels! I'm a bit confused, though; why didn't you shake the golden enemy? Was it really slower than getting the coins other ways?

Also, just a note; the in-video explanations for that last couple of videos were cut off slightly.
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kirbymastah: 2013-09-13 02:43:54 pm
Theyr'e cut off in the embed for some reason; they work fine on actual youtube.

EDIT: I lied. they are cut off. Gurgle Gulch should be fixed.

You can't shake the golden enemy in gurgle gulch because it's the stupid spiky dude; you can't touch him except by ground pounding him when he's already flipped.

So I've basically finished routing both secret levels of world 2: sneak peak and lowdown depths. Sneak Peak takes one trip to clear, and is insanely hard since you can't use the checkpoint <_< lowdown depths, while really fun, takes THREE trips to clear. Yeah. Whoever thought of the "dont use any speed machines" mission needs to go burn.
SEGA Junkie
I just got what I believe to be the best known SS so far. Still a bunch of silly mistakes - a minute I can get back easily, probably a minute I'd have more trouble with. Will start recording now!
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kirbymastah: 2013-09-14 09:30:17 am
Quote from mike89:
I just got what I believe to be the best known SS so far. Still a bunch of silly mistakes - a minute I can get back easily, probably a minute I'd have more trouble with. Will start recording now!

Give me 2 weeks after my job stuff and i'll learn the any% coin route to give you competition Tongue regardless nice time! I'll definitely give it a watch soon
World 2 secret levels 100%

Also did an any% run after stealign mike89's coin route, and I was easily on track for a sub-1:38 but I died at shake king Sad I'm coming after your record mike!
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mike89: 2013-09-15 10:53:30 am
mike89: 2013-09-15 09:05:46 am
SEGA Junkie
I just had a low 1:36 die at Shake King too. Bastard. Sad

That run was over a minute ahead at Wreck Train too. I'm taking some of the longest coins out of the posted route (for the curious: a G bag in 1-4 and - right now - the gold coins in Wreck Train). The main thing I'm learning at this point is how much the bosses contribute to the final time, so drill those, kirbymastah!

You can also save about 20 seconds by resetting the console after Bloomsday/Scumflower, but I don't think it's really worth it to do that. If it saved time after buying each world map, I'd have considered it.

btw, some trivia - did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation, and the 1:27:18 that's up on SDA is worth about 1:34:31 in RTA conditions. The intro is 4:43 or so, and segmentation allows about 2:30 of cutscenes to be skipped. Again, a reset would save around 20 seconds on the final one of these in an RTA.

Considering I think my route is about 40 seconds faster - 1:33:50 is what I'd need to feel I'd done an equal job to Flip's segmented. This looks very attainable if I get all the bosses right.

EDIT2: 1:35:04. Lowlights: committed the cardinal sin and destroyed a G bag in Stonetooth Cave, had to restart the stage to account for it. Also bad Chortlebot and Large Fry fights. Good news: I took more coins out of the route - re-added the Wreck Train gold coins, and took out the G bag in Mt Lava Lava instead. Might upload this to Youtube, but it's probably not worth it.
Hi, I'm new, but I'm going to start trying to run this game as well (any% SS). I've been using Flip's submitted run and mike89's and kirbymastah's recent videos to learn all the level paths, although I'm gonna have to reconcile the coin routes because I ended up with like 20k extra coins when I did a test run last night. I do have one contribution that I haven't seen in any videos though:

Ground pounds on Chortlebot seem to save about 2 seconds in a perfect fight (1 for each extra pound). They're still kind of hard to do, but if you accidentally miss one, I don't think it's any slower than missing a normal attack with the other method, because you'll still have to wait for Chortlebot to sit through his stunned animation. But if you get them correctly, it saves time because there's less time in between your two attacks.

I also noticed that right in the beginning, you can hit him 3 times before he throws his nose at you (not shown in this video), but I'm not sure if that even saves time or not.
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kirbymastah: 2013-09-15 11:08:57 pm
kirbymastah: 2013-09-15 11:06:04 pm
Mike89 found a change in the coin route for stonetooth cave but I'll let him post his timing results for himself.

Meanwhile, every time you buy a new map, there's a cutscene after the auto-save where the globe unfogs the area. If you buy multiple maps at once, then the game shows a cutscene for each of those maps.

1 map cutscene costs 22 seconds
2 map cutscene costs 38 seconds
A reset costs ~24 seconds, assuming you're loading the first file

Kinda suspected that resetting isn't worth it for RTA if only buying one map at a time (though still only 2 seconds). However, if buying two maps simultaneously, resetting saves ~14 seconds (and probably 30 seconds for three maps, and 46 if you're insane enough to grind coins in world 1 to buy worlds 2-5 at once). This can be used twice in 100%, since the route is to do world 1, buy worlds 2-3 simultaneously, do them, then buy worlds 4-5 simultaneously, and do them.

Might be something to consider in an all-stages run too?

EDIT: Forgot to respond, but it's awesome to see more people picking up wario land wii! Cheesy I didn't think of using ground pound on chortlebot; it definitely seems faster, and SEEMS easier and more consistent than actually bouncing on him (though you said it's hard, so I'll have to mess with it myself)
So many awesome timesavers!

I'm curious; do we know the time saved from buying two worlds at once compared to buying them on separate visits? I'm thinking this might be relevant for routing an all stages run if it saves enough time, although it feels like a bit of a stretch.