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Wario Land: Shake It! (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from kirbymastah:
Reject because this isn't 100%, the TRUE category. Only saving grace of this run is the amazing soundtrack, and the runner ruins that by not shooting to the music/beat during the submarine stages. Heck, he doesn't even dash or belly hop to the music during Rollanratl! How could you not do that? Finally, the low battery sign near the end is incredibly annoying. That's grounds for an auto-reject.

A/V is good. The video seems brighter than original? It might just be me, not a big deal regardless.

On a more serious note, the run's solid overall. As the commentary says, the majority of the mistakes are pretty obvious; you'd think that a runner would reset from the noticeable minor mistakes in the first level, but screw resetting this game with that forced intro.

There's been a lot of thought put into the routing of this game, and I'm very glad that mike's been able to put together a solid run that represents this route very well. There are also a lot of minor updated strats that flip's old segmented run doesn't have. All the routing and extra optimizations adds up to a time much faster than flip's segmented run, disregarding the advantage that the segmented run gets from skipping cutscenes between each segment.

In terms of optimization, the run's basically dash speed all day every day. As someone who helped route and did a few runs and ILs of this game, I can say that there are a lot of miniscule optimizations that mike uses that aren't obvious to a typical viewer, which adds up to a lot of time in an execution-heavy platformer runner, so major thumbs up for that.

The bosses are probably the top runkillers where mike can lose the most time, especially shake king and large fry. Messing up level runbacks are also other major runkillers, though they usually aren't difficult. The biggest mistake in the run is messing up halfway into the runback in Ropey Jungle which is really ugly and time-wasting, but it's also one of the harder runbacks. The Windbreak Bay boss was sloppy but screw that boss, that boss is terrible.

YEAH LET'S GO... for an accept.

It's also WARIO TIME to replace your batteries, mike Tongue (No, the low battery didn't bother me at all)

Quote from Zyre:
Game- Wario Land: Shake It!!!

Video quality- Excellent, though the low battery signal shows up starting in the 5th area. Not anything reject-worthy though.
Sound quality- Excellent

Evaluation of the run-

Sweet Stuff: A couple of tiny little hiccups, but nothing to fret over.

Area 1: A few missed jumps in the third stage cost about 10 seconds. Not anything to worry much about though. Boss fight introduced me to something that I

didn't know.

Area 2: Got hit in the underwater autoscroller, insta-reject. Tongue Unfortunate hit in the boss fight. Lost maybe half of a second.

Area 3: Two missed throws with the ball in the first stage. Lost about 5 seconds there. Very good boss fight.

Area 5: 3 hits in the autoscroller? Fail. Tongue Missed the switch with the first throw in the fourth stage, only about a two or three second loss. Very nice

boss fight!

Area 4: 3 more hits in the autoscroller?! What madness is this? Tongue That fan really trolled during the stage boss fight. Area boss fight was excellent.

Final Fight: Perfect.

Final Decision- ACCEPT. Wario trashes the bad guys, tosses the girl aside, and is united with his love...of treasure.

Looks good.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Mike 'mike89' McKenzie!
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Congrats mike89! Smiley Sorry for holding this up so long.