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Wario Land 4 (Any %) (Single Segment) (Normal) [Resets]

Verifier Responses

Video and audio quality is great.
Time is indeed 52:10. Check out the twitch video to figure out the starting place and time the end at the last hit of the boss myself.

Overall the run is great but I feel that there might be some room for improvement. You know, standards jumping executions onto platforms and unintentional hits. There is the Aerodent boss battle that could have been a one round battle with better timing with the jumps. With that in mind, I could see this run's time be shaved by a few seconds to a minute at least.

I will give this run a 'accept with room for improvements if the runner wishes to do so'.

Decision: Accept

Run was awesome. My love for this game is because of Mike.  Pass.

I'm not sure where timing should start and stop. But from the first frame after the difficulty selection fades out to the final hit on the final boss, I get a time of 52:09.
No cheating detected, video/audio fine.

Entry Passage: An unintentional hit and a mistake in the boss fight cost a few seconds.
Sapphire Passage: Several small mistakes but also very quick enemy boosts in Hotel Horror. A very good boss fight.
Topaz Passage: Several mistakes in Big Board. Aerodent is easily the worst part of the run with much time lost.
Ruby Passage: A missed jump in the Curious Factory costs quite some time. All other levels and the boss are good.
Emerald Passage: The missed jump in the beginning of Monsoon Jungle costs a few seconds. The boss fight is perfect.
Golden Pyramid: The level and the boss are both well done.

Overall there are many many more small mistakes I didn't mention, but the runner did fine considering how clumsy the controls are. It's a very good run in both planning and execution.

Decision: Accept

Nice little run! I liked the many methods of using enemies to gain height with in a way the game didn't intend, very clever.

The Sapphire Passage boss could have been sped up with a harder strategy. When the boss goes down to pop up the water, you can actually get a hit in and then another one by jumping on the water. The timing for it is very hard so it is probably not worth it, I still want to mention it.

But yeah, in general a solid run. Could obviously be improved at a couple of places, but getting the timing for all jumps and such is pretty painful.

Accept the beauty.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Mike 'mike89' McKenzie!
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Awesome game.  Awesome run.  Congrats, mike!
Yeah, great run mike; there's clearly room for improvement, but on the other hand there's so many things that can go wrong that an improvement is reasonably unlikely. (Aerodent was heartbreaking; I thought we were on-course for the slowest one-round Aerodent clear ever, but hey it's still a one-round clear right?, and then that happened.)

I was actually planning to verify, but didn't PM in at the end because I'd lost my Wario Land 4 cart (and still haven't found it since), so I couldn't test anything myself. But I think I'd have agreed with the other verifiers here, if I did.
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Thanks everyone!

I don't really have anything to respond to in the verifier comments, so I wanted to quickly mention timing. The reason I gave a kind of speculative time is that I wasn't sure at exactly what point the timer should start. I thought of four potential options:
1) starting the file (RTA timing, how I timed it while streaming)
2) when the opening cutscene starts (the first opportunity for input, ie. resetting the game)
3) upon appearing on the map (at Entry Passage)
4) upon starting Hall of Hieroglyphs

Of those, I think 2 or 3 make the most sense - given SDA's only just started accepting runs with resets there's not really any precedent for 2, but that's up to you guys.

Once I have a confirmed time, I'll send in final encodes Smiley
I saw this game first time during the marathon and it looks amazing. So this run's a must see Smiley

Congratulations Mike, hope the timing thingy gets worked out soon!
destroy them with lazers
How much more time do you think could be saved Mike?
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Looking forward to seeing this one. Fun game
difficult and stupidly random
Nice work!

About the timing, it seems like you're starting a new game then immediately resetting and starting again in order to skip the opening cutscene?  If that's the case then I'd say the reset is irrelevant.  Normally timing would start at the Entry Passage, right?  So the reset is just skipping some of the overhead that happens before the point where timing begins -- the Entry Point.
SEGA Junkie
That's what I would have thought too, and that makes the time something more like 52:04. Like I said though, I'll wait for confirmation before I actually put it on a StatID.

X: I suspect probably around 30 seconds. Aerodent is at least 12 seconds and then there's lots of other little things I could have done better, but overall it went very well. Right now I'm working on Hard mode, after which I'll progress to S-Hard. Now THAT will be a challenge...
congrats mike! can't wait to re-watch it when it gets put up Tongue
IMO, the point to start timing should be when you press A to enter the Entry Passage, and the point to end timing should be the last hit on Golden Diva.

S-Hard single segment sounds more frustrating than anything else. (Especially if you don't skew the routes to get hearts early.) It's not hard in the sense of a skilled player being unable to finish it, but it's going to be hard to do quickly.