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LotBlind: 2017-11-15 11:30:01 am
LotBlind: 2017-11-15 11:29:39 am
For some time now, there hasn't really been anyone updating the SDA wiki, the Knowledge Base. A lot of its content, namely the Strategy Guides, is of course user-edited. However, having a person assigned to keeping tabs on what information the Wiki currently holds and how it's organized, as well as independently developing it further, would be an asset.

As our next "Wiki Guy" (no I couldn't think of a better term), you'd probably need:

- some but not that much technical understanding: Wikis aren't so complex, and especially this Wiki isn't. It has probably the simplest mark-up I've seen. If you go take a look and get how all of that works, you're probably doing just fine!
- ability to develop the wiki semi-independently based off a few ideas we've had, and adding your own ideas in the mix, so as to make it... well, generally better

We'd like you to have been around SDA for a while so as to have some perspective on how things work and the "cliantele" the wiki is meant to serve. So having submitted a run, created a Guide or another Wiki page, or just activity on the forums means bonus points coming your way! Lots of 'em.

As before, post here for general Qs and PM me with applications. This job will most likely not be super-intensive, at all, so it would be great if you could commit to one full year minimum. Please be sure you actually want this task so I don't have to post this thread again in another half a year's time.

Thanks for showing interest!
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