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Viewtiful Joe (Any %) (Single Segment) (Kids) [Character: Joe]

Verifier Responses

Fliiiiiiiipison is in the house!

Audio/visual checks.  No cheating unless altering the world of physics disqualifies...

So yeah, had a whole detailed verification ready to go, but then it turns out the "submitted" run is on the latter half of the video as the runner submitted multiple attempts with no note of where the actual run started.  I don't feel like writing a second novel.  So, it's faster, all hail the OP Voomerang, ACCEPT.

Boomerang makes every boss a complete joke.  I love it.
I was able to replicate the strategies the runner used on the bosses (after many attempts) and in the stages for the most part.
No cheating and the audio/visuals look fine.

A/V is good no cheating detected.
Good strats
Overall Accept

Note: Make sure nate edits the video to the correct run.

Sorry I held this up, but hopefully I make up for it with a somewhat detailed verification.

A/V: It's good, but like everyone else is saying, the run needs to be cut so it starts around 44:31.

Well the old run was really awesome, and I wasn't expecting anyone to improve it anytime soon. And well, no one did because the run has been up for 6 years.

I will say that Traeholt's run was one of my favorite runs on the site, and I was really curious to see how tminator64 shaved time off the run.

Chapter 1:

-Better execution hitting the lever.

-Very nice strat against the helicopter. I would have never thought of jumping up like that to deflect the bullet.

-Not too much else since there isn't a whole lot to chapter 1

Chapter 2:

-Much faster Captain Blue fight. Uses two voomerangs as opposed to the old run's one, which definitely pays off.

-Beginning of part 2 is smoother than the old run, tminator64 doesn't get hit.

-As noted in the comments, tub jump skips a fight, and tminator says it saves at least 12 seconds, but comparing to Traeholt's run, I'd say it's more like 15.

-Fast fuse saves a ton of time in the bomb sections. Really nice find!

-Doesn't lose v-power by going fast for too long.

-Not really an improvement note, but I love how stupid the Hulk Davidson fight is with voomerangs.

Chapter 3:

-So is the scrolling here fixed even if you use mach speed? Seems kind of weird, but it doesn't look like tminator is losing time.

-Hah, good job using the missile against the part 1 boss. I don't know if it saves time, but it's cool.

-3-2 is smoother in this run, and despite how much tminator hates the slot machine, I think he does a better job than Traeholt (too lazy to check).

-Holy shit that Gran Bruce fight was siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

Chapter 4:

-Not much to say except the Another Joe luck was ridiculous.

Chapter 5:

-Is tminator's first tank strat actually faster than the current run's? It's really hard to tell. The difference is no greater than a second.

-That strat for the jet right after the second tank is hawt.

-Wow that Alaster fight was WAY faster, good stuff!

Chapter 6:

Not much to say here because it's mostly boss refights.

Chapter 7:

-The tank battle is a lot smoother than the current run.

-Using Red Hot Kick against Metal Leos is very effective, definitely faster than the current run.

-The Captain Blue fight is one of the few moments where this run is worse than the current run.

Well the old VJ run was one of my favorite runs on the site, and this one is even better. The execution is better overal, and seeing the new strats was a lot of fun! I said the first run made Sonic jealous, but this one makes SANIC jealous!

Oh yeah, the time on this run is 29:46, which beats the current run by 1:19 (old run was 31:05)

Easy Accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Tom 'tminator64' Parr!
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Excellent.  Thanks for showing the updated thread and I'm glad the verifiers seemed to like the run.  Funny thing is that I have a 29:30 run waiting as well now, but this is a good start.

Also, I apologize for the lack of notes on where the run is actually located within the torrent I sent out.  I will make sure that doesn't happen again.  Cheesy
Awesome work tminator. I lurk your stream a lot and watch your runs, you've made a lot of progress with this game and have brought it down a lot. Congrats.
Quote from Surreal:
Awesome work tminator. I lurk your stream a lot and watch your runs, you've made a lot of progress with this game and have brought it down a lot. Congrats.

Thanks, Surreal.  Now, I'm just hoping that players start to pick this game up haha
Oh and before I forget.  A random note on the run.  For chapter 3 in the sky, Mach speed does not speed up the scrolling section. 

For the verdies though (the missile guys), they can control how quickly enemies spawn, so if you let them fly into the background, you will lose a significant amount of time waiting for them to reappear.  So yeah, it's the one level in the game where you focus entirely on taking enemies out rather than going from point A to point B quickly.
Superb. Nothing short of awesome. AND there's an improved run on the way!