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Valkyrie Profile 2 (Any %) (Segmented)

Verifier Responses

While this is an improvement, it isn't up to par with what I'd expect from a segmented run. The platforming is consistently bad and he misses quite a few photon transfers that aren't luck-based. With better segmentation to iron out a lot of the platforming errors, I think this run could've been acceptable.

I wrote down things that caught my attention while watching the run, so I'll post them here to help people understand why I voted to reject this run.


Unnecessary menu check after Mithra.

Photon transfer failure before Primordial Ooze.

Missed transfer in Kythena Plains.

Missed transfer in Serdberg.

Sloppy menu in Serdberg from lack of segmentation.

Transfer to the higher path after Kraken? Might be faster.

Stupid transfer with a crawler when leaving Auduola.

Very sloppy desert thanks to lack of segmentation.

Didn't get Zunde on his first pass.

Missed transfer at the start of Surts.

Sloppy menu in Surts.

Fell in the lava in Surts.

Evolver 2 was a bit sloppy.

Same missed transfer when leaving Surts.

Crawsus was a mess.

Some sloppy platforming before the Dragon Palace (missed jump too).

Bad platforming near Wrath of Forcefulness.

Failed attempt at the Power Bangle.

Would Dreaded Radius have worked as well on the Dragon Zombie?

What the freaking heck happened when he left the Dragon Palace? Yikes, that was awful.

Bad platforming in Kythena and Lost Forest.

I'm questioning his choices before Ull for some reason.

Bloody Patch mostly went to waste.

Dreaded Radius first on Walther and Gyne would've probably saved time.

Attacked Hrist from the side instead of behind.

Map error after Lost Forest exit.

Shop errors in Solde.

Would it be faster to photon a flying guy to jump the first midboss in the Forest of Spirits?

Bad transfer in Royal Underground Cave.

Screwed up in Forest of Spirits again and had to run from an extra midboss.

Dumb transfer mistake in Ravine Caverns.

Lost time from a ground swing in Bifrost for literally no reason.

Not so hot menu after Heimdall.

Inconsistent segment in Yggdrasil (levels aren't the same, nor is the party layout).

What was the point of having Lezard take a hit in the Odin 2 fight?

He switched out the Great Eagle Heart in Valhalla, but kept the Black Crystal? The freaking heck? Dropping a +15% attack bonus to keep a +6% attack bonus is silly.

Had to take an attack from Freya because he didn't kill his team against the dragon.

Why didn't he transfer the golem in Lezard's Tower?

Extremely sad platforming in area 2.

Why didn't he transfer zombie Silmeria?

Why did he attack from Lezard's side instead of from behind?

Quote from AquaTiger:
Alright, from viewing the run and especially comparing it to the previous run, what is evident is that we have a vastly improved strategy here, including moves that aren't obvious in one segment but pay off MASSIVELY later (Kraken is the one on my mind here).  However, there are two concerns I have with this run that aren't answered by further strategy:
1. Platforming.  If this were a single-segment run, I wouldn't complain nearly as much about how the platforming turns out here.  However, the standards are a fair bit higher for segmented runs and while the previous run got away with worse platforming, I don't know if we should let the same level of platforming happen a second time.  (In case I'm accused of double standards, our site's standards have increased notably in the 6 1/2 years since the last run was completed.)
2. There is a point later in the run where there is an inconsistency in timing and levels.  As the inconsistency has the appearance of being in the runner's favor, I cannot accept this, as per SDA's rules.  (Even if we verifiers know the runner isn't cheating there, visitors to the site may raise that objection if we don't hold ourselves strictly to that rule.)
2a. I nearly missed the timing issue because the runner didn't consistently leave the times visible at the end of segments.  I'd strongly suggest leaving about a second of footage that shows this timing properly.

The planning and strategy could have overcome the platforming issue, in all honesty, because of the sheer magnitude of time saved.  However, it can't do anything about the save issue.  The precedent for redoing segments after the fact is to make things like levels match up EXACTLY, and this is one case where that doesn't work out.

It really, REALLY pains me to reject something that's 20-something minutes faster than the previous run for one little mistake like this.  However, this is a case where site standards force my hand.

Quote from Eternalspirit:
Inconsistent segmentation. One segment has an inconsistent save time with the previous one, as well as inconsistent party levels and A/V settings.

Showing save times missing at the end of some segments, leaving it difficult to time manually.

Strategic decisions

Black Crystal: This accessory gives a paltry +6% to stats, and could not be activated easily prior to Crawsus Forest Ruins.  It may have saved one hit against Hydra and/or Dragon Zombie, but afterward you have four accessories (Power Bangle, Great Eagle Heart, Dragon Rib, Bloody Patch) that completely outclass it.

Holy Water of Mithra: To get this item, the runner lost 25 seconds killing off Kraad and Dylan against Primordial Ooze, 7 seconds actually obtaining the item, and 15 seconds from needing to revisit Villnore for the Kraadicator.  It saved 50 seconds in the Kraken battle, and saved a Might Potion for later use, so this was most certainly worth it.

Individual segment comments

Segment 1 (0:08-2:05)

No comments

Segment 2 (2:09-4:46)

Movement only.  No comments.

Segment 3 (4:48-9:49)

By aiming for the head (using Imperious Act to put it in range of your attacks), Ballistic Rhino can be defeated 17 seconds faster and without the 10-11 second detour for the Thunder Gem in the previous segment.  This would change experience distribution slightly, but not enough to affect anything.

The failed photon warp at the end of the segment looked sloppy, especially because the runner warped that enemy already and can position Alicia at that time.

Segment 4 (9:52-19:16)

The runner should have used R3 instead of walking around to let him use the second Stinking Missile, and the same for Washout later in the battle.

The menu to release Mithra was clearly practiced a lot.

The runner should have split this segment before Serdberg.  This would make it possible to not have to push the pillar into place, as well as clean up the menu to unequip Arngrim and Leone.

Segment 5 (19:20-29:30)

Alicia getting hit by that hawk should not have happened, and is reset-worthy.

Holy Water of Mithra saved about 50 seconds in the Kraken battle compared to TAF's run, as well as saving the Might Potion for later.

The runner saves at the end of Sahma Desert rather than at the beginning, which loses time backtracking to get Zunde.  The runner's stated reason is because saving before the desert makes the enemy positions "crap as hell", but the enemy positions in this run seem to fit that description anyway.

Segment 6 (29:35-33:57)

Decent all around.  Zunde's time to shine, baby!

Segment 7 (34:05-41:40)

Evolver 1 was standard.  The Prism Crystal saved some time against Evolver 2, but this time was squandered by dashing away and refilling AP.  Needing to use a third dash to get into position was also ugly.  Using the extra attacks granted by the Divine Time Giver was pointless and cost time.  This may have been to reduce the chance of Flame Shower, but that shouldn't matter this early in a segment.

The runner makes a slight detour to buy maps of the west and east lands.  Since the Map of the East Lands isn't used until chapter 5, this detour could be shortened by buying the Map of the West Lands while in Villnore to pick up the Kraadicator, and waiting until chapter 5 to buy the Map of the East Lands.

Jumping toward the enemy while waiting for the photon warp at 39:19 actually wastes a small amount of time getting back.  Also, there were several missed photon warps on the way back.  I think Crawsus should have been split from this segment.

Segment 8 (41:47-45:30)

It may have been better to knock over that lighting rod in the previous segment instead.

Missed a jump in Dragonscrypt.  Overall, this segment was decent.

Segment 9 (45:39-51:30)

The runner had a bit of trouble reaching the Wrath of Forcefulness sealstone.  Moreover, Zunde's weapon was unequipped for some reason.  This is a segmented run, so there's no reason to be this worried about breaking the Kraadicator.

Segment 10 (51:35-57:27)

Zunde switches Giant Killer out for Unholy Purifier, which seems pointless, as the boss is both Giant and Unholy.  Perhaps the runner meant to switch out Fists of Iron instead?

The Dragon Zombie battle was significantly slower than in tri-ace fanboy's run.

Going through Kythena Plains does indeed save the 17 seconds the runner spent buying the maps in Crell Monferaigne.

Segment 11 (57:36-1:00:22)

Alicia can equip the runes for both Magician Slayer and Solitary Struggle at the same time, so there's no need to make her learn Solitary Struggle at this point.  Alternatively, one could try for an Assault Missile in that Beast Fort battle and gotten both skills out of the way.

Segment 12 (1:00:33-1:08:37)

A bad dash in the Walther/Gyne battle, but that's about par for this game.

The runner almost forgot to get the Map of the North Lands.

The runner equips Unholy Purifier on Zunde, but the next boss is Giant (and Plant), not Unholy.  The next required fight with an Unholy opponent is the Vampire Lord in chapter 6.

Segment 13 (1:08:45-1:10:55)

No comments.

Segment 14 (1:11:01-1:21:50)

Arectaris went well.  I don't think there's anyone who doesn't hate this required backtracking.

Segment 15 (1:21:58-1:25:30)

While making the battle "look cool" might be worth some resets, I find that a more worthy thing to reset for is not missing some easy photon warps in Ravine Cavern.

Segment 16 (1:25:38-1:28:39)

Decent battles all around.  The menu at the end was slow.

Segment 17 (1:28:50-1:32:32)

This segment was spliced in after the fact.  As a result, character levels are different (not too important in this game), and the runner is able to activate Break Mode against the Highlander miniboss.  This is strictly impossible to do so soon after activating Break Mode in segment 16.  This inconsistency doesn't save more than a couple seconds at most, but it's still something that shouldn't happen.

Segment 18 (1:32:42-1:37:05)

No comments.

Segment 19 (1:37:13-1:43:10)

Alicia already has a red slashing rune in her weapon.  She doesn't need another one.

After Arngrim rejoins, the runner immediately photon warps in the wrong direction.  It doesn't cost much time, but it's sloppy.

Arcana fails to get in range of the Silver Dragon's attack and die.  Also, based on the Freya battle in the next segment, there didn't seem to be much reason to kill off anyone here.

Segment 20 (1:43:20-1:47:27)

After chapter 6 starts, the runner replaces Magician Slayer with Unholy Purifier.  This doesn't help against Vampire Lord (who is also Magic), and doesn't seem necessary against Homunculus Silmeria.

Segment 21 (1:47:36-1:52:04)

Zunde used two Might Potions against Vampire Lord.  They don't stack, and a bad enemy attack range this early in the segment is best countered by resetting.

Against Lezard, it is probably better not to bother running around him to restore AP.  Especially because the runner ended up attacking Lezard from the side and needing two rounds of attacks anyway.

Segment 22 (1:52:13-1:55:13)

Bad luck with the final blow not dealing enough damage.


The inconsistency in the spliced segment is probably worth an instant reject on its own, but that's not the only problem with this run.  The runner failed to take advantage of segmentation on numerous occasions; indeed, 13 of the 22 segments in this run ended by overwriting the save from the previous segment.  Several parts of the run were too sloppy for a segmented run, especially at the beginning of segments.  I see no choice but to reject this run.

Decision: Reject

Reason: Even discounting the sloppiness the other verifiers mentioned, the segment inconsistency is a reject all on its own.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
Thread title:  
Meteor Swarm
nvm i will just redo it , single segmented. Im not used to do it with ms
Quote from SDAVerification:
Game Page: Doesn't exist yet

It does exist.
Never give up!
Quote from Rezard:
nvm i will just redo it , single segmented. Im not used to do it with ms

What I will say is "Don't lose heart".  Segmented runs are one of those things where it needs to be drilled over and over and over, and they take a lot of patience compared to doing it all at once.  You were willing to step out of your comfort zone to try that, at least.

However, if you think it's a better decision to do this single-segment, by all means do so.  If I'm not mistaken, I believe you already were able to beat the currently-posted run (mine, that is - I forgot about tri-Ace Fanboy's run because I don't remember him ever finishing) even doing things in a single segment.
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Rezard: 2014-02-03 09:40:19 pm
Rezard: 2014-02-03 09:38:52 pm
Meteor Swarm
Acctually i was excepting a reject (thus i disagree with some points in the note) , acctualy  my bigest mistake is that i was streaming my attempt , rushing some parts.
I will get back into single segment for this game.
Yes my ss pb time is 2H02 but i did some paranoiac saves and i din't like it + my capture device messup at  some part and fews seconds was missings , i almost add a run completed in november , but i died in the vampire lord battle.
The only things that piss me off with single segmented on this game is that the ps2 can take longer loading time randomly (i have a brand new ps2 that i use only for this game)
For reference, here is tri-ace Fanboy's run.  Its final time is 1:57:33 in 43 segments.