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Some people here may remember it. I found out that it didn't had any runs here nor on youtube, was requested at least once so I decided it will be my first serious speedrunning project. For those who never played Urban Chaos - it's an action/adventure game with non-linear levels. You're playing as Darci Stern - police woman fighting with the Wildcats gang. Halfway through the game the plot goes full retard and Darci starts fighting with exploding people wielding miniguns and demons. Urban Chaos has great emphasis on climbing buildings, most of the in-game problems can be solved by walking on the rooftops.

There's no reason to run psx version, it was released year after the pc version, had really bad loading times and looked much worse.

- Warning requirements
You should arrest at least one enemy, otherwise there's a chance you'll get a warning. You get similar warning if too many civilians died during a mission.
- Movement
Darci - can run (hold forward), sprint (much faster, hold the action button while running, depletes stamina) and perform a semi-sprint (tap action button while running, prevents stamina meter from recharging). She can maintain her sprint speed in midair, but it will be back to normal running speed for 1 second after landing. You should jump from every ledge which is higher than a sidewalk; otherwise you'll have to deal with ~2 seconds long stand-up animation.
Roper - He can't run, but his jumping speed seems higher than normal running.
- Cancels
Arrest canceling - Change your weapon, get hit by something or try to enter a car while performing an arrest.
Shot canceling
M16: just mash the attack button, you can shot as fast as you can press it.
Shotgun & Pistol: this one reminds me of Gunz: The Duel. Shot once and immediately after hold forward for few frames (it won't work if you just tap it) and shot again.
Fall damage animation cancel - Just jump from the fall damage animation.
Rapid punching - Hold forward and mash the punch button. Works great with MiB if you can get near them. Will end in a grab while fighting regular criminals. (See video 3 below)
Kill cancel - Roper only. Hold forward and mash the punch key. He'll chain-headbutt the enemy indefinitely, making his HP negative. This happens because enemies can go into "dead/untargetable" state only while lying on the ground and Roper attacks again while the enemy is midair. Screenshot.
- Rolling off the ledge - Useless thing. Roll off the ledge and you'll fall in a direction you were facing. You can even land again on the same ledge if you want to. Will result in a landing lag.
- Untouchable hostage - Criminals won't be able to hurt the hostage if he's beyond the draw distance. This also prevents hostage from running. Useless and time consuming.
- Wall clipping
By wall hugging - Touch a wall, press the action button to hug it, tap forward without moving the character, hug the wall and detach again. You'll clip inside the wall and warp to the top of a building or crate. Some walls are unhuggable. Impossible to perform if someone's standing near your character. Thanks to Divalium from neoseeker forums for this one.
By kneeling - Doesn't work with melee weapons, grenades, explosives or while being unarmed. Touch anything higher than a sidewalk, turn left 20-45 degrees, hold the action button to kneel and press forward. This will warp you few units forward and left, this way you can clip into a wall and warp on top of it, climb unwalkable slopes, bypass any kind of fences. If you're bad enough dude then you can mash it every second frame and move faster than normal run speed. Doesn't work with Roper. Actually this works while unarmed, but you need to be really deep in the wall - hug it, sidestep, detach, turn around, kneel at the right angle and pray for the best results. Unarmed kneeling clip is useless, you can just use the normal wall hugging one.
You can use this indoors to unload the city map. You can still move around and collide with cars, walls, fences and mines; vertical textures will disappear but horizontal ones will be moved to lowest possible height. Here comes the tricky part: to warp you can either jump into the wall's collision box or use kneeling clip. Jumping is good only below fall damage heights, clipping will never sent you flying down. You'll clip through everything during the jump, but in order to change height you need to hit the ground. Check video 4 for movement presentation.
- Slope climbing - Release movement keys and just jump. You won't slide down as long as you don't try to move. Backflipping works too. Abusing kneeling clip is even faster.
- Strange trigger placement - Check out video 2.
- Spawning - Pedestrians and vehicles have preset spawn locations, but their routes are random.

Things to avoid:
- landing lag
- reload lag
- arrest animation
- unnecessary jumping
- searching enemies for weapons
- taking shotgun blast to the face
- throwing enemies on the ground without using baseball bat or slide
- engaging in melee combat as Roper
- running at an enemy who is aiming at you
- getting stuck in the ground after jumping into a cutscene

- easy Wildcats: unarmed, armed with knives or baseball bats, armed with pistols
- hard Wildcats: armed with shotguns or m16. They'll try to dodge your shots. Hard to kill with ranged weapon, even harder to disarm while engaging in open space.
- Men in black: high HP, extremely dangerous, you can't disarm them, you can't arrest them, ability to stunlock the player. At least they can't run. You can force them to fight you in melee range. I shoot one of them few times, he climbed onto my crate and started a fistfight with me.
- Balrog: throws fire at you, sends energy shockwaves. There's only one in the game.
- Police officers: there's at least one in the game, on the Media Trouble mission. Appears on the radar, but you can't target him (and you can't shot enemies you can't target), while walking is almost as fast as a running Wildcat, most likely will just throw Darci on the ground and arrest her (instant game over).

- Baseball bat: useful for throwing enemies on the ground.
- Knife: much better for killing people than fists and baseball bats (3-4 slashes).
Every ranged weapon loses effectiveness with distance.
- Pistol: 15 bullets per mag., kills Wildcats in 3 shots, useless against MiB and Balrog.
- Ropers Dual Pistol: same stats as above, but 2 shots can kill a normal enemy.
- Shotgun: 8 bullets per mag., can one-shot Wildcats at short and mid range. Decent ability to counter MiB. Very long reload animation after each shot.
- M16: 30 bullets per mag., 2 shots per Wildcat, best weapon for MiB (can semi-stunlock them).
- Grenades: useless besides two mission specific cases. 6 seconds timer, you can see where they'll land. Can't damage anybody who's lying on the ground. Flies slightly further than the aiming line shows. 3 grenades can kill a MiB, everything else dies from just one.
- Explosives: useless. You only need them to finish ~3 missions.

Right now I'm planning strats for each mission. According to any% definition I only need to finish main storyline without touching the silver/gold trainings and Wildcat missions; the run should end at the start of the ending cutscene. I'm aiming at anything below 2 hours. 1:30 should be possible, but I didn't time the whole run yet. I should be able to do at least to runs per day. I won't be able to stream my attempts, because I have really bad upload speed.


#2. Please read the description.


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The game looks totally destroyable, I wonder why nobody attempted to do a TAS of it. Looks like fun tho.
Maybe because it wasn't very popular, Mucky Foot made only 3 games, neither was an AAA title. Also, TASing 3D psx games isn't very popular.

I just finished my first run, it was awful. 2:15:41, I failed two levels far too many times. I can gain at least 20 minutes, maybe 25 if I get better at rapid shooting.
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Inco: 2012-11-21 05:37:25 pm
I just made wall-hugging warp completely obsolete. This method works with every vertical surface after the 2nd mission - during Gun Hunt you can find a gun and you start with it on every single mission after Trouble in the Park. This is how the new warp works: equip any gun, kneel near a wall/fence/anything vertical, turn left ~20-45 degrees, tap forward. Crawling with guns is kinda bugged and it warps you few units away from your current position every time you press forward why holding the action button. Here, take a look:
This must be the easiest wallclip ever O.o
I remember this game, I did played it a few times a long time ago !
It looks like it has great speedruning potential, like every other open world base game eleased around year 2000.
Quote from bangerra:
This must be the easiest wallclip ever O.o

Not like I'm complaining.

Quote from atomicJo:
It looks like it has great speedruning potential, like every other open world base game eleased around year 2000.

Problem lies in the maps. They are really small and buildings thrown here and there to make streets give only a false sense of freedom. Many times it's just better to run around instead of warping and then jumping down, losing hp and risking getting killed by a random shotgun blast.
Of course you can find some hidden stuff, like grenades on a completely unaccessible rooftop or fully voiced workers on the edge of Driving Training map. Guys from Mucky Foot knew what they were doing by leaving crawling clip in the game. Pic related, I had to clip twice through the same barbed fence and still couldn't beat that time
After some practice and strat changes I finally made another run. Everything went smoothly, but I had to restart 3 levels. At Cop Killers one of the escorted officers decided to stand right in front of my shotgun; due to bad ammo management I got destroyed by the last MiB on The Fallen level and then I fell down the pit on the last level. 1:26:44, I can make it at least 1:17:xx. Here are the splits. I probably found a way to skip at least one special cutscene.
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S.: 2012-11-25 06:03:29 pm
Allright, an estimation. Looking forward to the run. Will see if I can find my old copy and get it to work.
Quote from S.:
Allright, an estimation. Looking forward to the run. Will see if I can find my old copy and get it to work.

It works like a charm, at least on Windows XP. I even forced it to run in window with D3DWindower.

Instead of running I spent my free time breaking this game. Right now I can enter bounding boxes of indoor areas without using doors (thus preventing the indoor map from loading), interact with npcs inside the unloaded zones (they can't interact with me because we're on different maps), warping to the top of an indoor zones without actually entering them (it still unloads the outside map), force Darci to stand in the air (pic) and almost clip into the ground by running and shotgun canceling.
Meet Stakhanov!
Oh wow, just stumbled into this, I used to play this game extensively several years ago; but I never actually managed to complete it. It looks sooo much better on PC than it did on the scrubby-de-dubby console version Cheesy

Is this still going on or has the idea collapsed?
Yes, it's still going, I just got sidetracked by my uni stuff. In the meantime I found out how to cancel hostage pick up animation and how to move while holding the invisible body to prevent crashes.
Trying to find a better strategy for one of the levels of found some interesting things. Backwards kick counts as movement for some stupid reason. After performing one I can: fire the shotgun as fast as I can mash the button, move in 4 directions by mashing punch and holding movement keys (running is still faster; this technique is great for arresting normal enemies while walking on an unloaded map), escape the indoor maps without a weapon (might be useful once or twice, Screenshot of Roper holding a body while being on another map.).

Police station was supposed to be much bigger in the original version. I found three unused rooms and three police officers with unique lines. Here's a small gallery showing those rooms.
Huge thanks for that post Inco !
Thanks to you I was able to finish a speedrun and make a video exploring tricks mentioned by you and bulbipop on yt.