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I said I would find some wrong warps with the card, and I did. Unfortunately, both just softlock you.

(For the asgore one, you need to save at the top to get some more movement from the cutscene)

However, for the asgore one, it may be worth noting that if you could move a little bit upwards, you might be able to save.
Also, if there's a way to prevent getting softlocked, then these would be very useful.
So, how many bosses can you skip with this glitch? I guess Genocide couldn't skip anyone except Sans without losing the Genocide flag.
Quote from Onin:
So, how many bosses can you skip with this glitch? I guess Genocide couldn't skip anyone except Sans without losing the Genocide flag.

Only bosses you can fully skip with this is Mettaton Ex and Muffet (and the Royal Guards, if you consider them to be bosses).
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Valnar: 2016-02-25 05:00:01 pm
There is a way you can get PCE on any actor, for 1 frame after you open the punch card you can give an input.
If you use that input to talk with an actor you can move with their text box, something you couldn't do on most things with the original PCE because the menu would auto close.
Unfortunatly I'm not sure if this is something that can be done with a normal keyboard or controller. I haven't been able do this without the use of either a macro or 10fps in debug mode. If anyone can confirm that it can be done in real time that would be awesome.

You can also trigger the same glitch as the early pan fridge with this. If you do the PCE on something that gives you a choice, you end up getting a "wrong outcome" for that choice like the early pan.

Routes updated:

Updated playlist of PCE time saves:
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BtheDestroyer: 2016-03-07 11:07:21 pm
This seemed pretty important:

I guess I kind of understand Toby from a storytelling standpoint, although it doesn't make complete and total sense because he wants to prevent spoilers, but these are the people who could be watching the event:
1. They haven't heard of the game before and so they can ignore the story elements. Plenty of story heavy games with unskipable cutscenes have been run at GDQs before, but that doesn't stop the runners from saying "Hey, if you don't want to get spoiled, we'll tell you when to tab out and tab back in."
2. They have heard of the game and already played through it (or watched someone else play through it). In this case, it doesn't matter if they see it played because they've already played through it (or watched someone play through it) themselves so there's nothing to spoil.
3. They've heard about the game and don't want to get spoiled. See #1.
4. They've heard of the game, but don't care about it so not spoiling them won't matter.
5. They've heard of the game and don't like it or hate it. These people will probably just leave the stream anyway so it's not like keeping them from getting spoiled will do anything.

Also, I'd posted this on /r/Undertale and /r/Speedrun already, but I figured I should also post it here to keep people in the loop if they don't browse either.

EDIT: Regarding the "don't do it because a year hasn't passed yet" request, that request was so vague I'm surprised anyone follows it at all. If he's going to ask the game not to be shown at one event because of that clause, why isn't he contacting every single person who's streamed the game or uploaded videos on youtube asking them to take down their videos and not stream the game?
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Valnar: 2016-03-11 08:35:34 pm
Found out a way to not softlock when using a punch card to go through a area transition.

1. Be one pixel away from a area transition.
2. Hold a direction into one of the walls.
3. Open the menu and go to punch card.
4. Before opening the punch card make sure you have two directions held down. one for the wall you are walking into and one to move into the zone transition.
5. open the punch card.
6. close the punch card on the right frame. Too early and you go through the zone as normal, too late and you soft lock.
Good news is, it looks like you can spam the Z button to get a fairly safe way to do this glitch. The window for "too early" seems to be really small.

Already found a couple applications for it.

One is a time save in some areas where the "save spot" of that area is beneficial to warp to.

Another is to one cycle undyne

There seem to be other spots too where this might be useful.
Asgore's throne room,quite a few true lab rooms, like memory head, bedroom and colddrake amalgamate room, likely more.
How to do the easier method of wrong warping:
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Obscure games ftw
So I've been thinking about the current neutral route lately and losing 3 times to Papyrus seems...well, slow. I haven't timed any of this out, but I think there's a potentially faster alternative.

1. Kill the first scripted Froggit for LV2
2. Get to 2 HP on Toriel ASAP, FIGHT constantly to defeat her (shorter fight, higher LV for...)
3. FIGHT Papyrus to trigger his special attack with less dialogue, probably kill as well to skip the random call in Waterfall and have a higher LV for Asgore.

I'm not sure if this would come out faster, but rough estimates should be about equal?
@I have no name, We've tested a strat where we killed Toriel and Papyrus. It was slightly slower than the regular neutral route we use today.
Posting here for posterity

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