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RNG Gods Guide Me
Quote from drMalcom:
artificially increase the difficulty of the run. If I really want to do that, I could play with my left hand (which would also be skill based). I'm not sure it would be fair to ban/allow the scroll-bind on a per-game basis because the decision would feel arbitrary. Sometimes the rebind is even possible from the in-game settings (eg: DeusEx, Bl2).

Anyways, just my 2c. Looking forward to seeing all these great runs !

"Artificially increases difficulty of games" a million keks were given that day. So that goes for all games that have mashing?  Cause there are lot of games where you mash to skip text, hell if we could run JP undertale we probably would. But Artificially really?
TBH I'd run the shit out of JPN Undertale if it existed. if support gets added tho, the few glitches we have would probably get removed, so it wouldn't be worth.

Looks like the next update will patch the lab skip. All runners should disconnect their Undertale games from Steam so the update doesn't automatically happen.
(That's the guy whose wishes you respected in not submitting to AGDQ. :F)
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Omgwthdude: 2016-01-11 07:03:34 am
RNG Gods Guide Me
Oh no whatever shall we do(points to upgrade skip) oh nooooooooooooooo
Or we just run patch 1.0. It'd be p shitty to spoil a game as good as undertale so quickly after release.
RNG Gods Guide Me
Theres going to be a split run (like dark souls 2) for new patch and old patch, we will leave it to tux and cele to make the categories. Still though its only like 1:30 added, so meh
Undertale got updated today. If you're on steam and Undertale was updated for you, you can go back to the old version by right clicking the game in your library, choosing properties, selecting the "Betas" tab, and clicking on the box below "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" and choosing "old_version_100 -". Steam should download the older version of the game.

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Rhombu: 2016-01-23 05:12:02 pm
Rhombu: 2016-01-23 05:12:01 pm
As you probably expected, the placement of the table, refrigerator, and the dog food bag was changed. They were shifted to the left. I haven't been able to perform the glitch on it. Here's a picture comparison:



Also, the wall hump glitch still works.
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Rhombu: 2016-01-22 05:49:20 pm
Don't know if this has been found yet, but I experienced this weird glitch accidentally today. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but it appears I was able to get farther away from the rock before being pushed by it. I don't know how to reproduce this, but I can imagine this can be used for a small time save.

EDIT: Apparently this was already known about, sorry folks.
Lab skip is still possible on new patch, but its more inconsistent and difficult.

We really don't need to separate into 1.1 and 1.0 since toby does give access to . We can just run 1.0. Maybe if there's ever a glitchless category we can give 1.1 use.
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Omgwthdude: 2016-01-26 07:14:34 pm
Omgwthdude: 2016-01-26 07:13:58 pm
Omgwthdude: 2016-01-26 06:32:37 pm
RNG Gods Guide Me Vote here whether or not  TPE MC should be a new category PLEASE ONLY RUNNERS, NO VIEWERS.
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Valnar: 2016-01-26 06:54:15 pm
Valnar: 2016-01-26 06:51:54 pm
I found a glitch today and got recommended to share it here by Rhombu.

The glitch is a cutscene skip on the ice puzzle that looks like it saves a few seconds.

Here is the path I took

The glitch happens when you move from the last platform (the top right one) onto the switch.
When you move down and right to the switch you can hold the right button and you start sliding while the cutscene is happening.
However you have start your slide pretty close to the bottom left corner of that platform otherwise you will just slide off of the puzzle.
I found a new strategy involving opening multiple copies of the game. It does the Papyrus and Undyne hangouts while fighting Asgore and Flowey.   
Yo Valnar that's a really cool find. Just tested out and it does work.
that slide puzzle has like alot of solutions lol
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Zergreenone: 2016-01-30 01:36:02 am
Quote from Xelnas:
that slide puzzle has like alot of solutions lol

They weren't trying to find any old solution, they were trying to find the most effective solution. I mean, they are doing a speedrun. And this is not an obvious solution and it makes for a significant time save as it skips a cutscene (or rather, allows you to continue moving during it)

The main thing is that I don't think that your comment was particularly constructive.
I remember experimenting with skipping the ice bridge cutscene by falling off, unfortunately I don't think it was faster after walking back on screen. Multi-clienting, on the other hand, is really pushing the limits of what speedrunning the game means. Skipping a load here and there is one thing in an RTA, but simultaneously playing two instances of the game is more of a gimmicky any% category in my opinion. Also consider: the barrier to entry would not be the same as running through TPE normally (additional screen real estate for recording, fast window swapping, active awareness of both clients, etc.).
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Rhombu: 2016-01-31 06:02:09 pm
Hey, I optimized the path for the new Snowdin Tile puzzle skip. Here it is:

This takes around ~9.18 seconds. I started timing as soon as you were able to move, and ended it on the frame the circles turned green after pressing the button.
The old path took around ~10.39 seconds.

Here's a video for demonstration purposes:

EDIT: Forget to mention, this is fairly difficult to pull off. I recommend lots of practice.
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Rhombu: 2016-02-01 10:04:31 pm
Rhombu: 2016-01-31 07:40:33 pm
Got a bad Snowdin? Was your mashing bad? Need a quick time save? Worry no longer!
Throwing the stick at Papyrus instead of checking him will save you about 38 milliseconds! That's an amazing ~114 milliseconds saved for the first cycle!
(This is also assuming you have the stick as your first item, which you can easily do by dumping everything into the box then taking everything back out to get the tough glove in your first slot).

Full details:
- The text box you get for Checking Papyrus (He says "Nyeh, heh, heh") is ~466.25 milliseconds (or ~13.9875 frames) long.
- The text box you get for throwing the stick at Papyrus (He says "Oh," followed by a short pause) is ~428.75 milliseconds (or ~12.8625 frames) long.
- Therefore, by throwing the stick at him, you save about ~37.5 milliseconds (or 1.125 frames)!
- You will save a total of ~112.5 milliseconds (or 3.375 frames) during his first cycle!

I think it's safe to say, it doesn't really matter which one you choose to do.

Also, it hasn't been mentioned here, but when you are about to get hit by the first set of Flowey's bullets, moving to the top left instead of the top right saves about ~30 milliseconds.

EDIT: Super awful wording
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Valnar: 2016-02-01 12:25:04 am
This will probably not prove to be very practical or useful, but I thought it would be a good idea to share this just incase it might be in the future, and I'm not sure if anyone has already explored this yet.

The Early pan glitch can happen with any sort of dialog choice sequence in the game. It looks like if you double up on the text box sequence of a choice dialog, then you can get a "wrong choice" to show up.

For example, if you open up 2 dialog boxes with the monster candy, you end up triggering the Napstablook fight trigger dialog. (but you don't actually fight them).
I've only been able to trigger these wrong choices in debug mode using noclip. I triggered the bug by pressing z to start dialog, pressing F10 for noclip, then starting another dialog.

I was able to map out the possibilites and list them here.
Note. I used version 1.001 to test this, although I don't think there should be really any differences between the two versions (though I'm not 100% sure). I also probably missed more than a couple potential choices, so don't take that list as exhaustive.

Unfortunately none of the outcomes I found seemed obviously useful and combine that with the difficult/probably impossible nature of the glitch I don't know how helpful this glitch actually can be.

The most promising wrong dialog is Sans' dinner dialog, which triggers the dialog that starts Asgore's fight (in sans' voice and font). However for me, whenever I chose 'continue' or 'go back' my game always crashed. Maybe that is something to check in version 1.000?

Anyway, even if this doesn't end up being helpful, hopefully its at least interesting.
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Valnar: 2016-02-19 11:36:17 pm
Pretty nice find here.

You can use the punch card to skip seemingly any cutscene you walk into.

Here's the setup:

1. Have the punch card
2. Be 1 pixel away from a cutscene start, an example of this would be the position for labskip.
3. Move into the cutscene and press the menu button at the same time (i.e. press right + C at the same time) . You should move 1 pixel and have your menu open.
4. Use the punch card. If it worked you should see the punch card image + cutscene starting.
5. close the punch card. You should now be able to move in the cutscene.

This uses a 2 big glitches.

You can move and open the menu on the same frame, this lets you land on the start of a cutscene with the menu open. (This was seemingly useless at first because it only delayed a cutscene from starting, it didn't really do anything else alone)

The punch card gives you a free text box while also resuming the game, so you regain movement when you shoulden't be able to. (Thanks Rhombu for suggesting the punch card!)

Here is a video of it skipping muffet and opera + color maze.

This should work with anything where you walk into something and then get locked out of movement.

I've made a list potential uses for this that I've tested and look to work.

Undyne spears 2
Monster Kid falling off the bridge
Undyne's speech (Still have to fight her though)
Lab (A lot easier to do than previous lab skip)
First part of cooking show (The jetpack minigame seems like it might be unskippable, but I'm not 100% sure)
Royal Guards
News (probably not worth it to do this one, insanely difficult/long setup plus you get locked out of your menu if you succeed)
Opera scene + maze (Important warning for this one, it looks like you are locked out of using the menu in the overworld after doing the skip on this cutscene, potentially for the rest of the run )
Core Approach
Madjick fight
Core lasers
Mettaton EX (Though you still have to fight for True Pacifist, since its a flag for Undyne's letter. Maybe Neutral pacifist will be faster then neutral genocide?)
Alphy's elevator (kind of?)
Hotlands elevators + Long elevator (Press C + Z, then use the punch card for this one)
Sans' Judgement
Asgore's shock in throne room

Sans' Fight (Sans is actually not required to kill for genocide, although I'm not sure if you can get the punchcard legit in a genocide run)

It doesn't seem to work on Mad dummy, the trigger to start that fight is different from other cutscene triggers.
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Rhombu: 2016-02-20 10:04:47 pm
Rhombu: 2016-02-20 12:47:07 pm
Rhombu: 2016-02-20 12:44:02 pm
Rhombu: 2016-02-20 12:42:14 pm
Rhombu: 2016-02-20 12:41:48 pm
Some noteworthy things with the glitch previously mentioned above:

- You can use the movement during the royal guard cutscene to get a speed boost.
- You can undo the effects of the mettaton opera scene (you can't open up the menu) by going down the colored maze room and doing the colored maze.
- The punch card costs 25g to get, which shouldn't be an issue because you have 60g at that point, and the glasses cost 30.
- Might be some more uses in new home, if opening at text box prevents you from getting encounters
- You can't get the punch card in genocide or near genocide. It might be faster to abuse this glitch and to spare Papyrus. Or just don't do genocide at all (Don't know which is faster).

A crazy idea: There is a part in Hotlands where Alphys calls you to see if you want to watch some anime with her. If you agree to do so, she will tell you about the anime, and at this point, the text becomes incredibly fast to mash through. My idea: use the punch card on the pixel you get the call, mash to where the text becomes really fast, then walk into a room. My idea is that this will keep the fast text on permanently, but it's a bit of a stretch.
EDIT: Crazy idea doesn't work.
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Rhombu: 2016-02-28 08:00:30 pm
Rhombu: 2016-02-20 04:40:38 pm
EDIT: Go to page 14 and look at the videos there.
Just sharing this with the forum, using punch card exploit i found a skip for slide puzzles 3 and 4.