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I have gotten one recorded on VHS that I'm pretty sure is a few minutes faster than the normal mode run that is uploaded here- Since I'm not very savvy with modern conversion technologies technologies, could anyone advise me about getting it uploaded?  Also, if I can simply mail the VHS cassette to someone in this community I wouldn't need it back for anything so that could simplify matters.
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Can I just say I'm really looking forward to seeing this if it get's accepted or otherwise. I love the game and hard mode is ridiculously hard. Was it a deathless run ?
Oh Heck naw, it's a requirement for the method I'm using;  It's actually possible to use an enemy boost to get to the Primagen key in the Hive of the Mantids but you can't get back without dying since the enemy can't follow you onto the bridge.  My first run is single segment and only has about three deaths as I recall(all attempts to get the Primagen key without the Eye of Truth talisman).  The time looks more like 3 hours and 54 minutes so not much of an improvement vs. the normal run by David Gibbons.  The next one I attempted was 7 segments with 8 deaths, but it got a time of roughly 3 hours and 50 minutes.  Honestly though, I think I'll record over the second one after I've figured out how to improve it.
How do you get the Primagen key without the Eye of Truth talisman ?

I don't know if you know, but there are 2 tricks to speed the run up:

1) Strafe-running - Simply hold Forward and Strafe Left/Right while looking diagonally. It's about 1/3 time faster than normal running. Also works on ladders and in water.

2) Levers - As you might have noticed, levers are not activated by "touch", but rather by your proximity. This can lead to a small shortcut. Unfortunately developers knew about it thus you can sometimes see crates on the outside of a building, where the lever is, so you can't activate it through wall.

I have to see this run as I plan to run this game on Easy and PC. I actually already have first level done.
Jack of all Trades
Knowing that there are several people who want to improve a run for Turok 2 of all games...well, that just makes my heart grow three sizes.
To Ewil- Zap the green mantid who's guarding the talisman pad with the bottom level charge of the charge dart rifle and line yourself up back to back with him.  Now aim at the 'bridge' using the items to line yourself up, and listen for the hissing sound of the melee attack the mantid performs.  This takes absurd timing, but you have to get his melee attack to hit you while you're moving forward and at the top of your jump, this will result in you being thrown forward really far.  Here's the bullshit part though; Even if you do it right, there's only about a 20 some odd % chance that you don't slide too far and go right off the bridge.  When it works you can turn the map on and see a very dim green outline of the bridge.  This will allow you to slowly navigate your way to the talisman after which you jump off the cliff and respawn to get out.  Since you can't get a boost on the way back it's impossible to get back without dying.  As for the advice, I've never been very good at the strafe running in this game; Turok seems to move way more to the side than forward and my navigation abilities suck bad enough already so I won't risk it ^.^;  As for the levers I'll need practice but that might help.

To Marshmallow- Thank you, and to be honest I sincerely look forward to anyone else beating my run after they learn from it.  I just don't have a very speed oriented attitude and can be caught both sniping and killing inconvenience enemies(rather than hurdles or threats) in my run.  Btw, can I give you a quick hint on improving your Turok Dinosaur Hunter run?  They had a lesser known trick where if you back stab a non boss human soldier in the back in just the right place they'll die in one hit regardless of challenge level.  This would kill the voodoo priest guarding the key in level 5 much more efficiently, and if you got the demon priest in level 7 to fight the raptor mech you could also back stab him for a one hit kill.  The easiest way to get the voodoo priest will be to jump over him, turn around, and start circling behind him while stabbing.  I have never successfully back stabbed either the Long Hunter or the Campaigner so I don't know if there's any damage bonus on them...
If you're not good at strafe-running, you should learn it Smiley Although I have no idea how difficult it is on N64 gamepad.

It should look like this:
Alrighty, on the parts that don't have death pits(which is like 1/10th of the game ^0^;) I'll try that out.  With the map on it shouldn't be quite so hard.
Quote from Ewil:
If you're not good at strafe-running, you should learn it Smiley Although I have no idea how difficult it is on N64 gamepad.

It should look like this:

  Okay, I've now tried my best at it and I'm certain that the N64 version isn't as good for strafe running.  Even when it comes to making diagonal jumps the effect is not so great, as Turok falls way faster on the console version than the PC.  Looking on the bright side, when climbing it works like a charm.
Looks like there will be separate categories.
Alrighty, that sounds like a good approach.
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Informative update;  I recently tried my absolute damnedest to get the fastest possible run out of the level order 1-2-4-3-5-6 and I can say with the utmost certainty that it's between 4 and 5 minutes slower than the level order 1-3-2-5-4-6.  Also I'm quite certain that on the N64 version it's worthwhile to kill the greater number of micro enemies(spiders/compies) in level 2(River of Souls); They are almost single handedly responsible for the slowdown in the tunnel leading up to the first graveyard, and in said graveyard itself.  The spiders also brutally compound the slowdown in the open area leading to the eagle feather.  In level 5(Mantid Hive) it's worth killing at least the first green mantid leading to the eagle feather as he becomes an incredibly big distraction while you're trying to make your jumps.  Also at the main force field generator(the rift gate) it is best to use the PFM layer and set two mines right inbetween each two generators- This blasts two generators at a time and only triggers one enemy spawn per two generators.  I've also once managed to PFM all 8 generators and escape without killing any green mantids and also without dying- This may save a lot of time but it's incredibly high risk for failure, as the slowdown makes the jump for the floating platform ungodly hard.  As for the last level, In my experience you should kill almost everything, including the heavy armor Primagen troopers, and here's why; The three best weapons to use in the level are Charge Darts, Firestorm Cannon, and Scorpion Missiles.  The Wheel robots drop the Darts, the light armor troopers drop plasma ammo for the Firestorm Cannon, and the heavy armor troopers drop scorpion missiles.  The most useful thing I found about that is that there's enough Scorpion missile ammo to use against most light armor Primagen troops- Which is a HUGE time saver in combat time.  Just zap any light armor trooper that's particularly troublesome so they can't shoot you then missile 'em into pulp.  Quick n' easy ^u^
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Exellent work !. I just discovered this update. sounds really awesome.

Definitely charge dart is a must for those later levels. I used to always switch to shredder after using it and headshotting the bastards. But yea if you get ammo back from the enemies you kill it's best to use the co-responding weapon I guess as those weapons are getting topped up all the time. man I hate primagens lightship !. Getting hit by a full round off one of those light armor troopers on hard mode is ridiculous as you take about 30 health in a matter of 1 second.

Interesting strategy on that master generator section in level 5. That place is extremely deadly, even on normal. Just as you shoot one a mantid appears behind you and drains 15 - 30 health. I always used to like using firestorm cannon on the generators and keep it still firing while I turn round so I have maximum fire power ready for the mantids face :P. Good luck on the embryo sections :o. I use firestorm cannon on the mantids surrounding the embryo and then switch to flamethrower when I get to the embryo chamber itself. I stand in front of the the spawning point of the mantids and shoot them with the flamethrower too as it kills them quickly enough to not lose a ton of health.

I'm playing hard mode on the PC at the moment. managed to just get a crappy 16:24 on the first level by the level select hub area. Btw does time still elapse in the hub just before saving it ?

[edit] After watching the route that Ewil took for his easy mode run of the first level I'm trying to do the same on Hard mode. It's not going well. It's so unbelievably frustrating. I keep doing really well only to have some bullshit thrown my direction. Be it headshot not connecting when it should have, enemies blocking my path even though I'm taking the exact same manipulative path to avoid this, thus taking way too much health down to bother continuing the level. Because you'll just die inevitably on some bastard endtrail shooting his purple beam. I think their accuracy for both grenades and the purple beam is increased for Hard mode too. I Reckon I could sub 14 minutes if I eventually succeed at least completing the damn level in the similar speed to Ewil's play. Man I thought Super Metroid frustrated me the most but this is taking it to a new level.

I also think Auto aim can be a hindrance. At least for me because some of my headshots don't connect when they clearly would have done if auto aim was off. But I admit the headshot accuracy of the shotgun when auto aim is on is fantastic. But that's only until you get the damn weapon.
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Squeebles: 2011-03-30 04:33:46 am
Ah yes, I can give you a bit of advice on the head shots;  The melee weapons in Turok 2 can make headshots but they're not based on your aim so much as what part of the enemy is closest to you.  Long story short, there are many enemies you can get a head shot on really easy by jumping so that your attack hits while you're either on the way up or at the top of your jump.  With the Talon this takes a minimum of two hits against an Endtrail but it's still faster than aiming most of the time.  When you get the War Blade this same move(which I refer to as the 'Head hunter') will take out Endtrails and many other enemies in one swing.  It's good against green and grey Mantids, decent against the Blind ones, and at least not useless against zapped light Primagen Troopers and wheel robots.  Also I haven't tried this but I think it's possible to get head shots with auto aim by getting close and jumping while you shoot; If the enemy's head is in the way of hitting its chest then logic would dictate that you would get a head shot.  This would only work in close combat though so it may not turn out very useful(especially since you can get those head shots at no ammo cost with the War Blade).  Lastly, you really shouldn't feel bad about making 16 some odd in level one on hard mode- I'm pretty fast and I average 22 some odd.  I'm also pretty sure the timer is counting when you're in the hub.
Thanks for the advice. I'm getting slightly better at the level. Before this level though I was practicing level 3 on hard mode and had a slightly easier time with it than this level. Namely because you have more helpful weapons. Mag 60, Shredder, plasma rifle. The big Purlin with the swords are still assholes but I found if you shoot them in the stomach/waist area with a direct shredder shot (normal or explosive shells) you can quickly kill them in one hit. Don't bother with the headshot on them unless your sniping. But you probably already know this.

Level 1 though I'm trying to complete as fast as possible on hard mode but I think that you need to stop and shoot some enemies carefully. Because I seem to get to the wooden walkways section practically half dead. Even getting the full health on top of the roof in the section near the last child is useless as it's too far back and you lose health along the way. Plus I get to the 4th child area with at least 80 health sometimes. I think using the bow for headshots is also a good idea but can be tricky to aim. But it eliminates the auto aim screwing your shots up.

On level 2 hard mode I think it's best to do the begining part of foot and not use the ceratops. Doing so in my experience guarentess death usually because of those deadly turrets. I prefer going on foot and sneak peaking from walls and explosive shredder shelling them instead. That way I can go through the whole of that section without dying.

I can definitely sub 15 on that level. I'd like to do a hard mode speed run of the whole game one day for PC, segmented of course (secretly I'd like to see a SS of this game). Don't think I'll be recording though.
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Jack of all Trades
Wow at that video. Turok 2 almost looks like a good game with double digit fps. Smiley And PC strafing makes it look more like an actual speed run too.

Good luck with this, definitely looking forward to it.
Hi Marshmallow. Well that run was done by Ewil on PC on easy mode. This topic is for N64 hard mode so this is gonna be extremely hard and I wish Squeebles every success. I would know because I'm doing the same for PC on hard mode but not recording. I can happily report I just got 14:44 at the Hub !!. Finally yay :D. I got lucky and used my ammo wisely. I did something that I deem essential which is pick up the explosive shells on top of the fallen rock structure before the ramp. That way when I leave the 4th child area and those 3 pesky fireborns block your path I can blow there asses up so they don't block me/drain my health. I played really well in the large house with the key area, which is another area to sometimes go badly for me. The wooden walkway area I played it quite carefully but still quick. I luckily had some shells left over for the last couple of troublesome endtrails. I did something else I now deem essential and that's pick up the full health on the large curved rock near the end. That enables me to fly to the very end of the level with few worries. Unfortunately my totem killing was pretty bad. Failing to get headshots left right and center due to nerves because my hands were shaking. It could have been only about 10 - 15 seconds faster though. I'm glad that's out the way though. Time for level 3 practice.
Thank you giganotabehemoth87, and I wish you the best of luck on your run as well.  My good runs have already been mailed(VHS cassettes) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the video quality doesn't get them disqualified.  I never found out how to change my record quality to Super Play so they're recorded on Super Long Play.  I didn't re-watch or re-record any more than necessary though and from what I saw there's very little distortion on either of them.
Thanks man. Yea I saw a Turok 2 run in the verification topic. It had enough verifiers as well which is cool. Was it your one ?

I hope it gets accepted because I'm sure it would be great to watch a hard mode run and it could help tremendously for planning my route and strategies for my PC run.

[edit] just realised it's two runs in the verification topic.  One N64, the other for PC. I'm taking it that's yours and Ewils?
I believe that is indeed accurate.  I sent two runs, a Single Segment and a Segmented one and I imagine Ewil has sent his PC run as well.  I hope my segmented run comes up very soon because I left every speed oriented tip I know in the video and I'm sure that the right person could beat the game in 3h and 30m or less with that information.  I'll gladly describe it to you here as well if you'd like, but reading it is nothing compared to both seeing it done and reading it.  As for the times, as accurately as I can count my segmented run was about 3h and 39m and as earlier stated the single segment was about 3h and 54m.  Basically speaking all of my speed comes from combat efficiency, I'm not good at dodging enemies in the hallways, I'm absolutely terrible at strafe running, and I'm sure there are improvements to make with my platform jumping.
Well I don't know what kind of time a PC run could get. I think you might be able to sub 3 hours actually due to the constant straffing. Dodging enemies in this game is hard anyway as they have such a huge hit detection radius. All I hear when I play the game is Turok going "ahh, ughh, ahh" lol. I think Ewils run would be extremely fast as it's on PC and it's on easy mode so he can littarally fly through each level.

Yeah you can write it down if you like but anytime you like. As long as it doesn't take up too much time for ya. Can't wait to see the vid though
Jolly good then ^u^  Starting with level 3(Marshes), in the N64 version(maybe the PC too, might want to check) there's a glitch of sorts where the game sometimes thinks you got an object above you just by walking under it- You can force this to happen by standing under it, looking up and jumping, then mashing directions on the d-pad while airborne.  I find it easiest to just do it in a circle.  You can use this to get the first shredder in the level early, grab an ultra health on top of one of the prisoners' cages(nearest the big wall after crouching through the cracked one) and get the last satchel charge from the inside of the last prisoner's cage.  Next, at the crumbled wall next to the Sacred Eagle Feather, notice the metal beams on either side of you when you climb up and look towards the feather?  The one on your left(facing the swamp) is possible to jump on(although it's buggy and often takes many attempts to get right) and if you land on it towards the front of the beam you can jump over to grab the Eagle Feather and hit the switch without having to do the highwire act while getting shot up ^o^  Lastly for the level, at the last armory there's a pad for the Eye of Truth Talsiman.  The invisible bridge ends just outside of jumping range but for reasons I can only speculate on(ramped surface, tree with a large solid surface map) you can jump into the end of the bridge, get stuck, and use the jump button to 'climb' it.  To get the best chance of success you should start slightly on the left(downhill side) and start climbing the bridge diagonal forward-right(towards the uphill side), then after you see Turok moving up a fair distance you should look just right of the bridge's center and switch to only holding forward while tapping jump.  This is to keep you from jumping over and off the bridge.  You can use any remaining 2 health tokens as your guide to finish crossing, and from there you can pick up the Charge Dart Rifle Flamethrower and Firestorm Cannon in the first cage, the Grenade Launcher(more for ammo) and PFM Layer(for the slugs that The Blind Ones boss sends after you) in the second cage, and if you feel like spending a bunch of extra time you can go down to the third cage to get the Scorpion Missile Launcher.  The next time you reach a save point after finishing the level you can simply request ammo from Adon and you weapons will be fully stocked ^u^  As for fighting the totem battle against the Purr-lins, there's a safe way and a fast way.  The safe way is to use the Charge Dart and 'headhunter(Talon) and only target the Juggernauts until the last 10 or so seconds.  The fast way is to arm the Flamethrower and dump out all your fuel on the Gunners, occasionally picking up a fuel tank from the generator so long as your luck isn't total crap.  I'll save any level 2(River) tips for next time.
dude this is awesome. Tons of stuff here that in invaluable to me. Lot's of time savers with that jump technique. I was worried about picking up shredder in this level because of course the route we take by passes both opportunities to collect it. Not to mention that ultra health in that cage. man my health usually is crap by that point so that could be a lifesaver. I'm gonna get practicing right away.

Great strategy in the totem too. I found mag 60 with auto aim is very good against the gunners but it has a tendency to run out quickly. I'm glad I don't really have to tackle the juggernauts as their just too strong to bother with and waste so much time. But With charge dart they can be taken care of I guess. Cheers for all this. I'll put it all to good use and I'll let you know how I get on !!
I'm glad to hear it, and don't forget to practice that Headhunter technique- In level one it takes out the Raptoids and Raptors way faster than aiming, and it's sometimes worth doing against Endtrails(long as you've got the health it's very fast at killing them).  Enjoy!
Ok I did a little trial run with the things you said. managed to get the shredder, full health and the ultra health which tops me up to a convenient 200 health ftw !. So is it quicker to get the satchel charge from the ground while rescuing the prisoner and then come back and collect the eagle feather and the switch? Or is it best to get the eagle feather straight away and collect the satchel charge the normal way and do the switch ?. probably works out the same as it's the same distance but using the walkways can be tricky. I fall off them a lot for no reason.