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Segmented run

Verifier Responses

Audio and video are good. Run is well done and I didn't see any cheating.


Wicked run, such a tough game. Some really intense tricks here and there (risky mega jumps) + lots of headshot abuse :D. One of the most manly speedruns you will ever watch.

Audio and video is supurb (PC version woop woop). PC version is far superior to N64 due to no lag, better controls and music.

Accept. Takes a lot of chest hair to optimize this game and I know this guy has been working on this run for a WHILE. In-game timer says 1h55m26s after the final save.

I'm not going to retell the run itself – the detailed author's notes should clarify just about everything.

Basically, this is what the state of the art was for this game at the time of running (and, for the most part, still is). Overall I think it's very impressive and more than halves marshmallow's old N64 time (makes one feel sorry for the Primagen – before this run, he had two more hours to enjoy his 'prison'). To be fair, you can't compare the PC and N64 versions due to the 'anytime saving' feature (very handy before the totems and glitches), the better aiming and the faster strafing – but still the improvements are absolutely astonishing to watch.

On a personal note, I thought the 6th level was the most polished, but the 5th the most impressive one. It's just such a giant maze and the 'Eye of Truth' skip came so unexpected! Another worthy mention would be the grenade shot at the start of the first Sister of Despair tomb. That one had me actually laughing.

As for the two possibly controversial moments in this run:
1. The 'incident' between level 1 and 2: No time is gained because of the slightly different ammo – it's always high enough for the relevant rest of the run to be of no consequence. Surprisingly, the time of the two different saves seems to be identical.
2. About the sunfire pods – I'm not really sure about this glitch, but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt here, because the game does have these weird glitches and there really is no time gained by it (I disagree with the runner here).

What could still be improved? It's really mostly just minor new found optimizations and the two major time savers the runner states in his comments. However, I would also say that with some refining the segmentation could be reduced somewhat, at least in the earlier levels, which would be an improvement in execution.

Video and audio quality leave nothing to complain about.


Video/audio: OK
Cheating: Nothing spotted.

The fact that this run improves the old one over 2 hours is alone enough to justify it's place on SDA. The run is excellent, although not perfect as the runner himself stated in comments. One of the possible improvements would be not to save directly after teleport in segment 18, but continue on towards the water pool and save there. He would cover this distance with water boosting trick, thus saving a second or so Smiley Maybe there is another such segment, but I haven't noticed it. I don't think that segmentation could be reduced since this game has one of the worst hitboxes and pretty random AI, so you have to do a lot of luck manipulization.

Verdict: Accept

I just have some statements that should be thought about as this is a PC run and you can save on the spot at any point in time. The old N64 run is still valid and the site should keep it until somebody else goes through the game with the N64 version; As it is the far inferior version of the game and anyone willing to run it should have their name engraved on the Washington monument. Just bringing that up in case you guys were thinking about getting rid of it.

I think that about sums up all I have to say about it.
He did indeed go through this with out cheating, and the videos seem fine.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Christopher 'Giganotabehemoth87' Hill!
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I been checking this section every day for the past month or so, and it was shock to finally see my run !.  Even better that it was accepted, thanks guys !

About the sunfire pods. I'm pretty sure I saved just a few seconds honestly by having some more to throw than otherwise, killing the blind ones early as they emerge from their holes, rather than waiting for them to drop and come down the slope. Means that the next spawn from that hole comes earlier too. Again I was unaware at the time that I had more than I should have. It's one glitchy game for sure.

The segment 18 thing was rather curious, teleporters cancel water boost, so from there to the pool is done the same no matter what.

Indeed the N64 version is most definitely a separate category. What's exciting to me is Squeebles achieving under 3 hours by using most of the optimizations we both found. Beating marshmallows old run by about 1 hour.

With the two big things that should have been done my run should say something like 1:54:30. When you combine that with a few small further improvements overall, (a lot of them courtesy of Bismuth for his sterling work on the first 3 levels); I'd say it could be possible to get a high 1:52. But it would require incredibly hard work. I'm pretty sure that subbing 1:50 however would need further undiscovered tricks that shave a lot of time, they were of course elusive to me at the time, wherever they could be, if they even exist at all. A way to get that bleedin level 4 P-key where you can see it would be nice Smiley
Contratulations, Chris! Which game will you destroy next? Wink
That's a secret only you and a few others know. We'll wait till it's done Grin
Do I post here since the last update to Speed Demo's Archive to verify?
Grats Behemoth! Nicely done Smiley
Quote from HT9k:
Do I post here since the last update to Speed Demo's Archive to verify?

HT9k, you still send me pms to offer to verify. We just have to have forum accounts for our verifiers now, which is why I emailed you.