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SDAVerification: 2013-02-06 08:28:35 am
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Tunnel Rats (Any %) (Segmented)

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Fist of all this is probably the worst game I've ever played lol

Audio / Video : Fine Would recommend HQ-IQ for the dark Tunnel Missions otherwise it becomes a bit "WTF is going on?"

Note: The dark tunnel Missions are caused by the runner skipping the flashlight however this is required as the first mission would be much slower and two in later missions the flashlight would cause NPC's to be alerted and (most of the time) cause them to block tunnels etc (flashlight could be turned off however skipping the flashlight = quicker run despite poor visibility in NQ or lower )

Cheating: None Detected

Mission 1: Player Gains Control at 2:26 making the playable section of this mission 1:02 however, due to the cutscene being counted as part of this mission and the ability to jump while the cutscene is running the official time is 3:28. The reason for passing the fallen trees is to receive the knife,(You can't complete this mission without it as there is an NPC you have to kill), the route taken AFTER the bush climb is probably the safest as every other route i tried ended in me dying.

Mission 2: Not much to Say on this one really, most direct path taken and completed quickly beats my own bests with this route by a few seconds.

Mission 3: Run Run Run!!! all went nicely the knife kill of the snake was impressive as these can be random as hell, no real slow downs all enemies fell quickly to avoid blockages Tongue

Mission 4: Again like mission 2 not much to say on this one as the bush climbing glitch causes practically all of this mission to be skipped, the position of the bush climb is the optimal choice.

Mission 5: Wow that mission was boring to watch Tongue however completely possible [Warning mission contains Broken-ness]

Mission 6: Good run of this mission remembering where the traps are in the tunnels can be hard enough i normally get caught out by 1 or 2, the cliff drop is a nice time saver [Warning mission contains swearing and racism]

Mission 7: excellent run, route was perfect, one small incident around the 2:20 mark (collision with npc) but other than that very well done.

Mission 8: Last mission can be very random at the final gunfight, however this went pretty quick might be possible to be beaten however its completely down to luck of where enemies spawn / where they hide.

Timing: Based on IGT : 21:13

Decision: Accept

I do apologise for my very inexcusably late response. I have watched this run numerous times now, but never got around to typing the actual commentary.

Audio/Video is fine. There seem to be video glitches sometimes, but perhaps that's just my video players messing up.
Here's some brief level-by-level commentary. I agree with the use of game time for this run. The first cutscene in particular would make any alternative timing method rather messy, as control over the player character is assumed 'somewhere' during that introductory cutscene.

The game forces one to save at very specific locations, and Kotti made all his segments accordingly. Should this be reflected upon in the final timing? I do remember reading somewhere that each segment in a run adds an 0.5s penalty. I'll just write down the number of saves I spotted in each level, and let you guys decide.

Level 1 [3:28] [3 segments]: Great knife pick up. It's a shame that thing is actually necessary to clear the level. It's amazing how easy it is to go out of bounds in this game. The ending of this level is one of my favourite moments in all of speed running.

Level 2 [0:53] [1 segment]: Pure comedy. That's all I can say about it.

Level 3 [1:01] [3 segments]: The snake stab is very impressive. Other than that, great route. Don't see any obvious room for improvement.

Level 4 [1:23] [1 segment]: Great level. You stay close to the edge while out of bounds, allowing you to reach the exit efficiently and swiftly. Well done.

Level 5 [1:38] [1 segment]: This is almost like playing source games with NoClip turned on. Rushing straight to the exit, with no obstacles in between. Great level!

Level 6 [3:03] [6 segments]: Good job on that first trap. I absolutely hated those floor traps during my playthrough, as some of them were hardly visible (and just resulted in cheap deaths). This is my second favourite segment, partly due to the absurd flashbacks the protagonist sees. I guess the excessive out of bounds experience just got to him, and messed up his head. I like the shortcut you take near the valley.
The only room for improvement I see in this level would be to try and tank through one of the traps - I think that might be possible here. Other than that, it's excellent.

Level 7 [4:53] [9 segments]: Trap work at the start is good, again. Great headshot and snake shooting near the beginning. Glad to see you managed to disarm the trap while moving. That trap at 1:10... I hated it so much! Wooh! More flashbacks. I love how at the start of segment 9 of this level, the protagonist is out of bounds when the level is loading.

Level 8 [4:54] [6 segments]: This level is complete bullshit. All the enemies spawn in random positions, and it's generally really difficult to tell where they actually are. You just can't hear properly where they're all shooting from. Given the spawns Kotti got, he could probable have shaved off a few seconds in this level, but in all honesty, it's such an RNG mess that I can hardly blame him. Good job on getting through this hellhole.

Overall, this run is very solid, and Kotti makes use of some cool strategies. In particular, the out of bounds sections are very enjoyable to watch. Though the last level might seem like it's rather messy, I haven't been able to improve upon it myself, largely due to the stupid way in which enemies appear on the map.

Well done, Kotti! This run gets an easy ACCEPT from me.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Kotti!
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Kotti: 2013-01-30 05:40:13 pm
Thanks, didn't think I'd ever see this day Cheesy .

Last level
Yeah, it's a pain. Enemies spawn out of nowhere randomly and the audio in the game does not help at all, trying to locate enemies based on sounds is not possible at all. Or it may have just been my old headset. Also some of the flames you see on the battleground are there because I had been using the flamethrower and resetting a lot and the game didn't know how to react.

There seem to be video glitches sometimes, but perhaps that's just my video players messing up.
No, that's me being bad at video editing.  I remember that finding the right frames at the beginning/end of each segment was a bit of a pain.

The only room for improvement I see in this level would be to try and tank through one of the traps
Which one? I thought all traps were instakills.

Great headshot and snake shooting near the beginning.
Not at all. Wasting 6 bullets on those two targets made the rest of the run way more difficult, there's so little ammo to be found.

I love how at the start of segment 9 of this level, the protagonist is out of bounds when the level is loading.
Yep. I should give yet another try at finding a way to get OoB in a tunnel, it's so easy to look through a wall but actually getting through seems completely impossible. If there was a way to do that, SS run should be doable. Right now learning all trap locations is just too much work.