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True Crime: Streets of LA (Any %) (Single Segment)

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Frank 'Softman25' Black!

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True Crime: Streets of LA (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verification Files

Please refer to the Verification Guidelines before posting. Verifications are due by March 20, 2013.

Please post your opinions about the run and be certain to conclude your post with a verdict (Accept/Reject). This is not a contest where the majority wins - I will judge each verification on its content. Please keep your verification brief unless you have a good reason otherwise.

After 2 weeks I will read all of the verifications and move this thread to the main verification board and post my verdict.
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As someone else has done this - I thought I'd do the same - Youtube links! thumbsup

Willing to teach you the impossible
Why post YT links when you can just download the video and have a much much higher quality?
Not a walrus
Covering all the bases, I guess? Doesn't hurt, certainly.
Quote from UraniumAnchor:
Covering all the bases, I guess? Doesn't hurt, certainly.

This pretty much in a nutshell. On the face of it - there's no real harm in posting the YT link - so eh! Tongue
Meet Stakhanov!
I must confess, looking at youtube videos in the days gone by has been much easier for me, due to my horrible internet, 2MB down, 0.15MB up, so downloading speedrun files took me literally 2 days of continuous downloading, so YouTube I think is very ideal for people like I was.

Luckily I have 50MB down and 6MB up as of three days ago, but just thought I'd make the point Smiley Now, onto watching it and making comments for me, I love this game Tongue
Meet Stakhanov!


First of all, I just wanna break down my experience with the game, so you know how much my input is. I played this game on the PS2 back in about 2005, before I switched over to the xbox. I still own this game on Xbox too. I have completed Good Cop ending, bad cop ending 1, and bad cop ending 2, and have played this game for several years. For a time, it was my favourite. I've maxed out both +99 good cop and -99 bad cop before, and have my head around shooting, driving and fighting like it's the back of my hand by now.

Now, onto the run.

Can't fault the shooting range in the slightest really. He did the best he could with the horrible barebone shooting system the game has to offer, and there's not much to say. Driving to EOD, I think stealing the fast racer car was a brilliant move, and he was very lucky to get hold of one. Very nice. Although at first glance, visiting a shooting range looks like a waste of time, far from it. I know how useful those neutralising shots are, and they are huge life savers.

Good fighting in the early stages of the game, very swift, and had effective use of obstacles to maximise damage, such as the spa bathroom fight. Run and gun shooting areas were also extremely good, yet a few stutters could be worked on, loving quite a considerable amount of health vs the soldiers in the spa, mainly, losing a lot of health and making it a tight finish lost a few seconds.

Lola fight - I hear your pain brother, took me a long time to work her out, but I think you did the best you could given those horrible circumstances at the beginning. There isn't too much I can fault you for there, just bad luck. But to be perfectly honest, I'd only be judging this badly if this was segmented. Since you're doing an SS, I think it's fine.

Driving/Shooting is quite easy, since you never have to reload, so effectively taking out the cars, such as the Police car before Lola and the van load of assassins was very swift and well executed.

Now, the biggest part, is I think the fight against General Kim, as much as you said you could have gone better, the fact you went into the fight without visiting all of the gyms and without all the unique upgrades etc for your fighting skills makes that worthy of a round of applause just by itself, and the fact you won is worthy of a standing ovation. The first time I got to this fight, I had about half the upgrades, and I couldn't beat him for all the gold in the world, so I had to actually go back and earn more upgrades. Sure, it could have been less than a "to-the-wire" victory, but for a single segment without the fancy upgrades and moves, you did excellently.

In short:

- Excellent Accuracy, even during run and gun, and against snipers.
- Swift fighting, bar a couple of clipping issues
- Effective use of stealing fast cars to improve speed

Verified as no cheating.
Audio quality excellent
Video quality excellent.

For me, this is an accept. If this had been a segmented run, however, I would be inclined to think differently. But as a single segment, I think this run would be quite tricky to beat by any large margin.

Yeah I think it's a good idea for runners to post the YT links, just make sure what they give you is the same as the link that we provide!
Quote from Flip:
Yeah I think it's a good idea for runners to post the YT links, just make sure what they give you is the same as the link that we provide!

Very much this. It would be a complete waste of your (and our) time if people were verifying the wrong run.
We should probably limit the posting of YT links so that the runner is the only one allowed to do it since he/she is the only one that knows for sure which run was submitted.
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Omnigamer: 2013-03-08 12:36:44 pm
All the things
It's not inconceivable that somebody would download the file and upload it to their own YT account either. Not that hoarding YT views helps anything more than an e-ego, but that's probably a "right" best reserved by the runner.

I guess there's also a fine line between being able to verify AV quality with YT videos though, since it's an encode of an encode and prunes the 60 fps. Just something to make sure people are aware of.
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To be honest I was thinking of making a Youtube Channel for Public Verification and uploading the videos myself for those who'd prefer to watch it through Youtube or can't/don't want to download it. Videos would be put on Unlisted as well.

I'll leave that idea on the table though and see what other people think before I do it though.
Let's hold off for now. Don't really want to advocate uploading other people's runs to any YouTube that isn't the SDA account for now.
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Mr. Twishall
Overall this is a really solid run. The planning is perfect, it's nice to see driving routes planned, and little things like slowing to get out of the car when you need to vs. driving through a checkpoint fast only help.

There were a few ugly driving mistakes, but nothing too awful. With as much driving + traffic as there is, you can't expect much less than what was seen here.

All the shooting and fighting was good; I didn't think the bullet time dives were necessary in the last shooting mission, but it was great as a whole. The fight against General Kim is a dramatic finish, if nothing else. I was glad to see you opening with a high spin kick after knocking opponents down, I do that also and it seems effective.

Second sneaking mission was sloppy, could've tranqed that one waitress. Didn't lose much time though.
The guy getting away at the end of Crime Patrol was pretty bad.
Disappointing van mistake (driving Lola), although succeeding there is good enough, as evidenced by the 4 seconds remaining. Can't do a whole lot about the start of the Lola fight, still hard to watch though.

There's maybe a minute or two of mistakes that could consistently be made up, and for a 45-minute run of a clunky, random game, that's pretty good. You had great fast car luck too in terms of spawns, which helps a lot. Video quality was good, no cheating, etc. I say accept!

In terms of credentials for myself, I've beaten this game several times and actually did some work on a 100% route at one point. Very familiar with all aspects of it.
Just a reminder, there are only a couple of days left for this public verification. If you have any comments to post, please do so quickly!
Willing to teach you the impossible
I see no reason to not accept this. My only gripe is when driving the runner took more turns than what was needed. Less turns = less slowing down = faster overall time. But it is not near enough for a reject by any means.
Verdict Posted.