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Multi-segment run with large-skip glitches

Verifier Responses

Video/audio: Couple places with sub-20 fps, but watchable.
Cheating: No

As Jarek mentioned in his comments, there is a slight discrepancy between segments 24 and 26. From what I understood, only segment 26 has been replaced, thus there is a slight health difference and position. This does not matter at all as he doesn't need that much health and the health bar refills in the beginning of every level.

Jarek used pretty much all the known tricks and shortcuts with just a several very minor mistakes that cost him couple seconds, but nothing "ugly". Heavy luck manipulation and trick executions are very well done and everything essential is in the comments except two things:

1) Current TRIV run use extended-sprint. He mentions in audio commentary it isn't.
2) In-game timer does not stop in inventory in TRIV. This is mentioned in text comments.

Verdict: Accept

The run uses every trick known at the time, as well as everything that could be used from the TAS (this run is actually somewhat faster than it, due to various PC only glitches that skip massive amounts of the game), and any mistakes are very minor. I had no video or audio issues. There is a continuity error with one segment near the end that's explained in the comments, but it doesn't affect the end time at all. So accept.

In fact it's the segment 25 that has been replaced by *the beginning of segment 25 of a previous run*. Anyway, I don't see any problem in the discrepancy. If Flip is okay, there's no reason to reject the run.

Now let's get to it.
- video and audio quality : good. IQ versions will be fine.
- no signs of cheating.
- consistencies between saves has been discussed above, but still ok for me.

The comments were very fine to read and hear together with the run. Despite the runner uses a keyboard, the gameplay is impressive, apart from minor hiccups here and there. The best of the run is all the shortcuts and skips.
I agree with the runner that the cutscenes are annoying ; nevertheless I don't mind saving right after them, even if some time is lost.
One last thing before comments on each segment : please, everybody, stop smoking.

01 - Nothing special to say.
02 - At 02:01 this jump looks really tricky but is well executed. At 02:31 I assume the order of the birds has been reversed to save a flare ; good.
03 - At 06:25... How I like this corner bug! 06:53 those shots are incredibly fast (given it's not a TAS). 07:06 I didn't know the ALT would work without flare ; this seems quite fast anyway.
04 - At 07:54 is it so difficult to jump over corner? It would have saved a few seconds I guess. But it's not that important.
05 - I personally don't think some time has been saved by killing the lion later.
06 - The ALT was almost perfect.
07 - Almost perfect swipecard guy kill. NB : saving a flare in this segment could have saved several seconds, yes. But, again, it's not that important.
08 - An escellent segment after all, despite the two sidesteps.
09 - I really like the crawling sequences there.
10 - Nothing special to say.
11 - No need to do better with the cook. Also I don't care about the tiny bump.
12 - This kind of jump is the hardest of classic TR games ; so it deserves a segment, especially because the jump begins right next to a door. At 27:48 why sprinting rather than jumping over the step?
13 - Nothing special to say.
14 - Yes, you were extremely lucky (in french you can say "rien" or "que dalle" in the healthbar). The segment is more than acceptable though.
15 - Nothing special to say.
16 and 17 - Excellent segments. It's amazing to bypass the trigger two times, despite it's hardly noticeable.
18 - I wouldn't have done all this in only one segment, congratulations.
19 - I don't care about the segmenting, I think it's worth it. Also very good "blind" moves.
20 - Excellent.
21 - A little hesitation in the exploding shaft, yes, but no problem for me. It's widely acceptable.
22 - The few frames taken to kill the first guy are compensated by killing the second one... instantly! The double triggering of the cutscenes is simply... awesome. One of the best segments.
23 - Nothing special to say.
24 - I guess grabbing the elevator ledge before dropping in it is part of the awkwardness ^^
25 - Once again, replacing this segment is not a problem, it does not affect the continuity of the run. If Flip is ok, I'm ok.
26 - It's fun to finish the level on fire. Excellent segment.
27 - The headshot towards the end is ok.
28 - Very good segment.
29 - I don't see how a human could do something faster at the practice part. And I believe an extra segment would have been better for the lasers, but it's still ok.
30 - Awesome.
31 - Very good.
32 - Nothing special to say.
33 - Very well done with the cyborg.

So even if about 10 seconds could be saved, the verdict is an easy accept. It's the kind of run SDA needs, especially because TRC isn't already on SDA.

Given all loading and saving screens during the video, we can trust the in-game timer. So, the time is 1:13:28 according to it, plus the 0.5 second penalty for each save ("anywhere"). So with 32 saves, the final time is 1:13:44, according to me. Still faster than the TAS run...

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Jarek 'j.calling.2bad' Hanzelka!
Thread title:  
Thanks everyone. :') I might adress some of the raised questions later.

K, here we go. @verifier no.3: at 7:54 I'm not entirely sure which corner are you refering to. If it's the one at the crawlspace than yes, that would be extremely difficult. If you mean the one I jump by to bypass one of the lions, the only way that could've gone faster was if I just ran through the corner, which I likely would never pull of with taht angle without segmenting. At 27:48 that was an honest mistake. I meant to jump over but things happened so quicky down there ;_;...
Also, @verifier no.1 (is that you, Ewil? >_>): Yes, yes, I later realised it actually was used in the TRIV run but no longer had a copy of the text comments to add it in. Glad it was noticed and pointed out. ^-^ Also thanks for clarifying that the timer indeed doesn't stop in either of the games.
Yes, it's me ^_^

Now only Golden Mask is missing on SDA Smiley
Edit history:
Fed981: 2012-08-23 01:19:18 pm
Verifier 3 here. I meant the jump at the crawlspace, but as you say, it seems extremely difficult ; as I said, it's not that important.