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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Hard] [Good Ending] [Stealth]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'triblast55'!
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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Hard] [Good Ending] [Stealth]

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LotBlind: 2016-07-03 06:40:45 am
I wonder how and why the segment count went down from 72 to 36? That's pretty radical.

Doing this because bored. Not really bored.

Segment 4
looks like a failed attempt was left in the video

the Russian on the wall makes no friggin sense Tongue "Absence of smoking - door of emergency situation"

Segment 6
They should probably get a more sturdy crane arm...

Did you actually leave the safe open after accessing it? You left the balcony door open at least. You don't deserve 100% stealth!

Segment 8
I think he should just have said "Bros b4 hoes"

Segment 9
"Hide in the ceiling!" - well there goes my... suspension of disbelief. TBH it was gone before segment 2 of the previous run.

Segment 10
7:05- is it just me or why does the framerate look to drop in this part? Or wait it's the whole segment? Maybe it was always like that.

Did you try something silly like smoking the room first or moving to a corner before taking the shot to keep the 1% stealth?

Segment 11
Why do you have to look at all their profiles again?

Would the game look very different on different settings? Easy? No stealth? Worth it? 100%/max% objectives wouldn't be that different would it?

accept (unless someone wants to arbitrarily reject it I don't care)
Edit history:
IsraeliRD: 2018-10-09 01:13:18 pm
The difficulty determines how much trust is lost/gained per objective. Completing all of the objectives would take longer, especially the profile objectives, some are a pain in the ass to complete.

100% stealth on Easy is more lenient as it allow things like KOing, shooting bullets, and breaking lights like the classic splinter cell games. 100% Stealth on Hard penalizes for this.

My computer was just barely strong enough to record UHD at 30fps. I guess I was too busy to notice the framerate drops. Also in JBA Part 4, firing that bullet is unavoidable.

I can edit out the part with profiles.
"I can edit out the part with profiles" Ah I think I get what's happening now. That part isn't timed (yes I'm very attentive) so it can be cut off. In fact in the published video IMO even all the parts where you look at stealth ratings after the missions are over could probably be cut (except right at the end) to make it flow better, but it was okay to have them in the verification videos ofc.

Okay I guess I just never noticed the choppiness until that mission.

So are you saying you can't think of any other categories? Shame cause the game seems kinda fun. Why can't you just any% it rambo-style, to give that nice contrast. Wink Show where the limits are on that end of the playing field.
Edit history:
IsraeliRD: 2018-10-09 01:13:25 pm
The other categories I can think of are:
any%, any% 100% Stealth, All objectives, All objectives 100% Stealth

Then multiply that by difficulties of Easy, Normal, Hard,
Then multiply that again by the Bad ending, Neutral ending, and Good ending

Then there is New Game+ which would mean playing through the levels with all the unlocks unlocked.
Some of the unlocks like Force Hacking would definitely speed up the earlier levels.

Then there is the significant differences between the 360, PC, and PS3 versions. In the PC version, the guards can barely hear making the levels faster to finish
Another example, the PS3 Version of JBA Part 1 appears to be shorter because the rooftop portion of the level is cut out.

Honestly, this sounds like a lot of categories and I'm kinda getting burnt out.
You don't really run every single category, you'd more than likely leave out normal difficulty altogether, unless there's really significant differences between what you do in each of them, and even then when there's so much to choose between it seems like a logical one to cut off. Getting different endings etc. - different platforms are always separated anyway because controls (even 360 and PS3 to my understanding but I might be wrong); endings - does this affect routing in a major way or do you just make different choices at the same exact junctures?; any% this is a thing; the rest - just do any% first honestly. That would make the most sense. Perhaps even any% NG+ - the fastest possible run.

That's what I'd do if I wanted to keep running this. Anyway let's wait for someone [Judgy] to come and verify this.
Edit history:
Soliduz Znake: 2016-07-16 07:02:26 am
I'll have a quick look at the videos. Seen how this run can go.
A/V: can't see anything from this smoke grenade that suddenly appeared and I hear weird whistling or cracking noises that come from walls. good
cheating: the AI let's us cheat so no cheating Tongue
great run as before by triblast55. not much to say since the run look similar to the other category on PC. Besides Lotblind mentioned the real important part, especially leaving doors open what kind of stealth agent would do that?!
Verdict: Accept
as for making new categories run. why not low% no smoke grenade or other non lethal gadgets run Dx
Decision posted.