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just for the info I posted a thread in the new consoles for R6V so feel free to drop by and add any useful information about this game. thanks.
this maybe a late question but when will the run be on the SDA game list?
Not a walrus
Hard to say, we're making improvements to the lag time from verification to posting, but there's still 134 runs in that state. Since yours is relatively fresh it might be a bit.
that is cool to know. I'm assuming I would have to re-upload final encodes of the run. right?!
Not a walrus
Depends on if the videos you uploaded are already complete or not. I haven't watched any of them so I don't know, but all of the quality requirements seem to be there at a glance.
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IsraeliRD: 2014-09-25 12:27:16 pm
Dragon Power Supreme
Depending on how much I disagree with your StatIDs since there is no in-game timer, and I haven't had the chance to look if there are loading screens or not. If you want me to ignore your StatID then you could skip the encode final copy step. Of course, I can't tell what PRC will think Smiley
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Soliduz Znake: 2014-09-25 04:27:59 pm
yes there are loading screens in between the sub levels.
Not a walrus
It is this run that we're talking about, right? Because those definitely aren't raws, since they've got multiple quality options uploaded...
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Soliduz Znake: 2014-09-25 04:29:20 pm
woops. I mistaken them with another run. my bad Dx I never said I uploaded raw Grin
Dragon Power Supreme
What difficulty was this run on? Casual, Normal or Realistic?
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Soliduz Znake: 2014-09-27 05:52:22 am
casual difficulty. you can tell by the maximum of grenades. 10 grenades in casual, 5 in normal and 2 in realistic.
Dragon Power Supreme
You can tell I never played this game Wink
sorry, I meant it as useful info and not being harsh. I know not many play this game my mistake Tongue
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IsraeliRD: 2014-09-27 06:09:48 am
Dragon Power Supreme
That's alright, I'm usually expecting runners to submit which difficulty they played on so that surprises like this are found until after we post the run on the site.
Also a PM should be sent soon enough, but your IQ encode of Act 1 is bad and needs to be redone, and if you wanna redo StatIDs go for it. More detailed info in the PM.
ok I'll go re-encode the files and redo the StatIDs. if there is any issue I'll bring it up.
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Judgy: 2014-09-27 06:26:11 am
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
as a quick question seeing as I'm doing a PC version of the same game: should the mission time include loading screens or not? 

This does bare a huge difference for PC and console times, for example, mission 2 I believe had over 50 seconds of loading on Xbox / PS3 but for my PC it only has 2 seconds.
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IsraeliRD: 2014-09-27 06:51:49 am
Dragon Power Supreme
loading screens don't count in PC games, but for timing purposes it's preferrable if your verification encode does include them, but not a must
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Okie dokie, Thanks (^_^)
just want check how was the Estate (last mission) timed? did you end timing as soon I killed Gabe or when the credits appeared? also to be really sure of should I put the names of the levels on the StatIDs or number them as Act?
Dragon Power Supreme
Timed when control was lost (crosshair disappeared). It's up to you whether to put in level names or acts. You would want to wait for the PM before doing the encodes.
alright thanks.
Just to let you know I'll be traveling tomorrow.  There is a chance I might not have internet for week or less. Hopefully I will have time and get internet router.
It has been while since I uploaded the final encoded as requested and I have not received feedback. Just want to check if everything is corrected.
I got an updated run for Pyreenes (the 1st level) with 1 minute improvement. do I have to wait until my runs are archived?
Dragon Power Supreme
You will have to submit it as a new run. Also I checked the new final encodes and they look good, so it should be moved up the queue.