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Tiny Toons: Buster Busts Loose (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Cant really say much... The football section was kinda bad mostly due to lack of air humping. I would like to see hard mode air humping... But I guess this will due for now.

I'm going to go over this a bit more thoroughly tonight when not at work, but for now I'll say the few hiccups are forgivable in the face of having to nail Hamton on the wheel between every level and the incredible RNG victory in the final boss fight.

Now going through it, just want to say again, getting Hamton each time for the mini-game is huge.  I’m sure this aspect of the run threw off many prospective runners (like me).

Level 1: no significant mistakes (maybe the key acquisition cost a half second?), a great template for a human attempt on this level, can't imagine the boss fight going any better, really.

Level 2: I think along the lines of 3-4 seconds was lost in the opening, non auto-scroller portion (outside and in the bar).  Double jumps on jump rope and all the dash use is good.  Was the leprechaun (or whatever that mini-boss is) on the train supposed to be kicked off screen?  Seems like it would be possible to keep him in bounds the entire time, but he's dispatched nicely once he comes back from the right, and for all I know, that is optimal.  (Edit after reading runner's comments: seems like runner feels mini-boss could have been better)  Everything else is good, "keep viewer entertained" factor during auto-scrolling is solid.  (Not run-related: Why the "Yale" sweatshirts on the baddies before the mini-boss?  Was a game artist an alum of Harvard?  Was it in a Tiny Toons episode I didn't see?  Been wondering that since childhood.)

Level 3: Some fricken rad jumping and skips in here, especially skipping to the top of the ladder-climbing segment, very impressed.  Boss was uncooperative, screw light bulbs, we need bolts!

Level 4: Not the best football I ever saw, one really good run (well, pass).  But this is luck-type stuff.  Haven't I also read that (maybe on TAS author notes?), in practice, the high star count of a really good run (for the yards over 10 gained) negates the effect of getting so many yards?  Anyway, it's fine.

Level 5: Good dash out of the bubble-climbing segment to climb the final ball.  Had no idea you could use those balloons before they popped, awesome!  Good job staying to the right for the bird rescue after the blimp goes byebye.  Pinball was messy, probably at least 6-7 seconds from optimum, but run's still alive, and I believe some of this is luck stuff.  No significant mistakes on last dash, great stuff.

Level 6: Hit near start wasn't on purpose, I don't think.  Drop to the door after getting key is nice and right on and the dashes and jumps afterward in the light tunnel are good.  Kill on pinball robot “mini-boss” is cool.  Dash up hard course is awesome.  Couple mistakes but good skippage on segment before final fight.  FINAL FIGHT RNG GOES INCREDIBLY WELL!!!  Having played this game several dozen times, I cannot believe what I saw here, and getting this along with five Hamtons is immediate grounds for acceptance, which would have been coming anyway.

Overall: probably at least 20 seconds of mistakes and some bad luck (stage 3 boss, pinball), but plenty of good to go with it (stage 1 boss, stage 6 boss), and overall very good performance.

A/V is solid, no evident cheating, time I get is 0:17 (first character control) – 23:25 (last hit on Duck Vader/loss of character control) which is 23:08…could be plus or minus two seconds since I’m not doing it very scientifically and could be wrong about when exactly control is lost or gained.


Video Quality: There's a "chroma ghosting"-like vertical bar on the right side. I'm not sure where this came from. No one else mentioned it
Audio Quality: Good

No Cheating detected. Unless you call playing on anything other than Challenging cheating ;P

Stage 1: Very good, although missed getting the key the first pass.

Dizzy: No Food missed, great luck here, very well executed.

First Mini-game: Could have been slightly faster. Tile movement was slower than it should have been (three moves instead of two). It seems the first input was lost, but the runner quickly recovered. Cost a half second.

Stage 2: Hitting the tomato in the first part costs about a second. The hit inside cost 2 seconds, and another second it wasted delaying on the Wile-E/Calamity Cayote.

Would have been nice to see some more showing off during the auto scroller (the air jump is an obvious choice).

I agree with the above regarding the mini-boss, he was hit off-screen, which cost another potential 2 - 3 seconds.

I noticed the Back to the Future reference is further obscured by using km/h in this version, just a side note.

Second and subsequent Mini-games: All done perfectly with very good luck on tile placement.

Stage 3: Overall, this is probably the hardest stage, and with only a small hiccup on wall running during the second part, this is one of the best planned areas when it comes to deciding when to use the dash, and where to land, and when to merely jump.

Monster Boss: Bad luck on the RNG here, too many light bulbs. Overall well executed with what he got. Took one hit, which cost a second or so, but in the grand scheme nothing to worry about.

Football Time!: Definitely not the greatest turnout, and I remember it being a little more predictable on the first run, after that the RNG takes over.

To the verifier above, I believe you're right, going all the way in one run nets 100 stars, which takes a while to count down. If you take a dive in the last 10 yards you get about half that much

Stage 5: Good to see the early balloon skip used during the second part. The runner definitely had a better strategy than the one I was able to get down. Looks like he did a shorter jump and was able to get to the third before it popped.

The pinball could have gone a bit better (missed the jump to the exit area the first time), but this area can be very finicky. The escape is about as good as it gets.

Stage 6: Took a bad hit from a storm tooper, cost 1 - 2 seconds. Tackling the hard course was risky, but paid off. Good use of the bad buttons to negate the button on the other side to reduce time jumping back and forth.

That jump right after the vertical climb is iffy, and the runner gets it on the first time, although missed the easier jump up the first time (cost about a second). Another second is lost doding enemies, but in the end it  doesn't matter because the duck goes down quickly.

Timing by the above verifier seems good to me. I would really like to see a Challenger mode run though, even if it would add a good 5 minutes (my estimate from personal best splits).

Opinion: Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Fredrik 'Edenal' Lidholt!
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Congratulations Edenal! Cheesy
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Congratulations Edenal! Cheesy

Maybe now I'll get to watch, what I missed on ESA ^^
Congrats Edenal! =D
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I blame any video issues on my DVD-recorder Smiley I think you will see the exact same defect on my other run.

This run getting accepted does make me want to look into boss strats for challenge mode! Smiley