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TimeShift (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Casual]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Robin 'Ekelbatzen' Schönborn!
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TimeShift (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Casual]

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LotBlind: 2015-11-04 11:26:27 am
7:33 - So you're using 2 grenades but they're both exploding sorta far from you. Couldn't you really just use one grenade that explodes a bit nearer? Is that difficult to set up?

9:25 - You turn around to fight the transport truck. Is that strictly necessary?

Level 12 - You see this level? You see this level?!

26:20 - Couldn't you have gotten a small jump boost to cut the walk to the hatch? Or does it always send you too far?

28:00 - The chair is hurled pretty far. Is that necessary?

34:50 - What exactly happens here?

38:24 - Lol mispelled "hangar".

42:39 - By Jove, I really thought that meant "With time-shifting abilities, you'd get a tactical advantage when starring in Jeopardy". And then I started to think about how that works. Presumably you just wait for someone else to get the right answer in, rewind, and give the same answer yourself.

For the runner's information: SDA has recently dropped the segment penalties altogether: you don't have to factor that in anymore, just segment whenever it could save time without being overly lazy.

Time-reversing is disabled at the start because, no doubt, there's nothing there to reverse back into. And there may be places where the devs found the game would glitch if they allowed the reversing there.

BTW: You couldn't use grenades themselves as a physical object for boosts? Or anything the enemies throw at you?

I'll wait for some comments before giving verdict.
@LotBlind: Thank you for taking the time to verify my run.
7:33 - No, 1 grenade that explodes directly under my feet without delay from the dumpster is not enough, sadly.

9:25 - This was explained in HeRMe's run, sorry I let this out. Yes, everyone on that particular vehicle needs to die, or else the button I activate will not be usable.

Level 12 - Wink

26:20 - That may have worked after several tries, but the segment is kind of long and it is really easy to get a vertical 20m boost instantly because the barrel had a high velocity when hitting the ground. It may have been possible if I would have played that segment with vsync enabled.

28:00 - I need to shoot it with a flat arc to get the horizontal momentum. Also, if I were to shoot the barrel more against the wall to make it fly higher, in most cases it just bounces over the opposite fence.

34:50 - An unskippable cutscene starts there, followed by the car chase scene, this is normal gameplay without skips. I cannot move or do anything but shoot in the car until the point where I get off past the bridge.

38:24 - Didn't even notice Smiley
42:39 - Sounds like the gameplay to Life is Strange.

Yes I knew the penalties were removed, I even asked in this thread, I was just being redundant.

I'm a programmer myself and can guess the reasons why sometimes time-powers are disabled, but I explained it again to make it clear why I use certain tactics or wait at points. But sometimes there are still no apparent reasons at all like my grenades being removed.

I just tested again if I could use my (karbine-)grenades, I can't, they just fly through me when I reverse without effect. Enemy grenades, rockets and corpses also won't work.
Being redundant is a sign of weakness.


I remember having watched the previous submissions and having enjoyed it. The new run is around 20 minutes faster and doesn't exactly disappoint either. Lots of nice abuse of the game mechanics and generally full speed ahead. Pretty easy

Decision posted.
I thank you all for verifying my run Smiley
This is one of the coolest runs I've ever seen. I have probably played this game but I can hardly remember it. Anyway, this is a perfect example of where segmentation can be used to make an awesome looking run. Reminds me of FEAR with the time powers. The tricks are just nuts! Good job man.