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Time Commando () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Congratulations to 'RK.Walnut'!
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Time Commando () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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What does the difficulty setting do again? I played this game as a child actually but I don't remember. It's really unique so I'm happy to see a run on SDA.

Looks like just a few weeks ago, your best time was over two minutes slower than this. Usually when you're still saving so much time from run to run, it's difficult to claim that the run couldn't be easily improved, which is sort of a basic criterion for SDA runs. I'll watch the run though and see if I can say anything useful. Feel free to answer any of these questions. If/when we publish a run on the site, the viewers will have similar questions anyway.

There's a few attacks that look like you cancel them in the first several levels? Is that to manipulate the AI or what?

2:45 - So you intentionally delay killing the ape to enable being far enough ahead so you don't get harassed by some of the enemies coming up? At 3:15 it looks like you're stuck. Are you just unable to proceed any further until the camera has gotten closer or is it misnavigation?

3:05 - Here looks like you could have afforded to have the gorilla spawn in several seconds earlier (i.e. kill the ape faster) and still been safe from it, in case that means you're also able to proceed faster to the other side of the cliff.

4:40 - It feels like there should be a way to cheese this fight more. Like in this run you get caught between the two. Can't you stay in a position where only one of them can get to you at once? Preferrably so it doesn't involve a lot of backtracking. Also what about could you first kill the guy in case his weapon deals more damage?

7:41 - Do you intentionally take a hit from the guy after the cavalry dies?

10:00 - Does this fight have any strategies where you start one attack to get the guy to defend in a particular way and then switch to another attack to actually hit him? That works in some games. Or is there some particular timing after he's entered his block state after which he always leaves it if you just wait?

14:43 - Are you just waiting here?

15:10 - Is it possible to start shooting each fireball a little bit sooner here? Using some cue in their animation?

18:50 - What exactly happens in this fight? Looks like you can't get the second shot off?

36:00 - Why do you collect this chip here? I'm wondering if there's no better way to set up the two dynamite throws. It's right at the start of the level so you can buffer something using the sidestepping maybe if you don't turn at all? Otherwise it looks like there could be a visual cue in the shadow's edge where you throw the first two sticks.

36:55 - Wonder why one of the sticks flies off to the side like that.

39:04 - That's a sick musical caesura.

40:30 - Here, is it slightly better to take the shot while sidestepping or even while backing up so the knockback isn't backwards? Or just stun him with a shot of your own right before turning? It's difficult to know where time can be saved since only you know what the camera's cues are, but looks like you might have benefited from being slightly further ahead here.

40:50 - No doubt this guy can't be shot from outside.

42:05 - Would it make sense to shoot the dog earlier? Seems to get in the way when you're trying to fight the three guys afterwards.

44:03 - Needless to say this shot should be set up with a visual cue of some sort.

44:55 - Can't avoid taking a hit from the first tripmine? What about sidestepping through?

45:10 - Yes. Rollerblades. Of course.

45:34 - Is the first grenade meant to do more? Isn't it possible to use a cue from the camera? Maybe there's even a fast-kill setup on all of the two dogs and the soldier. Looks like a tricky fight.

46:12 - Rapid bazooka shots aren't better here? Looks like a lot of grenades do nothing. Maybe the tank moves randomly.

48:30 - The yo-yo is not just a weapon of THE FUTURE, the yo-yo IS THE FUTURE. God, I'm just waiting to see a pogo stick next.

55:08 - You needed to keep running until the camera angle changes to be close enough to use the panel?

BTW: I take it sidestepping is slightly faster than running? I have a feeling it could be utilized more and more consistently, but again, difficult to tell where you're bottlenecked.

I can see you've put in work into finding less obvious strategies to handle some situations and that this is already a quite nice run. You obviously also checked what any of the other hidden bonus items were? BTW: if you were inspired to later, 100% would clearly be a good category as well. Also looks like segmented runs don't lose too much time reaching save points because of the slow camera stuff. There could even be a time save based on the state of the game changing a little somehow between saving and reloading. I personally always make the segmented run first since that allows you to see more clearly what's theoretically doable. You can adapt segmented strats to single-segment but not vice versa. It's been less popular in recent years for many reasons, one of which is a lot of people get introduced to speedrunning through marathons where every run is obviously a real-time SS one.

Have you timed your runs manually as well? Just to see if the in-game timer is consistent.

Wait for your answers if you have some time, before giving verdict.
Decision posted.