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With Rockman X/X2/X3 and snes being imported to me in a few days I was curious about using S-video rather than composite, though Im concerned about all these 3rd party cables putting through composite signal in both, etc.

Has anyone tried 3rd party Snes S-video cables and are happy with it/them? If so please share brand information.

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Your best bet at getting a good svideo cable is to get any of the ones which just have svideo, and no composite, otherwise the most recent thread that I can remember about the subject of getting a good svideo+composite cable is here.
Look for a cable that doesn't have the composite pin wired. Last time I checked for S video cables, none of them have the composite pin wired up.
The guy in sweden that imports japanese games told me he has a RGB cable for the SFC. I've never tried this set-up but it might be a quick fix for the time being if it works?

RGB cable from snes to tv, then a 6x male RCA cable from tv to dazzle(cap card), and/or doing the same but with Audio&s-video cable.
Assuming a nintendo SCART cable has svideo wired into it, then a scart breakout box would work great. I don't know much about scart cables though.
As far as I know, Scart carries S-Video xor RGB, but not both at the same time as they share the same pins. That's why you have to manually tell the TV to use S-Video instead of RGB.

An easy way would be to buy a Monster S-Video cable for Gamecube. Those are reasonably cheap if you can find one (~5€). If you can't find one just take a cable that doesn't have a composite connection, as Tranq said.
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TheThrillness: 2013-08-14 03:54:20 pm
Quote from blizzz:
Those are reasonably cheap if you can find one (~5€)


hit-japan still sells official ones for a really good price:
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blizzz: 2013-08-14 04:08:01 pm
Wow, that's a rip-off. I wouldn't exactly call the hit-japan one a good offer (they always accept 20% under the listing price). Sadly finding an S-Video cable in Europe is hard, because we had RGB Scart Cheesy

Not sure about this auction, it has the right picture, but the text mentions composite :/
Edit: Btw, that's the reason I mentioned the Monster brand. If the auction if for a Monster cable you can at least be sure that it's S-Video only...
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Before I got official S-Video I was going to buy this:

It looks oddly familiar to a non official cable from hit-japan:

I may buy from that UK store and then compare vs official S-Video to see if there is any visual difference. I think official will be slightly better.
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These are my results using two types of cables for svideo.

Madcatz 3 in 1 Universal AV & S-Video PS2, Xbox, GameCube (xbox, ps2, gamecube) -
Innovations Gamecube S-video Cable -

I found the 3 in 1 cable had the checkerboard effect which is really annoying.  The Innovations one was good and did not have that.  But had some color bleeding but overall I liked it a lot and felt it was a good purchase.

Dropbox links to my 60fps test videos of the first level of Super Mario World done with Amarec and 2 different capture devices.  One being the Pinnacle Dazzle and the other is the Avermedia c027.  (Click the Download button at the top of the page, don't use Dropbox's flashplayer or use the attached files instead).
Pinnacle Dazzle Madcatz 3 in 1 -
Pinnacle Dazzle Innovations Svideo -
Avermedia c027 Madcatz 3 in 1 -
Avermedia c027 Innovations Svideo -

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inflames90: 2013-08-15 07:37:14 pm
Too bad the Innovation brand goes for ridicolous prices on ebay (low price, beyond stupid shipping prices). Havent found a store that sells them either, I'll keep looking and buy official nintendo one from ebay if I cant find it

Actually seems to be quite a few on amazon for ok prices.

However my question remains, i'll try to explain properly what I want to try(if it works)

Famicom Scart/rgb cable hooked up as you normally would to the tv, to play.

If I then put a 3x2 RCA cable from Video, audio x2 from the tv to the capture card, would anything be picked up at all?

Same for s-video snes cable, splitting audio with a splitter/Y-cable and using the empty RCA video from tv to capture card, would video get picked up?

I would use a powered splitter and properly set things up if money allowed. But for now I use composite(splitted x3) to tv and dazzle, shared.

Thanks~ (if its been answered earlier im too stupid to comprehend v_v)
Short answer: No, that won't work.

What do you want to transport with the 3 RCA cables? RGB? If so, you'd need a RGB capture device, like the Micomsoft/Startech cards. But for that you would also need a (clean) sync signal. You won't get S-Video out of standard Nintendo SCART cables.

Recording RGB isn't terribly expensive. You just need a PC with a free PCIe slot, the capture card (~100€+), sync stripper / Scart to DSub adapter (30€) and optionally a powered Scart RGB splitter and quality Scart cables. So far I've not found a perfect Scart splitter. I've got a professional grade one, but it still degrades the quality a tiny bit.
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TheThrillness: 2013-08-16 07:35:28 am
I got that cable today. It's not what was described. It's got a composite plug to. Sad

I decided to try it anyway. Here is the results.

1. Street Fighter 2 Menu -

Analysis - Non official slightly blurrier. Hard to say if the bluriness is causing ever so slight color shift. It's not bad by any standard.

2. Gameplay -

Analysis - The lifebar shows vertical striping on unofficial. I think this means the unofficial has bad shielding (blizz can confirm). It's not bad by any sense of the word. I can only really notice it if I fullscreen on my PC so in a 240p encode you won't see this really.

Conclusion - A Nintendo cable with a composite plug that actually also delivers decent S-Video? Impossible I declare! (You should probably buy this cable).
Quote from TheThrillness:
Analysis - The lifebar shows vertical striping on unofficial.

It has striping all over, but not as bad as some other cables. The official cable is surprisingly good, just a bit of color bleed.
I am actually wondering if the official S-Video cable is even the best quality (It should be I guess).

It's just hit-japan has similarly priced s-video and composite cables here: and

Maybe they might be better.
Im gonna sit down and try to find reviews for most (svideo+rca) cables I can find and then buy one or two and try them. If checkerboarding/other stuff is bad I will just use composite to tv and dazzle and stay like that until I have money for powered splitter.

Splitting s-video from snes to tv+dazzle would be a bad idea(just like my composite setup is currently due to no powered splitter), right?
What's a good SNES setup for good video quality that isn't a Framemister,Ossc,CRT?
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without any of those, a capture card that can detect 240p and doesn't lag when showing the image on PC