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I'm working with dunnis on the OS X version of Time Split Tracker. We'll see how things go.
I have the latest version of GoodSplits that I'm using that I have to clean up a little bit and then could put out for now until Time Split Tracker is ready.
That's great news. I wanted to do that but life got in the way.
Beware El Capitan! Beware!

Well. Yeah.
Soundflower is borked. (Kind of got it working with a beta that someone put out.)
Camtwist is borked. (Dev doesn't seem sure when that will work.)
EyeTV is borked. (Game Mode doesn't work, Elgato is apparently working with Apple to fix this.)

So yeah. I lost the ability to stream! Maybe? I guess I can try OBS or fiddling with CocoaSplit some more, but everything is a mess right now. Should have left my iMac alone and just put El Capitan on my MBP. Oh well.
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presjpolk: 2015-10-02 08:08:55 am
Camtwist's "3.0 beta" has been coming for ever and clearly never actually coming, so the death of Camtwist was inevitable.

Try OBS beta?
Fair enough.

OBS seems like it should work! Everything is a little delayed because EyeTV isn't doing live video, but hopefully Elgato will have that updated eventually. Maybe, although it's doubtful.

Is there any device that OBS picks up directly? Something thunderbolt I guess would be best, right? (Was it that thing you said you were using, presjpolk?)
OBS Mac has direct support for BlackMagic capture devices. The BlackMagic Intensity is the best card for Mac IMO. Comes in USB and Thunderbolt flavors. It's expensive though.

I was running the El Capitan Beta for a few days, but I went back due to tons of apps and kernel extensions not working. EyeTV, Wavtap/Soundflower, Wacom art tablet support, etc... OBS itself ran fine though. I'm hoping OBS will receive a performance boost after the Metal API is integrated, if it ever is.
Blackmagic is really bad at software but it may be your best option, yes.  The Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt is what I used to use.

It doesn't do 240p and can't handle any old consoles without an upscaler in between, though.  I used to use a $90 DVD Recorder for that purpose.
Quote from revenantkioku:
Fair enough.

OBS seems like it should work! Everything is a little delayed because EyeTV isn't doing live video, but hopefully Elgato will have that updated eventually. Maybe, although it's doubtful.

Is there any device that OBS picks up directly? Something thunderbolt I guess would be best, right? (Was it that thing you said you were using, presjpolk?)

Did you pick up a new capture device reven? Just curious as to what you got and how it's working out for you.
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revenantkioku: 2015-10-20 12:25:50 am
I did not yet.

I'm using my old EyeTV 250 plus for composite games (although there is a delay now because of El Capitan. Still hoping Elgato fixes that. Not expecting much.) and the Elgato GameCapture for HD stuff, although I have to use their software because I get some serious stutter having OBS try to capture the window.

The Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle is what I have my eye on... but I'm a bit scared to drop that much without having the chance to test it out first.
This version of Soundflower works fine on El Capitan:
The EyeTV 250 now works in El Capitan with game mode, meaning the delay is gone.
Also, Rogue Amoeba just released Loopback ( which seems to pretty much replaces Soundflower and seems a lot friendlier right now. $100 is a lot, but $75 introductory price.

I have been testing out the OS X version of Time Split Tracker and while some of the higher functions are not in, I'm about to say it's ready to go out for some testing in a few days.
Intruding N313 and F014
Ah, that reminds me that I need to look into your feature request about being able to undo the final split.  I've been so busy TASing that I forgot about it.
I hope this isn't against the rules but I figured it could be useful to cross-post my Trading Post ad trying to sell my Diamond VC500MAC, a Mac-specific capture card. The post is here: but the long and short is that I'm selling it for $20 + shipping (i.e. the buyer pays shipping). It's a decent (if not perfect) piece of equipment that is one of the few options Mac-based streamers have for composite console capture. Let me know if you're interested!
Any updates on the new Splits app for OS X? I'm really looking forward to having a stable and feature-rich timer on my MacBook Pro Smiley
I'm not sure if I am yet comfortable releasing it as-is, although perhaps I should to get people complaining about missing/broken features to get me on my toes to update it.

It works, I just do not like how you have to create the splits file outside of the program. But an editor would be a long time coming, so maybe I'll just put up the current build tonight after work.
I'd love to test whatever you've got running now. GoodSplits doesn't open my split files anymore, and crashes before I can finish remaking them anyway. If the current build of Time Spit Tracker allows me to do some runs, then I'll be happy.
Intruding N313 and F014
Go ahead and release a Mac version so that people can try it. 

I suppose if people wanted to create the splits file in the program, they can use the Windows version under WINE.  Cheesy

I will help people set up the split files if they run into trouble.
Whoa, it doesn't open the files anymore? O_o I'm not even sure how that could happen. Sorry to hear.

Here's the current build. No global keys are implemented yet, and a few menu options are turned off.
Intruding N313 and F014
Heh it requires 10.7 and my really old mac is 10.6  Cheesy  I didn't think it would work, but I wonder if I would be able to compile it for 10.6 with my XCode.  I will try that later for fun, I doubt it would work.

You should include the example split files from the Windows version, which is found here:
Yeah, there are a few weak references and use of auto-layout which make it unable to compile for 10.6  (Which is more than five years old now, I think?)
Will grab the example files to add to the zip later. Also! It needs an icon badly.
Intruding N313 and F014
Can you use the icon that the Windows version uses, at least temporarily until something better is made?  You should have the icon file (Clock.ico) with the windows source code, but it might need to be converted for your use (bitmap I think), and it is kinda small.
Get it:

So I dropped the cash on a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt... and every so often the HDMI on my tv just blips out for a second.

The capturing side is fine. I can see in OBS that that hasn't changed. But just BLIP, no sound and a black screen. Is this the device? Driver issues? Thunderbolt issues? Any clues?
No idea, never used passthrough.
Holy shit, thank you.

I'm sitting here, enraged at this thing (which I will return at least to exchange, since I bought it at a retail store) thinking what a damn bummer and your post makes me look at my powered HDMI splitter and give a good whack to the old noggin.