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Someone with access to the code would need to port it.  As I said in a post above, LiveSplit is too unstable for Wine and completely unusable.
Whoops, misread, my bad
I'm looking for new options on streaming.  I've been using the same setup for several years and I'm running into minor issues and was wondering if you guys had any input.

Mac specs: late 2012 imac, OSX 10.9.2, 3.4 quad processor and 16GB ram with 2 GB dedicated graphics ram.

I'm still using FMLE, but I think I'm going to stick with it since I know how it works until OBS is released.  as for the video source, I'm using camtwist (2.5 since 3.0 doesn't work with FMLE).  While camtwist usually works well, for some reason I need to have the preview window open, otherwise the framerate drops to pretty much 0.  Also, a new thing I experienced last night, is that if I try to stream Diablo 3, my fps goes down to 10-13 and even after resetting my computer, it still only ran around 20.  This was the case whether I had camtwist capturing at 30 or 60 fps, and I stream at 30 (although I wouldn't mind streaming at 60, but FMLE keeps giving me errors).  any ideas why this might be?  also, is there another program that could be better then camtwist?  I dont mind spending a few bucks either.

I'm using soundflower with 2 copies of Line In to route the audio (predictably the routing changes slightly whether I'm streaming console games or off the Mac, like steam).  What I would like to do is find a program that I can have it listen to applications individually, and route them to single port and be able, through this program, to alter the applications volume.  The reason is because I need to turn my game audio all the way down (borderlands 2 I have audio set down to 1) and my elgato capture I have to set to at least -20db.  otherwise the game audio will drown out my voice and those on a skype call.  again, I dont mind spending a few bucks on this.
I use Wirecast for streaming, you don't need anything else if you use that and it works pretty good. Of course it's not worth the money, but you know. Wink
Soundflower is best choice for sound and FMLE is for video, for streaming there is QuickTime Broadcaster directly by Apple: Basic, but working. Camtwist, FMLE and Soundflower for video and audio.
yeah, wirecast is a bit steep on price.  Quicktime broadcaster seemed to give me problems in the past, but I'll take a look at it again.

I'm already using soundflower, but it doesn't allow me to alter levels of the audio at all. just routes it into one port.
Wirecast allows you to do all that stuff. If you're famous enough to make money out of it so they could complain if you pirate, you will have enough money to buy it so they can't complain anymore.
Yeah I haven't even *bothered* trying Wirecast because it just costs such a stupid amou.t.

FMLE can't stream to Twitch anymore can it?

Camtwist via Siphon to Cocoasplit, with Audio Hijack Pro + Soundflower for audio, is your best bet.
No, it can't stream by itself.
You can get Wirecast here.
yeah, considering I'm still using FMLE and streaming to twitch it does work.... am i lucky one with this?

audio hijack does look promising i think. will definitely toy around with it, thanks! Smiley
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HDL: 2014-04-14 06:48:10 pm
If you check the OP there is a list of several options available.  The current best solution would be CamTwist + CocoaSplit for video, and Audio Hijack for sound.  It gives you the most flexibility and control, as well as being the most up-to-date and supporting important features like x264, CBR, and others.  The OBS port sounds promising as well, but we'll have to see how it turns out.

Wirecast and FMLE are both severely outdated and should not be used, not to mention Wirecast is prohibitively expensive.  Out of the software I recommend the only one you need to pay for is Audio Hijack.  Its worth is far beyond its price.
Wirecast is outdated? Since when? The last update is only weeks old and it can do everything you could wish for. It's just a bit dumb-ish coded, but that's all.
Telestream went a really long time without having updated it, and the last time I checked it was still an old version that didn't even support x264.  I see there's a new version, but the price just isn't worth it when free alternatives give the same options and more.
I just can't justify spending that much just on one bit of software, heh.  Though I'm probably going to end up spending $1200 on a new stream rig, that will actually able to be used for things other than streaming.

The fact is, every free option is terrible, but Wirecast would have to be really good, and really fast, and really flexible to be worth that much money, and I'm just skeptical.
Of course it isn't worth the price. That's why I posted the link earlier. Wink
I would rather not be a party to that sort of thing.  If you don't want to pay their asking price you should use something else.  Be respectful.
I am as I am advertising their product here without asking for anything. And if I made enough money out of streaming w/ their software so they could complain I would buy their product and they would not be able to complain anymore.
Sorry to bump this thread, but I'm curious if anyone has used the Avercapture M (listed as a compatible device in the first post) to stream from a Mac. The included software is intended for recording, and I'm not sure if the device will appear as a source in Camtwist or Videoglide. It really makes me wish AmarecTV were available for the Mac.

Any input would be appreciated. Cheers.
Never used that hardware but if the included recording software gives a preview you can screen capture that in Camtwist.
I don't think the preview is full size/fps though.
Unfortunately no one with that device has posted so we can't give you any certain answers.  If it's not recognized as a webcam in CamTwist or a video source in CocoaSplit then you have to capture the preview window using software that's compatible with the device.  Check the settings to see if you can change the resolution and fps to your liking.  Otherwise I can only suggest acquiring a more robust device.
Great news; the OBS rewrite and port is almost done.  A super early build was made available here:

There's a list of what's currently not implemented.  I recommend you only try it if you're very well-versed in streaming and want to test it out.  Right now it can't be used as a replacement to CamTwist + CocoaSplit, but once they get the main features in it should be a great alternative.
So, an update about the Avercapture M - I wrote the manufacturer and confirmed the device doesn't appear as a webcam and will only work with the included capture software. The preview window is not full size/adequate for streaming, so I would probably change the description to "records, does not stream".

When I ordered the Avercapture M (C039m) from Amazon, I received the DVD EZMaker 7 (C039) instead.
It doesn't work with the Mac software (as I expected), but works well enough with Amarectv.
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Quick question for everyone.

What do you guys use to record your camtwist output?
I'm on OSX 10.9.3 which takes away my ability to use Quicktime Player due to the "Sandboxing" rules.
I also wanted to use Quicktime Player 7 Pro but the options are so limited from 640x480 being the best option. (Yes, there's RAW but that's a pain)

I tried to use Quicktime Broadcaster but the recordings have a crap frame rate.

(I was just messing around but you can tell it's like missing frames..pwese don't judge my crappy arcade platforming)

Any suggestions?
I can't say I ever felt the need to record CamTwist output, but I'd probably use CocoaSplit?
Syphon Recorder is a lightweight option to record CamTwist output.  If that doesn't do what you need there is CocoaSplit.  Put something like:


Once OBS gets its standard features restored that will become another option as well.