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The Lion King (Any %) (Single Segment) (Difficult)

Verifier Responses
Well, this was a very good run of a very good game, if I may say so. Looked very well executed, save a few minor inconveniences, but I'll get to those in the Verification proper. Let's go:

- No Cheating detected ; A/V seems to be in good synchronization
- Timing starts when you gain control of Young Simba and (I believe, though this is only where I counted control loss) ends as soon as Adult Simba starts to run after throwing Scar. Estimated time I got was 16:45.

Useful Notes:

- Just so it's not seen as sloppy playing, damage is generally only taken to save time (two minor time losses happened due to this, but they were either bad luck or required a last-minute save ; see below) and the runner only heals when in danger of dying, so it's necessary AND on the route.
- From what I can gather, Difficult makes the level layouts different. I never played Difficult, even though I have beat the game, but it seems that really it just means that the route had to be adjusted slightly than if you were on the Easiest difficulty
- The two time losses I referred to above were in Elephant Graveyard and Simba's Exile. Elephant Graveyard was just some bad luck with a vulture before the "Acid Elevator" section, as I call it. Just a (likely)  unintentional damage hit. Simba's Exile looked a little bit more risky, as the runner took a hit from a falling rock on the second boulder chase and had to use the ledge to avoid death. As I said before, I haven't played on Difficult, so if that falling rock hit always happens, then it's not a mistake. Just going off of what I know about the game, based on the difficulties I have played.
- Simba's Destiny is probably the best watch as it shows off a really cool glitch as well as uses slashing in the air for extra jump height. The glitch is use at the leopard sections and essentially allows you to clip past the load block to the next area, cutting down all leopard battles.

Overall, this run was very well done and I fully believe that there is very little left to improve.

Decision: ACCEPT

Although I fully agree with the above post, there is a 16:19 run out there.
I am not 100% sure that one is played on real hardware, but that's quite a big difference in time.
This is not a records site however and this is still an excellent run!

Another small thing I noticed: The ostrich in The Mane Event has 2 heads sometimes O.o That's some scary stuff right there man... Must be a deinterlacing thing. It never happens again, so we can let this slip.

So conclusion: If you guys don't mind the existence of a run that is almost 30s faster than this one: Accept
                      If you think this is an issue however.. we might want to reconsider. Lets hear your opinions (I'm not sure what mine is yet)

I have compared this run to the 16:19 (rta-time) run as well as the current run on the site. Most of the time losses come in level 3, 6 and 8. It's stuff like falling down from a platform and having to jump back up etc. Nothing major, but it's not an easy game (and maybe the randomness plays in as well?), so things like this easily happen and it does add up when comparing the different runs. The last two levels in this run are on the other hand quite a lot faster than the other runs, so some time is gained back on the 16:19 run and it's the edge that in the end makes this run faster than frezyman's run.

Overall, I think this is a good speedrun effort of a difficult game. I couldn't see any particular mistakes in the route and there are not really any major mistakes. It's faster than the current sda run, because it's better played. Someone with a will of iron could get this game down to sub-16 and I hope the runner (or someone else) will continue pushing the time down (and hopefully submitting it here, because it's horrible watching this kind of game in 30 fps). I recommend an

ACCEPT (I agree with a time of 16:45)

So I compared Frezy's and this guy's runs side by side. It was almost scary how well they synched up in many places. A level by level comparison:
The Pridelands: Frezy lost 1~2 seconds to the hyena fight at the very end of the level. Apart from that they were nearly completely synchronised. Both get the red bug to increase the life bar.
Can't Wait to be King: Frezy gained back the second lost by landing on the nest instead of on the ground right before the last monkey section.
The Elephant Graveyard: Frezy had bad luck on the first set of hyenas, meaning he was trailing behind. It was then a close race with luck on either side, however Frezy decided to go for an extra health bug and missed it. At the end, this guy gained five seconds from Frezy
The Stampede: Lol autoscroller. Or: That level where I only listened to the music, then thought 'WAIT, that ended early' only to realise that of course the PAL version will play the music longer because slow …
Simba's Exile: I had to watch this twice. Frezy misses a jump in the first part of the level because he's hit by a rock, and is a few seconds behind. However, he gains back the time in the last two floors by faster jumping movements. In the end, both runners were within frames. Also, the way I understand the rocks: They fall after set intervals and use the x-coordinate Simba had a set amount of time ago. So their positions should be more or less predictable if you play the level at the same pace.
Hakuna Matata: Frezy showed overall faster movement in this level, most notably during the the one spot where you swing along like five roots, and then have to change direction to jump onto the ledge, and during the waterfall. He was some two seconds ahead here. This guy uses a new strat to fight the gorilla, and only thereby manages to end up two or three seconds ahead of Frezy's time. Hmmm.
Simba's Destiny: This guy still doesn't jump as fast as Frezy does, but shows a more consistent (i.e. less muck-ups) play quality here. Many times, Frezy would miss a jump, be behind, but catch up in the next bits. This guy ends up being a second or two ahead. He was, however, unlucky on the last Rafiki skip, with that large cat (puma? I dunno what they're supposed to be) not reapproaching Simba instantly.
Be Prepared: This level is basically a display of damage boosting with a few autoscroller elements and a pinch of luck. Frezy got lucky on the two large cats at the very end of the level, passing them quicker than this guy could. Frezy also once again showed slightly faster jumping (as evident from time gained back after minor flaws). In the end, Frezy is ten seconds ahead here.
Simba's Return: This guy is a lot luckier with the hyenas than Frezy is, giving him a four second lead. I'm not sure if it could or should have been more.
Pride Rock: This guy does the first Scar phase four seconds slower than Frezy and seems to be another second slower on the route to Scar 2. He gains back 2 seconds on the second Scar phase and a lot of time by Frezy having missed a jump. Altogether, the time gained between the beginnings of Scar 2 and Scar 3 is approximately seven seconds. Scar 3 is five seconds faster, mainly due to being on the right side of him and being closer to the edge.
Altogether that puts this guy an estimated ten seconds ahead of Frezy (whose old time was verified to be 17:53); in line with verifier no. 1.

And because we had this before:
Quote from the Verification guidelines:
Improvements of existing runs should generally be accepted unless there's a severe decrease in overall play quality.
While I can't say the play quality has significantly improved, it certainly hasn't significantly decreased either. Cheating was non-detectable, probably because it was absent. The difference in A/V between this guy's (better) and Frezy's (worse) quality is probably because Frezy's is seven years old by now; that was still the VHS age, right?
Overall accept.

And to verifier no. 2: Yes, it also says in the verification guidelines to assume this run be the only one SDA would receive in the next few years, so we should ignore the existence of a faster run out there.

One last thing: I thought timing would end as soon as Simba does the judo throw (or whatever you want to call that) on Scar, or is it acutally possible to move after that?

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Allbeert'!
Thread title:  
Grats on the accept Allbeert!!! Cheesy
Thanks for accepting this run ^_^

I find it funny that only around a week after I submitted this run, I realized that Fonzoide (the 16:19 guy) also started running this game, and not long after that, TMR too. I think the fastest run is at 16:0x now. It's great to see people interested in this game!

That said, I do plan on getting back to this game, and hopefully submit again with a sub 16.

Also, quick notes about some comments:

- The two-headed ostrich. That's a glitch that I initially found on emu, but was surprised to see it also happened on console. It consist in pressing down and jumping right away. Not really a deinterlacing thing Smiley

- Timing. You lose control as soon as the motion to throw Scar begins.

- Rocks in Simba's Exile. It does appear that their behaviour is predictable. But every now and then I get rocks falling down that make no sense to me, so I don't really know Sad

Again, thanks for accepting the run! I hope more people start running this game!
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Congratulations, Allbeert! ^__^
That was a pretty decent run, aside from the occasional minor mistake! I also learned a few tidbits myself, such as how you can roll the coconuts back to the gorilla. Though I've got to ask, why didn't you use the shortcut on Simba's Exile? It skips the first rock chase bit.