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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from Fishaman P:
Video quality: 6/10
Audio quality: 10/10

The video quality issues appear to be from the encoding side, not the recording side. The video quality is what I would expect of a Normal quality encode, not an HQ encode. It should also be noted that the video was encoded at 240p (actually 236p, but whatever) when the iQue menu runs at 480i. Whether the resolution is kept the same or doubled, I would strongly suggest increasing the bitrate. In any case, there are no A/V desyncs, frame drops, or other issues. No cheating was detected (insert Twitch jokes about the iQue being a Chinese cheat machine).

I timed the run at 15:23 by SDA timing (18:10 by community timing). The actual run starts at around 53:30. The quality of play in this run is phenomenal. 1 second was lost fumbling around with a Cucco after gliding onto the fence, and 4 seconds were lost to 2 unnecessary pauses right before Mido Skip. Otherwise, the run was absolutely robotic. The luck involved with Cucco collection and the falling boulders during the tower escape was better than any runner could hope for. This run is nearly humanly impossible to improve at this time.

Decision: An easy and enthusiastic accept! Congratulations to Cosmo for this godly run!

Quote from DJS:
Ah yes, a modern OoT run submitted to SDA. This makes me happy.

Video: no complaints. This verification copy had about 52 minutes of old runs though at the start. Run video starts at about 52:55 (for iQue menu) or 53:30 (for file select), so someone is gonna have to trim that.

Audio: no complaints

Cheating: just a lot of glitches

Time: Starting from file select (RTA): 18:10
Starting from Link jumping out of Bed: 15:23
* Both ending when Link delievers final blow to Ganon.

Gameplay: Fantastic, really. A perfect superhuman could maybe shave 5 seconds, but even that might be too much.

Version: This run is played on a kind of obscure platform, namely the iQue.
To keep it short, the iQue is basically a official Chinese N64. Some of its Pros are: Chinese language (faster than Japanese, which is faster than English) and less lag overall. I don't have a problem with using the fastest version of a game for a speedrun, so I have nothing to complain about here.

Overall: Accept. I'm glad to see a modern OoT run here and I hope many more will come, not just for OoT, but for other high-profile games that have slightly outdated times here.

Quote from Newtmanking:
For those interested, the run starts at 53:35.
Well, I suppose an improvement by almost an hour from the previous any% run on this site is good grounds to post this one.  The only mistake was the pause buffering for the Mido skip.  Other than that, this run was extremely lucky when it came to the RNG factors in this game.  Almost perfect conditions, actually.  The tower HESS was also executed beautifully.
A/V is good, I don't think I noticed any lag or dropped frames while I was watching, but I may have missed something.
Good job Cosmo, you done good.

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good (actual run starts at 53:35 as another verifier mentioned), no cheating detected. Other than the few moments of pause buffering at Mido, the glitching and wrong warping were done nearly flawlessly. This definitely deserves an accept.

Quote from HyperZoot:
AV is top notch, minus the fact that somebody will have to edit out the extra footage.
Nearly perfect menuing and overall execution. The pause buffer during Mido skip doesn't lose much time, nor does it detract from the run's quality. This is an obvious accept.

Quote from AlecK47:
A/V good, but this run seems to be on some strange Chinese device for whatever reason.  Is the runner Chinese or something?  (sarcasm aside, it checks out)

All in all this run goes about as smoothly as could be expected by an actual person.  The rng plays nice and execution is top notch except for a couple very minor points like missing a mostly blind cucco grab.  Perhaps most importantly of all the runner doesn't screw up at the end and botch the motorboat.  Or the Ganon fight - that matters a little bit too.

I could go into more detail here, but I think we all know what a top-tier OoT run should look like, and this fits the bill.  Accept

Quote from Akiteru:
Time is 15:23. There is a lot of irrelevant footage at the beginning, so that must be cut out. A/V quality is very good. Super solid run with no major mistakes. Accept.

Quote from e_alert:
A/V: looks good to me

15:23 SDA Timing
18:10 OOT Timing

About 9 seconds of time loss due to various factors (or 0.9%/0.8% of the run depending on timing method), about half a second of which was RNG. This includes strat choices, RNG and straight mistakes, but not things that are impossible to time using one video alone (there's almost none of that anyway). I actually manually timed this out of curiosity for how "unbeatable" the run really is, because I believe nothing is ever unbeatable. This is about as close as it gets, though. Tongue

Gameplay quality is extremely high. Almost everything goes right, the movement is very crisp and there is absolutely no hesitation at any point (typical of less-experienced players in setup-heavy games). Technically time was lost from not doing a better escape setup (very small time save and very difficult), getting slightly bad RNG on one cucco (still way better RNG than anyone could hope for), rolling instead of picking up another cucco, and of course the pauses. There were also one or two movement choices I didn't completely agree with, but this would amount to frames anyway. No cheating, obviously.

This is played on the iQue Player, a licensed version of the Nintendo 64 in China released in 2003. Basically, this is the fastest version of OOT for Any%.

Very nice to see a modern OOT run on SDA. Congrats on the godlike run, Cosmo.


Quote from Greenalink:
I'm terribly sorry, this was up by the time I was attending to my brother's stag party. I'm back now and recovering.
The file download interrupted after 220mb so I watched the commented version on YT.  If SDA timing (15:23) is going to be used for the OoT Page. Staff/Cosmo should mention that it's the 18:10 run in ZSR/community timing to prevent confusion from the majority of Twitch/Youtube stream monsters and gaming websites. The run itself is amazing, super tight and it's a perfect example of how the game can be pushed to its limits thanks to a hard working community, especially during the 2012-2014 era.

Accept Cheesy

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Cosmo Wright!
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Wake up and be awesome
This run was absolutely incredible Cosmo. Loved the commentary you did as well. Quite possibly the best run I've ever seen Cheesy