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So, I was working on this a little while ago, based on the unsubstantiated thought I had that Radix might have mentioned that he would maybe consider possibly accepting it.  I don't remember exact details.  All I know for sure is that this run would rule.  I remember watching the Zelda speedrun for the first time like a year and a half ago or something, and was so confused when the up+A restart thing occurred.  I thought it was cheating.  Now I know better, but I still have a preference for runs that don't use the other controller (unless it's two player or something).  That's not saying that those runs weren't awesome, I was just sad, confused and a little hurt.  Anyway, so about a month ago, I started working on a no-Up+A run, but I gave it up for several reasons:

1) The run that is up now is really good.  A little too good.  My first inclination was to aim for something like sub-40, but then I realized that's a ridiculous goal, even more so when TSA is claiming that he will eventually blaze through it in under 32 minutes.  I have neither the time, patience, nor abounding love of Zelda to work for months to produce something that, in all probability, will only make me happy (because I don't know if anyone else actually cares about a no-up+A run).  So, if I ever actually finished this, it would really have to be around 36 minutes or so to be even worth watching (on this site, anyway).
2) I'm lazy.

And after all that, here's my route, based entirely on []this map[/url], which I ripped off from this site (because apparently they don't like direct linking, and I live for direct linking):

Wooden Sword
Level 2
30 rupees (statue)
30 rupees (bomb)
Heart Container (bomb)
White Sword
Level 1
30 rupees (bomb)
Blue Candle
Level 3
100 rupees (burn)
Level 4
Heart Container (burn)
Level 5
Whistle to 2
Heart Container (stepladder on the coast)
Whistle to 3
Level 7
Magical Sword
Level 6
Whistle to 2
Level 8
Whistle to 1
Level 9

The only reason I really started this topic at all is to get feedback on the route, if I ever decide to finish this.  I'm not sure if it's optimal.  Backtracking is fairly mandatory (and annoying), as warping anywhere before level 5 isn't possible (and the power bracelet is a little bit out of the way, as far as I can tell).  Anyway, thoughts?  Insults?
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I really don't see the point in this type of run, when you yourself said Up+A is not cheating. Instead, why don't you do the second quest, or better yet, both of them?
dinosaur from the past
Trebor is working on a no Up+A second quest run right this instant. Radix is thrilled... Up+A is pretty much death abuse, and I'm thinking the only reason he took the other runs (before the rule change) was to accomodate the existing community.
Trebdor the Selbonator
Yeah, about that.  I died on Ganon yesterday.  Hysterical laughter ensued.  I get past all the hard stuff, then die on an easy boss.  Go figure.

Anyway, I'm suprised at how much time is added on by not using the up+As.  The run was pushing 47 minutes when I died, and I'm sure I can improve that.  I have no idea by how much, though.  Maybe sub-45?  Perhaps even better.  I really don't know since there's nothing to compare a non-Up+A run to.
I believe 36 mins is the 2nd Quest Record by Rodrigo Lopes at TG.
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Trebor: 2005-11-24 07:20:23 am
Trebdor the Selbonator
For some reason, I was thinking it was 39 minutes.

Either way, it's still a run with Up+As.  Trying to figure out how fast or slow I am by using that run is pointless, especially when there's no vid.

Edit:  Now that I check, the time is just under 40 minutes (39:59).
It is very easy to beat my record in 2nd Quest, I just played once :P! I am waiting for somebody to beat to play again, I am already working again in 1st Quest! Grin
It is very easy to beat my record in 2nd Quest, I just played once :P! I am waiting for somebody to beat to play again, I am already working again in 1st Quest! Grin


w00t !! Cheesy