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SS First Quest run (no Up+A warping)
SS Second Quest run (no Up+A warping)

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  As requested, buth runs in one, easy to quote reply...

I'll say these runs are technically sound and I'll only chime in on things that are really noteworthy.  I could easily write War and Peace on these runs as the OG LoZ is one of my fav's.

Quest 1:
Link gets the sword.  Solid start.  DD, I'll give you $1,000,000 to pick up the map in Dungeon 3, you set off my OCD every time.  Anyway, dungeon and boss are about perfect.  Incredible actually.  Screen wrapping adds a whole new level of gameplay.  As in dungeon 4, the way DD can use it to skip over the water is friggin' sexy.  I'm changing your name to Dragon Slayer.  Another missed map in Dungeon 1.  Could have saved a second by getting that heart before the triforce.  For those not in the know, dungeon 5, fighting a room of blue dark nuts with the wooden sword, beastly.  Great item collecting.  Blazing through Dungeon 6.  Slayer strikes again.  Dungeon 8 is priceless.  Patra skip is still epic.  Awesome bomb placement against the wizrobes.  Perfect Ganon fight.  This run is just amazing.  Watch it.

P.S.  I'm still feeling the screen wrap warrants a separate category.  It really saves a lot of time.  Just sayin...


Quest 2:
Right to Dungeon 1 and it's finished just as fast.  Dungeon 2, DD is getting good at this... The screen wrap to the water trapped heart container will make your brain explode in your skull and leak out your eyes.  White sword get.  Gets a little held up in the dark room in Dungeon 4, bummer.  Why run from the disco balls?  Take a hit and move on, they don't cost health and you lose seconds dodging them.  Dodongos were trolling you hard!  Dungeon 8 gets back on track.  What's with that block push in Dungeon 5?  More boss trolling!  This game hates you, that bomb blast should have done it.  Diagonal sword get.  Dungeon 9 is wrecked, but missed the Ganon fight.  Overall, a little bit bumpier than quest 1, but it's supposed to be harder right? 


Bottom line is both these runs are incredible and should be displayed proudly.

Here you go Flip:

When you first started experimenting with the real-time screen scrolling, I wasn't sure it would be possible on a practical level.  Man did you put those fears to rest.  You make this look amazingly simple, but when you have to move one frame in a given direction, it's anything but, especially if you have to do it often.  I'm just going to take this time to mention the highs (there will be plenty) and lows (there will be few) of these runs because I love this game to death, and I love to see it played well.  I just hope these comments don't look as long as they do posted on the forum as they do in this text file (yep, they do, oh well).

1st Quest

Right off the bat you know this run is going to be different.  You grab the sword and screen scroll right over to Level 3 like it's nothing.  If I were to walk through this room by room, we'd have two sets of comments, so I won't bother.  Level 3 gets absolutely man-handled (indended pun obviously): the darknuts cooperate, the Manhandla eats the bomb like the boss he is, and the drops do exactly what they're supposed to do.

Level 4 is rather ordinary with some enemy uncooperation in the Ladder room.  All this is made up for by hopping over the water in the dark.  That's just good stuff there.  All the Vires ran away from your bomb, but you got two good drops and finished them off quickly anyway.  The Gleeoks can be a royal pain with the Wooden Sword just because of how drawn out the fights are.  This one is handled nicely.

Nothing really tricky in Level 1, though I am a fan of ganking items from enemies without killing them.  Also, that feel when you get a stopwatch that's completely unnecessary, especially on the last enemy in the room.  A little hangup getting the Bow, but that's hardly a problem.  You could've glitched through the blocks for more speed, but that's not worth the effort on a room with no enemies (it saves like 2 seconds tops).  Man, your aversion to maps that are RIGHT THERE shows a level of restraint I don't really have.  Impressive.  Good, quick Aquamentos kill to finish off the dungeon.

Once again showing off your uncanny ability to stop on the right pixel when screen scrolling is amazing.  God I hate Tektites.  Those bastards ruin everything.  Glitching straight to Level 5 is a big change that can potentially save loads of time.  More item ganking and block skipping, I love it; especially since fighting all those Darknuts would be no fun at all in a speed run.  Case in point, the room before the flute.  It takes a while when they run from the bombs and you have to use the sword.  Not to mention they can turn on a dime and wreck your plan before you know it.  Mummies can be just as annoying.  Also, there's that feel again with the stopwatch.  I'm keeping count; that's twice.  Very nice Dodongo kill to get more bombs.  Good quick kill on the Digdogger to end it.

That stopwatch feel again! That's three.  I've always hated collecting rupees in a speed run because of how random it can be, especially this late.  Finally, a semi-useful stopwatch (kinda)!  The Dodongo runs away, but you still finish him off rather quickly.

Incidental damage boost on the way to get the Meat.  Gotta save those frames.  Time for more bubbles in Level 7.  They seem to have the most amazing ability to always be in the way.  The second bubble room goes amazingly well.  You could do that room a hundred times and they'd only behave a handful of those times.  Everything else is quick and smooth.

Right off the bat in Level 6, it's that stopwatch feel. We're up to four!  The Keese and Wizzrobe/Like Like rooms go very quick in both cases.  Very nice.  Yes, I'm totally counting that as an unnecessary stopwatch: five.  Double bomb drops from the Vires is an excellent way to finish off this level.  Really great Level 6 right there.

Not a whole lot to say about Level 8, except you give those Darknuts the business.  The first room was a bit laggy, but that can't really be helped.  The NES just has trouble with that much on screen at once.  The rest of the level was really quick and painless, and you even got a convenient fairy to speed up the post-triforce celebration.  Nice.

Time for Level 9, the fun stuff.  Glitching through the blocks takes a couple tries, but not a bad effort by any means.  I always find it harder glitching through them going up like that than left/right or even down.  Just breezing by the Patra like that is impressive.  I'm sure it's one of those things that can be done every time provided he doesn't do something crazy, but it's still nice to look at.  Very good drop manipulation very late in a very good run.  Nerves of steel, I tell you.  Also very good reverse C room.  It's always nice when the group up like that and eat bomb after bomb.  Perfect kill on Gannon is the punctuation on a very good run.  Nice job!  By the way, the stopwatch feel counter stopped at five.

Time:  32:05 give or take a second here or there.

2nd Quest

Link had apparently been drinking too much celebrating Gannon's defeat at the end of the first quest, as that is some rather odd walking to get the Wooden Sword.  Killing five enemies before Level 1 gives yourself the highest possible chance of getting bombs from the Goriyas in the first room, and fortunately you get both of them.  Very nice: that stopwatch feel counter is already getting employed in this run as well.  We're at one, but at least this one keeps the bubbles off your back.  Very good Level 1.

Really good job with the screen scrolling picking up the Power Bracelet and heading to Level 2.  I'm not going to lie, Level 2 is probably my least favorite dungeon in the second quest to speed run.  You have so few hearts, and things hit so hard in here (see Mummies) and are beyond annoying (see everything).  This dungeon has been the cause of loads of frustrating moments for me; however, you handle it beautifully.  Quickness and good drops, a very nice combination.

Very nice job picking up the Ladder.  A lot can go wrong in here in a hurry, especially in the Wizzrobe rooms, but nothing major here.  Minor cuts and scrapes only.  Now for the route change I wasn't expecting.  I had played around with wrapping around to the right side like that, but I never had much luck with getting across that water.  Very awesome you made it happen.  Anyway, Level 3 goes really well thanks to that amazing Dodongo fight.  A little sloppy on the Goriyas, but not a huge deal at all.

Level 4 is a pain with either sword, but the White Sword lessens the difficulty a bit.  Even still, the Darknuts and Bubbles room can ruin many good runs.  There are times when you blaze through this room, and others where you spend an eternity in there.  This time went relatively well.  Man, I laughed a little at the dark room with the Zols.  That was some funny stuff.  I can definitely relate to having moments exactly like that, so I feel your pain.  After that, Red Bubbles start chasing you around.  I call these things Run-Enders.  Getting hit here ends the run, simple as that.  If you didn't have to do all that crazy exploring behind the Triforce, it wouldn't be a problem.  Seriously, who ever figured that out as a kid without some sort of strategy guide?  The Dodongos fanned out and dodged your bombs rather expertly, but the rest of the trek to the Raft went rather well.  I always liked to giltch through the blocks above the Triforce for the cool factor, even though it's a tad slower.  Not a horrible Level 4, but not exceptional either.  It's somewhere in the middle, but considering all the BS you have to go through, it's understandable.

Level 8 is a rather easy dungeon because you don't have to explore the hardest parts of it.  The Goriyas in the stair room are just annoying when trying to glitch through those blocks, but you manage to get through with too much trouble.  The Dodongos went rather well; those statues mess everything up.  Not a bad Level 8.

In Level 5, you destoy those Blue Wizzrobes after the stairs.  Those things can get out of hand if you don't dispatch them quickly.  After more annoying Bubbles, you do a really good job with the one round Gohma kill.  It was so fast, in fact, you felt you had to slow things down a bit in the next room and re-open the door.  Nice.  In the following rooms, you get knocked around a bit, but nothing huge.  With all that's going on in these rooms it's no surprise.  The Manhandla gets away from you a bit and does what he does best: avoid bombs like the plague.  It's kinda nice to see someone other than myself get this unlucky.  Time for that stopwatch feel again!  It feels like it's been forever since our last one.  This is the second time in this run.  Not a bad Gleeok fight; you get hit a few times, but it never really slows you down.

More bad luck when getting the Heart Container before the Magic Sword.  I swear that Lynel hit you on the very last possible frame.  Ultimately it didn't really matter, but that's the kind of thing that can wear on you after hours of runs.  Getting into Level 7 is something that still gives me problems.  I don't know if it's the shape of the bush that throws me off or what, but you do it quickly and make it look easy.  Oh nice, a stopwatch that is actually helpful!  This doesn't count in the unneccessary stopwatch counter, which stands at two.  And just like that, you have loads of bombs again.  Good job navigating the two Darknut rooms, they can be a handful.  Unfortunately the Gohma went the wrong direction at the start, forcing a two round kill.  Still, not bad.  Man, a nice safe Darknut room after the Life or Money guy, and you're rewarded with two fairies.  That certainly had to make it easier on your nerves and results in a pretty quick third Darknut room.  This was a really good run of a super annoying dungeon.

Alright, time to finish off Level 6.  The first few rooms go pretty well considering what you're up against.  I like the scroll glitch across the water, it definitely seems faster than taking the stairs because you have to come into this room for the key anyway.  Nice luck avoiding the majority of the Wizzrobe BS.  Nice job powering through the Red Bubbles here.  It seems to go against logic, but fortunately you don't have to use your sword before you pick up the Triforce Piece.  That's a nice one round Gohma fight, even though the statues did everything they could to screw it up.

The walk to Level 9 went really well, with no hitches at all.  Level 9 starts out pretty simple; just dodging until you get to the Silver Arrow room.  Fortunately these Wizzrobes bunch up quite nicely making them easy targets.  A safe fight with the Lamnolas, but it goes fast regardless.  The rest of the dungeon goes really smooth until Gannon.  I thought you should've been able to lock him, but somehow it missed.  Either way, a good fight after that.  You slightly mistimed the Triforce pickup, but doesn't cost much time.  Very nice job on this run as well, DW!  By the way, the unneccessary stopwatch counter only stands at two for this run.  The game is slipping, I tell you.

Time:  37:11 give or take a second here or there.

Decision:  ACCEPT BOTH
Reason:  DW shows an exceptional knowledge of the game and its mechanics.  These runs also use new routes and strats that take advantage of glitches not used in console runs before.  If every run is a pile of good things and bad things, the piles of good things in these runs so far outweigh the piles of bad things it isn't even funny.  I mean really, is there any valid reason why someone wouldn't accept these amazing runs?

Also, I'm completely sorry for having comments longer than DWs.  I get carried away when watching really good runs of games I have a lot of experience with.

Quest 1:
So right off the bat, A/V is both great. Accept for those no question. Also no cheating obviously of any kind.

Now on to the actual run. I finally got around to watching both of these and it was quite great to see. For this question no major mistakes and it's definitely a very polished run. I never knew you could scroll the screen like that and end up on the other side! Learn something new everyday. Smiley It made me think, couldn't you actually do that for rooms in dungeon that need keys or are blocked off to save you time collecting keys/killing enemies? Just a thought.
Like the boss strategy in level 7 dungeon planting the bomb then using the flute, good stuff. Then the main boss itself is of course a joke haha. Love the major lag later on in the run too for the darknut room. DW handled the pressure great though and like I mentioned up top, no major mistakes. Ganon too was beyond hilarious. Definite accept for me!
Time is about 32:05.

Quest 2:
Again A/V is both good to go and not a single issue concerning them for me.

Then there is the matter of the run itself. Again, just great and almost no real big mistakes. I'm not as familiar with the 2nd quest so I can't comment as much, but again the bosses are a joke. Only real mistake I remember seeing is when trying to scroll screen to enter from other side while using raft on water. Got hit a few times and took a few seconds, but managed in the end. Overall time of quest 2 is about 37:11

Easy accept overall for me!

Congrats Darkwing!

Oh Zelda...this game is as awesome as is trolly anyway  now with the verification which i could swear i did this before dunno why my post isnt here anymore, but i'll do this gain

1st Quest:

A/V: was good

as everyone has said almost the same, im gonna try to be short, but the path that you took here was risky but at the same time was really a treat to see, i love how level 3 was a joke using the up +down warp is always amazing to see,  great boss fights and routing, i just wanna say the battle with gannon.....D: my god ganon....


2nd Quest

Few times i have dare to do this second quest and failed everytime so i was really interested in seen how this was going to play out, and i have to say it was amazing, the manipulation of the enemies to get the drops you want was and is always a good tactic, level 4 was one of the places where i could see how you have little troubles, but after all the trolls you got in this dungeon you really cant ask much, lastly sad that this battle wasnt like the first run but still was and amazing run to watch so...


again congrats on the runs!!

Decision: Accept both

Congratulations to Darkwing Duck!
Thread title:  
The Speedrunning Teacher
Why isn't this already up on the site? These videos should very well be available for the world to watch the second this thread was posted!

Anyways, congrats to ya, Daring Duck of Mystery!
Why run from the disco balls?  Take a hit and move on, they don't cost health and you lose seconds dodging them. 

Might this have something to do with the kill counter resetting upon getting hit or something?  I seem to recall DW discussing sometimes needing to kill multiples of the same enemy type in a row to get certain item drops, etc.

But maybe he'll have an explanation if he drops by here.  Either way, major congrats, sir!  Can't wait to watch them on the site.
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Can't get hit by the red bubbles in level 4.  They take away your sword permanently until you either go to a fairy fountain, get a triforce piece, or hit a blue bubble.  Those three red bubbles in level 4 end the run if I get hit by them because the blue bubbles are the opposite direction.
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^^ I wasn't being entirely serious.  The runs are amazing and I was just looking to poke fun.  Wink  We all know DD knows exactly what he's doing, because he's so amazing.

Congrats again DD.  Looking forward to them being actually posted.
Shouldn't the 1st quest run obsolete the slower Up+A run?
It should and that is to be fixed soon
My feelings on The Demon Rush
And it has now been fixed.
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Quote from mikwuyma:
And it has now been fixed.

Thanks.  It really paled in quality to my runs.