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The Legend of Zelda (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

First of all, the first verification copy didn't include the new run, here's nate's note after he fixed it.
Quote from nate:
i apologize for the delay. a new version is now up at the same link. there is desync but it will be corrected for the run that goes on the site if it passes verification so ignore the desync for now. thanks.

A/V good (barring the audio desync that will be fixed), no cheating. Nice job with the screen scroll glitch and the block clipping. Very nice boss fights, and Ganon went perfectly. DW makes the game look easier than it is. Accept! I'd time it as 31:39.

A/V be nice, cheating be none, timing be as previously stated.

Crisp clean run. Minor stutters at times, impressive drop manipulation, sweet bosses including but not limited to Ganon and the impressive screen scrolling and block clipping. Those boomerang moblins spontaneously combusting in level 2 was new to me, can't believe I've never seen that before during the streamed attempts.


The Legend of Flip

A/V tech stuff is good minus what nate is already fixing.  No game genie.

Old Man: It is dangerous to go alone.  Take this.
Link: It will keep me safe?
Old Man: No.  There is no safety to be found in a sword.  A sword brings death.  It does not give life.  It is a responsibility.  A burden.  This is no gift.  It is a curse.  I hope one day you will forgive me.
  - Zac Gorman


A/V has already been addressed.

Timing starts at a 1:11:27 and ends at a mid-high 1:43:06, so i've got it as a 31:39.

Slow first screen scroll. Ugh, what kind of amateur hour is this?

... Yeah. In truth, this is a good improvement of a good run already on site.  This is a formality.  Accept.

I got it in my head to try verifying very kill, and every drop, just to demonstrate both how the runner makes good use of both drop counters to get needed bombs and rupees, as well as to demonstrate legitimacy.  It turns out I can't do it though, not completely, because I don't know 100% how certain enemies (particularly bosses like Digdogger and Dodongo, and mid-bosses like Moldorm) affect the counter.  I will say though that the drops were totally legitimate to the best of my knowledge, which got me through Level 5.

The most basic way the runner gets all the rupees and bombs he needs? Simply not getting hit.  That's a key to Zelda speed running. Don't get hit and things get better for you.  You get more bombs, you get more rupees, and things just work out.

This run is more than just good combat, good routing, full advantage taken of obscure game mechanics and glitches, and lots of resets in level 3.  Small things are optimized.  When the runner uses the recorder to travel from Level 5 to Level 1, he presses B, then right, then B.  That's optimized input to get it done quickly.

But let's be clear: the combat is amazing.  The Darknuts in 8 are demolished fast.  The "Reverse C Room" in 9 is destroyed with a set plan using known Wizzrobe movements.  The runner both can use solid tactics in a versatile way, and calmly execute set plans in arguably the hardest room in the game.

This run is up to the minute in known techniques, notably the sword-slash block clip and the block clip in Level 4 in the dark Vire room.

The Gannon fight, if you haven't seen a good Gannon fight, is amazing.  That ought to have been a risky strat with 3 and a half hearts, but this runner clearly knows where Gannon is supposed to be, and make the most of it.

PS: I'd never noticed that strat before for the 4-headed Gleeok. I like it.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Darkwing Duck!'
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Great job, DW! I do have something for you:

I am the terror that flaps in the night.
I am the sword-ceror that defeated Ganon.
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Darkwing Duck: 2013-05-08 01:22:43 am
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My ultimate dream is to have my three recently accepted runs and Jokaah's run as one update.

EDIT:  Picture fits.
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Quote from Darkwing Duck:
and Jokaah's run as one update.

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Darkwing Duck: 2013-05-08 02:45:55 am
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Quote from Jokaah:
Quote from Darkwing Duck:
and Jokaah's run as one update.


All four runs in one update are about me.  Smiley

And picture still fits.
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Joka: 2013-05-08 09:08:12 am
Joka: 2013-05-08 02:49:27 am
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I still don't quite get what you mean. I'm new here Tongue

Edit: ..oh, you mean update on the main page