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The Legend of Kyrandia (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented]

Verifier Responses

Quote from mrprmiller:
Audio good. No cheating (which would be kind of hard in a simple point-n-click adventure).

I disagree with the runner about stopping time when the game exits.  Technically, his input stops and game is won at 51:57, a full minute or so faster than his estimations.

Easy accept.  Fun to watch this again.  Smiley  Westwood pumped out some serious quality back in the day.

Quote from LotBlind:
This contains no big complaints, mostly little IFIs for the runner to think about with future runs. Vulajin, you don't have to read this.

So there's no big occasions of forgetting what to do which is a good basis for a good run. On occasion it seems there's no reason why you couldn't also memorize the item locations even better or otherwise optimize things just a little more. There's only so much to do in an adventure game run so as a verifier I'm going to look for things like this:

(some of these notes rely on the fact I’m 90% certain on that you can always move the cursor during screen transitions and cutscenes)

Seg 1
Here you have a really easy cue for placing the cursor in the exact right position for the next screen: the red gem is virtually right "underneath" the pinecone of the scene just entered here. Even for the other screen entrances to get really precise cursor placements I'd imagine all you need to do is "grind" the transitions a few times during your practise runs if you noticed you were a little bit off and you'll easily have all of that memorized too. The backgrounds are so detailed that they should help you a lot to identify the right spots even more closely.

2:31 another example where the visual cue is actually pretty simple (straight between the two middle vertical roots above where one of them branches) and half a second could have been saved easily. Overall I think this would add up to half a minute or more considering how many such placements there are during the whole run, UNLESS there's some additional delay thing at the start of each screen anyway. I think what I’m seeing is the game calculating the path so that means this is significant.

3:30 - here the cursor is way off for collecting the peridot fast. It almost looks like the runner was having mouse problems in some spots. I know the motion had to be done blindly here but that's just way off.

4:04 - again, could've used the tip of the middle branch to hit the altar. I won't list any more of these from here on.

6:20 - okay apart from this one. Here there's two consecutive clicks on the same screen with a cutscene in the middle. Could've taken the cursor closer to the fire during the cutscene.

I think there may have been improvements possible with placing items into the inventory slots - in case there's always a delay between picking up and being allowed to place them, you should technically always put them as close as possible to the object they're going to be interacted with later. So e.g. the first item collected should have went to the top left slot because the cleric will be on that side. On the other hand if the delay I’m seeing is actually from clicking the inventory slot to the item being placed (with the cursor being locked during that time) what the runner did is equally good except if you really wanna micro-manage things, creating an overall most cost-efficient slot assignment scheme but that’s kinda TAS-level.

Looks like your motion stops whenever you take or place an item from the inventory. If this is so you can't really spend walking time rearranging the inventory like I was going to suggest.

Seg 2
0:22 - Maybe clicking lower down would’ve avoided the little pathfinding snag? Very minor thing ofc.
2:30 - Again, could you manipulate the path he takes? There’s a few more spots like this at 8:43 (the walk through the screen is more direct when returning at 9:36), 9:18, 12:28 and 12:56. 17:30 looks like this is exactly what is done unless it’s just forgetting the path. 25:02 shows that entering Zanthia’s place could probably be made more smooth by clicking elsewhere or clicking more than once.
3:33 - Mouse issues or lost concentration?
4:38 - I’m guessing didn’t click far enough to the right? Or something weird.
4:45 - First time forgetting where to go but I’m not terribly surprised in a maze like this. Still, something to avoid by having either a co-driver or some kind of map in front of you. I think there might be time to read it during the screen transitions because the actions are so simple.
5:03 - Another strange delay here. I’m thinking the berries should always be dropped to a spot close to the next exit but that motion has to be done blind so it’s a bit safer to do what the runner did. Still I’m mentioning it here in case he didn’t think of this.
5:40 - Okay this HAS to be the runner checking their notes. Same notes as before.
30:10 - Riiiiite. The runner mentions this. I wonder how precise the click needs to be? Even if it’s quite precise I think I would’ve liked to see this not be missed for the 6-second loss. Looks like he clicked too far right at first, then too far left, then at the center top part of the staircase and that worked. Maybe it’s something that hadn’t happened before or it’s more complicated than I’m thinking.

So all in all this is still an accept b/c some of the submissions have just plain forgot-what-to-do slip-ups. Things go very smoothly compared to that.


A/V looks good, no cheating detected. Good gem RNG, no time loss from bad routing, backtracking, or forgetting what to do.

There's some hesitation in the catacombs and not always optimal cursor placement (including the weirdness with the stairs in the castle foyer). Some time could be shaved off by grinding the execution more heavily to get as smooth a run as possible, but this is still very good. Accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Andrew 'Bigmanjapan' Bondarenko!
Thread title:  
I will reencode videos when admins notify me.

This run is definitely not fully optimized, I hope it will help other runners who are more keen on Kyrandia series. Huge delay in cave was due to my mouse cord holder slippage.

Picking up items from inventory sometimes goes with delay (almost always after cutscene or transition between location was made). 

Thanks you for verifying the run.
"mouse cord holder slippage"

Somebody start a thread that collects the most unusual causes of time loss or restarts in people's runs.
Everyday is puppies and sunshine...
The funny thing is, that happens more often than I care to admit when I am running QFG games.  lol
Edit history:
Bigmanjapan: 2015-03-04 10:01:19 pm
One more thing to add is that its possible to make Brandon walk between locations without him making stops at the beginning of every screen (meaning you can travel in one continuous motion). If timed right, any action you make after transition to new screen will interrupt delay/stop. I only made it work maybe 7-8 times, but its definitely possible to do it consistently.
I'm thinking you should create some kind of general guide for running adventure games seeing as you seem to be focusing on them so heavily... It's fairly simple stuff but our verify comments show that there's still things someone could miss. Maybe little hints on how to effectively memorize or map the routes. I'm sure there's more to it than meets the eye.

Just an idea.