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The Godfather: The Don's Edition (ntscus) (ps3) [Any %] [Segmented]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Soliduz Znake'!
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The Godfather: The Don's Edition (ntscus) (ps3) [Any %] [Segmented]

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LotBlind: 2016-01-16 01:53:34 pm
LotBlind: 2016-01-15 12:40:50 pm
LotBlind: 2016-01-12 12:29:52 pm
Doing this one (another 3 segments left)

Posting soon.
Edit history:
Soliduz Znake: 2016-01-13 07:25:14 am
will finish them asap.
edit: for those who verified this game before won't need the audio commentary or notes. there isn't much difference except for slight change in strats and optimization.
Soliduz: LOL don't expect anyone to remember a run older than a month! Cheesy I'll gladly always read about the changes so I know for sure what's new and why it saves time. I sometimes use them for updates too.

First 1:30 or thereabouts is all character creation. Then opening cutscenes. Gameplay starts at ~4:30

seg 1

5:20 that woman isn't supposed to be on camera Smiley

seg 3:
1:26 Could've avoided crash here by doing a wider curve (i.e. obeying traffic rules). It's not far into the segment either.
2:58 The vault could have been cleared faster by getting the two bags on the left side of first table, then clearing back tables and finally the last bag off first table?
15:22 Perfect corner!

seg 4:
There's technically some point after which it's no longer better to try for the convo skip but rather to watch the rest of it. It has something to do with expected values. You multiply the chance of getting the skip on each attempt (which you can get empirically) by the time between starting the skip attempt and the convo ending if you got it on that attempt PLUS the chance of NOT getting the skip times the time it takes to finish the conversation normally. Or something... That's your expected value for how long you'll spend on the cutscene from there on out. If it's lower than just watching the rest of it, it's still worth going for the skip. Not 100% sure about the maths. I'm not saying you have to memorize that moment for every conversation, but getting a feel for it would help you polish future runs more.

seg 5: 6:50 - p'wnd! umm... wh'ckd!

seg 6: 1:53 - this is pretty awkward :/ you already saw you couldn't fit through there. Or does it sometimes work anyway?

I wonder if you should be using the horn more around pedestrians too? They cause minor time losses after all. Don't they react to it?

12:14 - Does the driver of that truck have narcolepsy by any chance?

seg 7

1:08 I'm thinking you could probably do more with predicting where cars might appear: if you aim for the very left edge or do a broader curve around the right side you won't collide with cars riding down their right lane. Maybe. There's probably a kind of rhythm to when they can spawn based on camera movements that you might be able to affect by rear-viewing. It's fairly advanced stuff but something to think about. Maybe you can even repeat the same experiment lots of times and see if you never run into cars if you do that kind of turn in a certain way. Ofc it also depends on how much consistency vs. risks you want.

Looking at the run more I realize most of the time there's no traffic at all when taking turns, so bee-lining might be the best. Hitting lamp-posts is not. Smiley

seg 8

3:30 What's the odds of that type of car spawning there? I'm guessing it's not always there, otherwise running to it would have been faster.

5:22 Next time you do this mission, just stop in this segment, be mindful of where you're at and what you're doing, and think about the crates around the corner before you run over. It's by no means impossible to memorize details about the paths you have to take, especially in segmented runs, when you just devote your full attention to what's happening.

8:00 How can you drive while Michael's hanging out the window like that?

seg 9

2:30 That went cartoonishly quick.

7:36 I'd smash a church too.

seg 10

1:43 slightly bad parking forcing exiting on the wrong side. Also quite a few times getting stuck or moving the wrong way, so not ideal execution-wise. Then smashing into those crates... :/ Were you drunk? I get why you kept this attempt though: got the convo skip first try and quick and successful Bruno fight.

3:00 It says "weakspot jabs and punches": does the bat also count?

7:10 (God) "Shit, 12PM already!"

Defending the compound: do you often die here? Is it possible or worth just blowing some cars up?

Is it possible to go back and do a cleaner version of this segment? You get full ammo at the start of the next segment anyway don't you? Would there be other discrepancies? At least you could give it a few tries.

seg 11: checks out

seg 12:

7:20 Should you maybe have taken the other car? What were the chances you were going to make it anywhere with the one that was already smoking while being shot at? The other one was also battered though, but in hindsight, it would have been enough to get to the fast car probably.

9:30 Just to confirm: you had no molotovs or the like to spare for this upstairs fight?

17:55: Crouched movement speed... is that the most useful thing left? I see it comes in handy with surviving firefights without going too slow.

seg 13: Were you attempting to go deathless here? How many guys would you have had to gun down coming down the stairs otherwise?

06:44 Efficient killing there!

07:04 Is that to skip some dialogue or something? Surely it was on purpose. Cheesy

seg 14

Nicely optimized short segment here. Just what we like to see.

seg 15

2:14 You know the party's gonna be good when it reads: "Bring dynamite."

5:56 Why couldn't you have gone down the middle?

seg 16

9:00 Well... umm... planned!

13:20 Was there no way to know where the last enemy was, upstairs or downstairs? How random are their spawns anyway?

If you could get enemy cars to hit your rear more that would technically speed you up a little ways and help you take less damage. It also makes it matter less which car you're driving yourself. You should see what's doable there!

19:20 Cool guys don't look at explosions
They spin while crouched and fire away
Who's got time to watch an explosion?
There's walls to spasm at and bullets to walk into.


All in all the run is good and all the stuff I listed above is just IFIs. Always keep looking for ways to improve the run in a way that doesn't involve RNG, so you get systematically better times. Helps from getting frustrated. Also don't hesitate to stop and look at little details like the car-turn-around thing cause you can learn something about the game that way. Drive around town doing perfect corners without straying onto the oncoming lane. You can even combine that with otherwise failed attempts/practice runs since you don't have the PC runners' boon of saving and loading anywhere.

Edit history:
Soliduz Znake: 2016-01-22 01:00:03 am
I wouldn't say not remembering few month old run is issue since it is a fairly simple game to understand withe strats. Cheesy

- seg 3: the crash wouldn't matter since it's a timed event when the next mission unlocks. as you can see me waiting at the phone booth to trigger the mission location.
- seg 6: honking horn doesn't cause pedestrians to move out the way. really RNG heavy where they go, spawn and how they react.
- seg 10: the controls aren't that flexible when you want turn. its more of straight movement pattern than curves hence why I got stuck while running. running makes it worse but way faster than walking out of the way.
- seg 12: the other car is locked and you can't enter it, it common in scripted missions like in mission 11 driving Michael to the harbor there is a car in front of the restaurant that is locked.
- seg 15: can't be done, I tried doing before but because of the way the car turns I'd have to go much slower to avoid hitbox collision and lose more time than going around.
- seg 16: the issue isn't where the guards spawn but where they go hide behind cover. sometimes guards would be downstairs which why I went down first but that didn't happen. as I mentioned in the audio commentary in theory you can get faster driving in chases scenes via speed boost but not only is it hard to predict where they will come up but there is risk going to fast in corners I end up over steering. plus I have pay attention to upcoming traffic that spawn few distance away.
Edit history:
LotBlind: 2016-01-22 10:37:29 am
Yeah well I see lots of runs though :/

Oh there's a commentary track now? I might watch it again when that's available, just for laughs. For shits and glug-glugs.

Segment 16: did we talk about traffic "canceling" by looking the other way? I guess we did and that doesn't work.

Anyway good clarifications and if I can summon the time, I'll give the AC a listen (in the background while doing something else) Cheesy

Go go Judgy!
tried to do traffic canceling, it doesn't work sadly Sad
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
A/V: Fine
Cheating: None
Gameplay: Good solid execution on all segments one or two slips but nothing worth crying over, any questions I would have had we're already raised by LotBlind and Soliduz's answers and knowledge of the game are good enough to cover the gaps in my own memories of the game. (which I maybe played through once when it first came out)

Decision posted.