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The Godfather: The Don's Edition (ntscus) (ps3) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Soliduz Znake'!
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The Godfather: The Don's Edition (ntscus) (ps3) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Will be verifying as before!
Is this a game where you can reload the first autosave to get back to the very start of timing? In that case you could have manipulated a faster first dialogue skip.

Did you ever try if entering the upgrades menu can cancel cutscenes? Or if you enter some other menu, does it make it more consistent? Are you buffering entering the menu when you try for it? What if you wait a tiny bit? Maybe you've tested all of this already...

Another thing is some games allow you to get out of cars straight through a wall... they just look for whether there's a space for you to walk out on, they don't always check that there isn't something in the way. Maybe I told you about this already?

20:23 - Why aren't you using the tommy gun here like you do with the rest of them? Doesn't it gain you in the intimidation meter?
26:45 - It looks like you're causing the enemy car to spawn between you and the Don's car by looking that direction. I know the Don moves more or less on tracks but I wanted to confirm this doesn't waste time to slowing it down. Or are you deliberately causing more damage to the enemy car by having the Don slam into it? BTW: did you check if draw distance settings affect car spawning? I haven't heard of that in other similar games, just a thought.
44:08 - I don't remember smashing the glass and blowing the place up from before...
49:00 - What happens if you just ran past these cops instead?
1:04:40 - Are you sure switching cars was faster here seeing as you only use it to drive up and down a short street once?
1:07:54 - Smiley
1:10:28 - What?
1:12:32 - They call them "snake doors".
1:29:31 - You're not paying the guy enough...
1:35:40 - What is this, like 1 second faster? Cheesy
1:39:54 - You're not paying this guy NEARLY enough!
1:40:53 - So what is different about this route so you don't need the extra money and respect?
1:44:58 - Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.
1:51:00 - Weapon switch speed? Is this for safety or something?
1:52:14 - Here you stop honking for a few seconds... is the bind too far from the rest of the keys? Ideally you should be able to hold it continuously as you're driving.
1:54:00 - I think there's a render bug in this scene.
1:54:52 - What happens to the lion here?
1:56:51 - Oh nvm it's here where this happens...
1:58:25 - Safer to take the right lane? Ofc it's a bit faster to go for the in-curve so it's a question of expected returns.
1:59:30 - Does this fight end runs sometimes?
2:13:08 - A bit of daydreaming here? Didn't you just lose 10 seconds?
2:19:59 - Are you starting to get a bit weary at this point?
2:28:35 - Lost some time here. As most, you have less repeats on the last part of the run I see.
2:32:40 - Remind me if you just take this death each time or are you hoping to avoid it? If you know it's going to happen, could you suicide somehow to be even faster? Not that it takes long like this.
2:36:43 - Isn't this new? A more reliable gun?
2:38:18 - If this is a sure shot, you should have turned to face the phone sooner. Maybe it's risky if someone comes out the room?
2:50:20 - Rather wishful thinking from this fella.
2:54:10 - This is rather cool!
2:54:20 - This isn't quite as cool. Didn't you hear that there were more? Looks like 55 seconds gone.
2:55:15 - Why is there nobody on the second time?
2:57:25 - It feels like you're not blocking them off with the same efficiency as earlier in the run where you tried to make them hit the rear bumper, not the side, and this would cause them to careen off the road.
3:01:20 - Too risky to get out and switch to a faster ride here?
3:02:14 - Holy pimped-up Continentals Batman!

So yeah, this looks good enough in terms of execution despite some possible fatigue (or less practice) towards the end. Not surprising seeing as there's no longer breaks. In fact it's 5 minutes faster than the segmented one although that one loses time to the segmentation itself. What would you say the major timesavers were?

Could have shown the stats at the end for the curious.

Edit history:
Soliduz Znake: 2017-07-29 11:04:21 pm
so many questions as usual Lotblind. Tongue
ok I'll try to answer as many as possible just for clarification Dx
I recently found out The Don's Edition unlike the original on PS2 has missions unlock after few minutes & certain stores and rackets extorted and hit contracts completed to unlock later missions. Hence after Luca's murder (mission 4) I used the time to extort & (mission 9) and wait for the phone to ring.

no autosaves in this game. tried them they don't do anything to the skip the dialogue. The only consistent way to skip them is to quit the mission or quit the game which shows normal gameplay for split seconds. The game won't allow that with walls. It can happen when a car happens to come around same place and time I get out of the car but would go to short loading screen and teleport me away from the car. wasting time.

26:45 it basically an autoscroller section, if I go to far from the ambulance it's mission over. But I found when the ambulance goes to the bridge I could skip few seconds by being ahead.
44:08 check the older again.
49:00 mission if time runs out and more likely get killed before reaching the door. there are multiple cops hiding.
1:04:40 twice  if you cant parking
1:07:54 stupid triangle button same for interacting and accessing cars.
1:10:28 if you don't aim the gun, you can still fire the gun where it is aiming. in this case I hit the aim button too early before the guard could be aimed at. it sucks in this game it can be derpy auto aim.
1:12:32 loading doors Dx always happens for hotels
1:35:40 faster and more safer, it's very rare I could get run over if ran on foot.
1:40:53 this run I barely save money for safehouses, instead I scavenge for ammo.
1:52:14 mash L3 analogue stick to honk same used for turning. Plus the when there is parked car on the right the AI drivers don't ram into them so less space and less time to react.
1:54:00 Avermedia recording Dx
1:54:52 crew member meter, you can summon crew but can only be used outsides story missions. :/
1:59:30 Cuneos (Burgundi) & Barzinis (olive grape) are top tier enemies. deal heavy damage and a run killers.
2:13:08 minor mistake.
2:19:59 auto aim can be a bitch
2:32:40 death exploit, makes the enemies disappear. faster to run than just gunning them and lose too much health.
2:36:43 faster firing rate + larger clip.
2:50:20 was waiting at the door to block my partner from going up so I can talk to him, but instead he wasn't there ruined a near perfect run
2:55:15 that was supposed to happen first time
3:02:14 too busy celebrating Tongue
Manipulating the start: what I meant was I guess you could reset until you get the first dialog skip in 1-2 tries.

2:13:08 - Your comment doesn't mean anything. You can't have been fully focused. It's difficult but if you don't, it creates the most pointless time losses.

Right, thanks for your answers! Well done. What are you going to look into next?
Decision posted.
@LotBlind I did speedrun for the original Godfather (PS2) that's WR and on site but of course isn't in par with SDA recording standards so I might do another faster run.