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DS Dictator
This is a run that is easily improvable by 10-20 seconds but I might as well post this unlisted video for reference.

Category: All upgrades (4 health expansions)
Time: 12:05
Route: Pink Highway, Yellow Harbour, Blue Valley, Green Woodland
Yellow Harbour needs some work figuring out the fastest strats and trying to make it second nature when it comes to muscle memory.

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Haters gonna hate
I love this game and it's cool to see interest on it. 

Just went ahead and tested, and Red can get the extender on Blue's stage all by his lonesome without dying.  You drop down to it, get it, and jump to the right of the little platform to scroll off the top whirlpool about when the top log will spawn, and then ride it out.  I haven't actually timed anything out, but I'd be willing to bet Blue-Green-Pink-Yellow would be a significantly faster route.  Blue's stage would take significantly longer, but Green's would be basically the same and you'd gain tons of time on Pink's and Yellow's having access to Blue and Green for them.  Blue's ninjitsu and Green's double jump are amazing in the 2nd section of Pink's stage, and Blue can score double hit's pretty easily on the boss.  Green's double jump is great in the early parts of Yellow's stage, and you score a quick kill with his help on the boss (double jump right at the start to get on his first arm attack, switch to Pink, bomb away).

Definitely more difficult at the start, but worth looking into at the very least.
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DS Dictator
Current 100% PB as of 17/01/2015:  11:30
only 12 seconds slower than the any%(?) from the SSS Tournament

A few updates:

The category I'm going for is 100% and I think  Pink-Yellow-Blue-Green is a bit faster, right now the route difference is 20 seconds but I may need to play more on the other route to see if it is faster.

The buildings section as green does save a lot of time, especially when running Any%, the only parts where Green doesn't save time is the route towards the life expansion -> ninjutsu pickup -> going to the far left.
Helicopter can be killed in 4 cycles as Red, two hits per visit. Use the numbers as reference spots where Red should stand by/while in mid-air. See attached image

Yellow: I am getting the hang of memorising the spawns and knockback boosts to keep moving forward.
The boss can be killed in 1 cycle without using green. Unfortunately it is a bit too precise at times but rewarding if you get all 4 hits before it retreats.

The .gif's framerate is low but actually makes it easier to see why the trick isn't trivial.

Blue: I think one of the main reasons why Blue first is slower in 100% for 2 reasons:
1) After the expansion, you have to jump to the right and go back left to spawn a slow log.
2) When entering the caves, you have 0 in your ninjutsu stock. This requires the player to go to the far right to pick up ninjustu and then use it to go through the middle route or take the longer up most route.

1) Pink First has 3 ninjutsu by the time I reach to this stage and I only need to use 2 to skip the temple entirely, I purposely ignore the extra ninjustu because it costs a bit more time to pickup than the extra ninjustu found in Red's Earthquake room and by having 0 in my stock, I can switch from Pink to Red by pressing down twice (saving frames for character switching).

2) Blue First has 1 ninjutsu, I don't fully know the fastest route for this but you can go inside the temple and go up 1 floor, pick up an extra ninjustu and fly to the exit. I think 2 is required this way and one by the boss's entrance has 1 extra ninjutsu = useful for Neo city.

I think Any% the Blue-Green-Pink-Yellow is almost certainly* going be faster as it doesn't require using a slow log after Blue's life expansion and a detour to the right when picking up Pink's life expansion.
while 100% the Pink-Yellow-Blue-Green ends up a tad faster when you factor Blue First disadvantages for 100% and the tough 1 cycle against Yellow's Machine.

*I need to try out more Any%, Blue first has less disadvantages.

Neo city route:
Green Jump room - Top left
Yellow water spout room,
Spike ball trap room - Bottom right. Pick up ninjustu (2), use pause trick to skip using the mandatory tornado spell
Green's boss refight
Blue's swing & temporary platform room (if you defeat Green's boss very quickly and get a good platform cycle, use Tornado (1 ninjustu left) after first set of temporary platforms)
Electric barrier room - go to the top right
Green Double jump vs campy guards - use ninjustu (0 left). TAS run can use a trick called spike jump or super precise somersault shurikens attacks (good luck pulling that off in real time)

Section 2

Swing room - Top most door
Pink's rolling ball trap room - bottom left door
Pink's boss refight
Red's earthquake room - before picking up ninjustu, select red by pressing down twice, take the bottom right most door
Arrow trap room - door takes you back to Swing room

Swing room -> Pink's rolling ball trap room -> use bottom right door.
Green circular saw room - > Yellow water spout room V2.0 -> Blue tornado room,
pickup ninjustu -> select green -> double jump -> select blue -> Tornado -> go up, destroy box to spawn another ninjustu -> select green -> pickup ninjustu and double jump to the left to go into section 3.

Section 3

Shoot 2 shurikens, double jump -> select blue -> Tornado, go to the far right -> select Red -> start final boss battle.

Haters gonna hate
You might be right, but at the same time I think it's worth looking into (and I may do so myself, this game's fun and I haven't played it in a long time).  I have to reteach myself spawns and all that good stuff, but if I get a run together I'll post it here.

As for Blue's stage with Red, a little further testing shows you can spawn the log while falling to the platform with the upgrade, saves a little time with the spawn/ride, though the knife thrower is very dangerous.  Also, in the second screen with 0 ninjitsus it's faster to just go to the top where you don't need one than to go get the one to the right, come back, then use it.  Grab the one on the way in the middle level, go into Green's stage with 1.  In the second room of Green's stage, go all the way to the right at the start before using a Blue ninjitsu, there's one on a ledge on the way up, use that to get to the top.  It's slightly slower than just using two right out the gate and collecting the one at the top, but only slightly.

Also, I encourage you to grind that pillar room in the last stage to kill the monk guys on the go with Green.  It's a hold you breath moment in the run to be sure, but it's very doable in real time.

Also, have you looked into taking damage to save time anywhere in the last stage?  A perk of the upgrades is you have tons of health to work with, and I can think of a couple places it might save some time to just tank a couple hits (pure theory, no testing done).  The laser room, the spinning blade room, and the rolling ball room leap to mind.

And if you haven't already, check out this thread, pages 2 and 3 have some replays of any% runs, though you'd need a version of the emulator Dega to view them.  Might help.
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Greenalink: 2015-01-17 05:39:08 pm
DS Dictator
Shoutouts to SDA attachments Wink

I can get a visual idea now with the Blue first route. I actually forgot about the bottom most ninjustu pickup partway through the cave :P.  I also watched a unoptimised TAS run over a week ago and got an idea on a slightly faster strat against the waterfall boss as Red.

That green pilliar room, I used to assume it was heavily save stated after watching this 100% items, no damage run from Youtube, but your .mmv file with 0 rerecords has proved me wrong :o, maybe I'll try get an optimised run with the safe strat first, submit and then grind that one room to the death with Bishawk. If I get to kill at least one monk, then I can activate the tornado spell above the second monk and go right to the exit, the only time I lose in the safe strat is the ninjustu cutscene/activation.

The laser room, the spinning blade room, and the rolling ball room leap to mind.

If you have max health at the very start, you can take a few damage boosts.
The electric room - before the door, if you touch the left lightning bolt, you damage boost to the right and can go through the last two lightning traps slightly sooner, saving ~0.5 seconds.
Spinning blade room - the TAS run used pink throughout the room, took damage by the last set of blades.

The rolling ball room - Surprisingly, taking damage does not save time. Top section: Regardless of taking damage from the first rolling ball, you can't go through the 3rd safe zone sooner. The right most rolling ball turns around when it goes past the 3rd safe zone. 
The bottom right ball moves too fast and taking damage doesn't save time.
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Haters gonna hate
You've talked about my run from way back when a bit, but in case you missed it, check out the one Normand Nubcake posted in the middle of the next week (Dega .mmv attached here).  He died at the final boss, but would've had ~10:40 if he made it.  Green first doesn't work for 100% obviously, but if you want to mess with the Blue first route his Yellow stage is way better than the one in mine, and he has some better Neo City strats than what I used, definitely worth a watch.

Been messing with the Blue boss fight, and speeding it up with Red is doable, but really tricky.  If done right, it's only a second or two slower than using the more conservative and easy strat with Yellow (though you can probably run him down with Yellow as well, not sure if you'd have enough time to fully charge an attack between hits though, so it might take more than four hits).  Basically, you start the same way, try to time your first hit so you tag him with the tail end of the sword swing animation, two quick jumps up to tag him at the top before he attacks, fall back to the platform you did your first attack on, repeat.  It's far from easy, but saves a pretty big chunk of time.
I'm aware that this thread is super old, but let me tell you that I have registered only because of this game, the GG Shinobi. I hope the interest for this game is not completely dead, since I saw on YT Greenalink's run that was recorded last year (ESA).

Please note that I usually don't speedrun games (though I enjoy watching some speedruns), so I'm pretty new to a lot of this, please bare with me.
I wanted to ask you guys, what's the easiest method to watch those MMV videos? I would really like to see that one player's video where he got to the final Boss and almost finishing any% in 10:40? He has a weird route too (Green first?).

Also, Greenalink, if you see this, do you have any recordings of your runs that are near 11:30 for 100%? I would like to see how that run looks like with a route like yours (PYBG), when optimised and when you don't have to simultaneously commentate your own run Cheesy

I tried to do the best research that I could, I was sure that the previous WR was 11:59 for 100% and now I see here that there are any% runs in only 11:18 and that Greenalink had a 11:30 for 100%.

And the almost 10:40 any% run intrigues me the most, especially with a strange route like that.

Regarding the green background Neo City room where you have to shuriken burst the monks, I thought it's impossible too, but I managed to get it two recorded runs in a row last week. I first saw a player named Cormageuh do it in his runs. His runs are really awesome, but he's far from the best times here since he didn't know what's the best route for NC.
DS Dictator
This is my 11:30 run, I know I can polish the run even more but I'm not a huge fan of the green room with camping monks.

The mmv file is a movie file from an obsoleted GG emulator called Dega.
You have to play the rom and then go to Movie -> Start Playback and select the GG Shinobi_iowur.mmv file
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obiiwan: 2018-04-08 03:36:26 am
Your YT video doesn't open properly. Is it maybe set to private or something?

Are there any other solutions for watching those MMV videos? I can't get the Dega emu that has recording feats (1.16) to work on my PC, the older versions (1.12) work but they don't have the Movie option.

Dega sure is really basic, but I like the Enhance PSG option, I wish Kega Fusion had something like that
DS Dictator
Oops, I always mess this up. This should fix it.

This is where I get dega 1.16 from ["Not Accepted at all tab"]

As for Dega emu, I don't know what's going on, I keep getting some weird errors when I try to run 1.16 version, no matter where I download it from. I'll try to open it on another PC when I get the chance.
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obiiwan: 2018-05-02 09:01:01 am
obiiwan: 2018-05-02 08:57:58 am
Here are two of my runs, I usually mostly focus on Any%, here's my PB that I'm really happy with, with a time of 10:26:99

I have analysed a few other runs, and grinded some more on my own to come up with a few new timesavers and minor shortcuts, so here is my new 10:05 PB for Any% (BGPY route):

Also, I like to play no damage runs, so here's one with 100% no damage and no flinch done in 11:06:09

Scratch that, I have too many mistakes there, so I'll leave a link to my new regular 100% 10:29 PB run:

Going for the shuriken bursts on monks in NC green room with pillars was super scary in the no damage/no flinch run, since  one touch would mean I need to start over, and I did some major mistakes in the room before that.

Finally mastered the monks room, it's no longer a dream killer in NC. My least favourite room title in NC now goes to Green saw room, I hate it, so unpredictable.

Anyway, I still need to watch those old .mmv runs if there's some strats that I could use or if it's worth it to switch to a Green first route, but I doubt the later idea.

I have fixed the issue on my PC. Normand's Green first run is really impressive. I plan to try doing a run of my own with a route like that. Seems a lot of fun, but the more I watch his run and admire his Woodland strats to get as close as possible to other runs (Blue first, Pink first..), he's still 20+ seconds behind for that stage, and I don't think it's possible to really get it back in the remaining 3 stages.

For a better any%, I need to master Head Boss refight with Pink, master the bursts on monks in NC (I wish I got them in that particular any% run) and maybe try out a strat that would involve eating damage in the green saw room.

Fun fact - I just learned it's possible to clear the game with Red only in the first four stages, and only Red&Blue in NC
Ok, I made it, so I'll post here a link to my new run - Any% in 09:56:91. Including a few new strats that I had thought can barely lead to a sub 10 run if done right.

I have managed to get an amazing first 4 stages, amazing Neo City and perfect RNG in Neo City too (yellow vertical geysir room starting in a way that you have to chase down the water sprouts instead of waiting for them, low left block appearing ASAP in blue disappearing blocks room). I have also learned how to manipulate the RNG.

New things in this run:

Valley - pretty much the same as before

Woodland - after watching Breakdown's run, I decided to take the lower route in the Forest section. If you take care of the first saw throwing guy properly, you can save 2 seconds. It is a little tricky, because he sometimes hits you first, completely negating the saved time, but after a few tries it becomes second nature to hit him first consistently.
Temple - pretty much the same as my 10:05 run, big saver in both runs compared to before being the proper usage and controlling of the whirlwind ninpo in a way that I get over the falling rooftop tiles instead of needing to wait for the ninpo to end and then crossing the falling tiles. This way I also need only one more jump to get to the Boss door
Head boss - Jumping up with Blue to align with the Boss as soon as he goes into his Ninja form, I got the idea from Normand's run where he does the same on the right side of the screen, but with Red. This way if you mash Blue's attack correctly and kill the first ninja when he's on your left, you guarantee yourself to defeat the boss as soon as he reforms into his ninja formation for the second time, saving a little bit of time

Highway - this has been my favourite part of the run for a long time and for this run I managed to relearn it using a new pattern in the first section which makes me clear the whole section w/o stopping at all. It's super consistent and was really rewarding to learn. Due to no stopping I save extra 0,5 seconds
Building - same old
Heli boss - slightly readjusted the positioning so I can get the final hit earlier. Also focusing on taking damage, every saved frame counts.

Harbor - same old. I have to thank one french speddrunner named Kaddath R for showcasing Green's jump single shuriken into burst in his speedruns. I got a lot of mileage from that trick, it makes Green completely viable in these sections despite his low damage and enables me to clear a lot of parts without stopping with him

Neo City - I needed to do the first room w/o mistakes, that late switch to Yellow shortens Green's double jump, so I have an easier time in the geysir room, which if done with that RNG, saves some time. I almost messed up during Green boss refight (the right ninja didn't get clipped with my first bomb), barely made it with the final bomb throw. Thankfully
I didn't have to wait any longer in the disappearing blocks room. Killed the monks w/o stopping (which was a flaw in my old runs), switched from Pink to Blue for the Arrow room, which is risky but I have been doing it a lot lately to save some time with switching. Saw room was good, I had one really good reaction there. I got rid of my (attack) frame kill in Yellow horizontal geysir room, it turns out-it doesn't help a lot at all, it's better to focus on doing really late jumps, still way easier than jumps you have to perform in the monks room. Last boss was great too, I had a proper reaction to his 2nd form left/right mixup and managed to chase him properly and hit him with every single blow.

I'm really happy and proud of this run, it really was a journey to get it under 10 minutes. Unless any new big time-savers and tricks get discovered I don't think I can beat this time.