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Would it be possible for someone to make a list of personnel showing the areas in which help could be used?

I think that would make it easier for people to show up offering help. If people are needed, recruitment must be done. That can be well planned, for example, in each necessity a list of all the expected skills and knowledge that it's desireable for the person to have, this helps not only to eliminate insufficient candidates but also to motivate others to run after and learn those skills in order to help.
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I like that idea
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angelar: 2015-05-30 01:16:32 pm
The forums are both amazingly slow and difficult to navigate on mobile. Moving frames slide all over the screen and the page freezes up as often and for as long as it is running smoothly. Very small buttons are difficult to tap.

Even just stopping by on mobile to check up on threads is an ordeal, much less posting or editing those posts. Some solution seems desperately needed, unless we just want the community to be isolated away from computers in 2015+.
what are you running?
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HTC One m8, Android 5.0.2, Opera

To be more precise (now that I'm at a keyboard,) zooming in does not play nice with the post / page navigation frames and the user list. It's possible to zoom in on a frame such as the post editor, but not be able to scroll to the side because the main page is already scrolled fully sideways, and the post/pagenav frame seems to not get its own horizontal "slider."

And then, again, buttons such as edit post / page navigation are very small and difficult to interface with on a mobile device.

Thanks for the quick response, btw.
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Ah yes, I have that problem too (one m8 as well), especially attempting to post or select specific pages in a topic can be frustrating.
At the top of the page under the logo you'll see appearance, under forum style select willow iphone. It's not the best solution, but it made my experience easier to use.
yeah, please use the mobile style.

renamed willow iphone to "mobile" and pushed out a few tweaks to that style to make posting less annoying.
Well as a fairly new runner, I care a great deal about the future of SDA because a lot of what I see happening with the marathons and all the individuals that make up SDA hits close to home for a lot of personal reasons. Everyone seems to be doing a good job of making sure I don't have to wait long to have all my questions answered, which is good because I've been feverishly trying to set up my own Twitch account to stream. A lot of what I've been seeing being a problem is lack of information flow for the games that I want to run. Every little tip, trick and glitch that can be accounted for in games that new players want to run are hard to find. You can find plenty of information for the more popular games, but it's not easy to find the information, and the more obscure games force you to start from square one. I feel like the best thing that can be done for the site is to create a link to a separate website that contains a list of games that can be speed run. Set them up in alphabetical order, and seperate them by systems. Make it a wiki style web page where the runners have to enter the information about there games manually to help the newer players out. It would take a while to do something like that, but making a site like this for games and possibly other technical questions would make things quite a bit easier on people. After that it's just a matter of creating links to SDA, and TAS videos as needed. I am more than happy to put in a lot of work with adding information into sites like this. I just need someone a lot smarter than me at making web pages to lay out the ground work.
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Well, we do have the Knowledge Base where anybody can help develop information on any game. And it's Wiki style.
My mistake, I see the page you were referring too now. I withdraw what I said earlier.