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The First Tree () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Kelrycor'!
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The First Tree () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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First of all, many thanks for submitting!

OH MY LORD THE EMO thanks so much for cutting as much of the story out as you could. Routing-wise, while the game looks pretty simplistic, at least multiple people's input went into this so we may assume it can't be that bad. The execution looks up to par as well (again, very simplistic), though at the start of the chapters you could have looked for the exact angle you wanted to start running in a bit quicker. When there's so little to do, it looks sloppy if you don't put in the effort to find things like that.

At around 1:35 for example, you're kind of curving to the right, suggesting you weren't initially running the right direction. I'm assuming this is one of those story skips?
Decision posted.
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Homo homini lupus est - Hobbes
Hi LotBlind

I just saw your comment and I think I owe you an answer. A little bit late I know. But thanks for watching and comment on it anyway thumbsup

First off, I don't understand why my uploaded commentary subtitle file isn't loaded with the video. I have to check that. Many things would have been explained with it while watching.
If you want to see my complete HD edit you can still watch it on YouTube -  English and German captions with the commentary are available:

The game itself is no action game, it is more story driven, so there is a lot of running around. Sorry for that - not very entertaining I think if you don't know the game Undecided
Yet lot of things can go wrong. This is due to the fussy physics of the game - especially when performing any jumps. You can ruin your complete single segmented run with only one single mistake or getting stuck on slopes.
This indie game is very simple, indeed, but considering that it is done but just one single person, David Wehle, it is still well done if you ask me.

The whole run may look choppy on some parts, but it isn't at all. The routes, jumps and angles are well chosen over multiple training runs. Any "hook" you notice is to avoid a cutscene or abusing glitches for shortcuts. The one you noticed at 1:35 was for aviding the first cutscene. You have to leave the road to the left and run the hill upwards to the grass area to avoid it. The invisible hitbox for the cutscenes are not lines, but whole vast areas that had to be tested out before to optimize things.

The run is still far from perfect, I know.
But the only real mistakes I did were in chapter 4 and chapter 6. I slipped off from a movement key for a split second at 10:37 and got stuck on an invisble wall in front of a normally walkable slope at 20:16 min. But they had only a minor impact on the total time, so I was fine with it. All the other things were at least close to my personal best times (closer than 2 secs per chapter) when I trained and stopped time doing the chapters one by one.

Without finding any new major shortcuts - and I really tried hard to reveal every single one - there is only a chance to do the whole run about 8-10 seconds better. At least this is my estimation judging my own run. But this kind of perfect run will be a pain in the ass because of the fussy controls and physics.
And since I have 3 competitors on ( who all didn't beat me yet even copying my own techniques, I feel very confident that it will take some time someone will beat my time.
And if so, I will glady accept the challenge - with gusto Grin

I hope I answered some of your questions or anyones who read this. Don't hesitate to ask if you want to know more.
The subtitles are there, you have to watch it using something like VLC and select it from the top menu separately. I mentioned it in the update too.

Thanks for the comments. Sounds like it's more difficult than it looks then. That kind of stuff is good to mention not just for verification but I suppose the viewers as well. From an accept/reject point of view, the game's entertainment quotient is not relevant on SDA. It's really up to you what you think is worth the time running and what isn't.

Do submit again if you put in this kind of effort into another game!
I noticed your comment edit request. If you want, I can edit that link into the comments, but the subtitles weren't ever supposed to show directly on the video. That would be against our rules. People just have to download the file and use an external player. This is the same whenever someone uploads an audio commentary file so people are used to this.
Homo homini lupus est - Hobbes
You're right. If it is on purpose and your rules that subtitles aren't supposed to show directly, then I am fine with it Smiley
Yes, it would be nice of you edit the link into the comment for the YouTube version as an high-res alternative with both captions. The sentence about the missing captions can be left out.

I really appreciate your help so far. Nice community here. I will surely submit another speedrun if I found a game I think I can compete with others.
Updated the notes. I'm glad you're onboard the SDA hype train! A loooot of people don't quite understand that what we're doing here is not mutually exclusive with uploading runs on YT or

BTW: Why didn't you upload the highest resolution encode on our server? Usually it's the YT uploads that have lower quality. It looked good enough for us in verification so nevermind that now.