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Essentia: 2013-06-20 12:34:33 pm
Everything's better with Magitek
For those interested, I found a guy on Youtube who uploaded most (if not all) of the C4L videos, and he filled in the missing parts with the French restream: https://www.youtube.com/user/z8931686/videos
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Prizes shipped! (At least all of the claimed ones)

We are soooo doing this differently next year.
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Another thing I need to mention: the shipping cost for the prizes was several thousand dollars.  Unfortunately, this meant that they had to be shipped C.O.D. (meaning that recipients will pay the shipping cost on arrival).  No individual recipient will have to pay a lot; it was the sum total that was a lot.

If you would prefer not to receive your prize, please let me know -- I can still cancel delivery at the post office (because nothing went out over the Canada Day long weekend).

PS: As I said, this is being done differently next year -- lesson learned Tongue
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Update on prizes:

Due to some insane miscommunication between me and JDRF, the prizes haven't actually been shipped Sad  (I am so sorry!  As I said, insane miscommunication -- I thought JDRF had shipped the prizes, but they were waiting on my okay to ship them COD).

In short: miscommunication resolved (thank you to the people who contacted me to ask why they hadn't received their prizes yet).  The prizes are going out ASAP (they're already boxed and ready for shipping; they just have to go to the delivery company, which should happen pretty much immediately).

Please accept my personal apologies for this giant mess.

(And things will be very different next year!)
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No worries Poxnor, good of you to keep us posted on what's going on. Smiley
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Just for the purposes of full-disclosure, all the prizes will be shipped COD -- i.e., recipients will pay the shipping charges on arrival. The total shipping changes will be several thousand dollars, which neither myself not JDRF can afford. Just to clarify: if anyone refuses to pay, the package comes back to us, and I have agreed with JDRF that I personally will cover the shipping charge of any returned package (I'm out to help the charity, not screw them).

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mikwuyma: 2013-07-22 09:16:32 pm
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Question, how are you shipping the prizes? The shipping charges for AGDQ were $1472, and I shipped over 100 prizes (likely over 150). I know a good chunk of your shipping is going to be international with the French viewers, but I still don't understand how that equates to several thousand dollars since shipping a perler or drawing internationally is generally in the 7-12 dollar range (for international shipping).
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Truth be told, Mike, I don't have all the details. I think part of it is that shipping from Canada is f*cking expensive. If you want the details, though, I can request them for you.
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Whose name is going to be used for the sender, yours or JDRF?
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JDRF, or possibly someone at JDRF. It'll be an Edmonton address, for sure, and I'm guessing most people don't get too much mail from Edmonton, AB, Canada Smiley
My prize arrived!  Got my awesome perlers (the two moogles and the chocobo) to hang out with my Robo perler now!
Weegee Time
My prize came today as well.  They didn't collect on a CoD according to my mother.  If you get a charge back, let me know and I'll wire you the money for shipment. Smiley
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It doesn't look like it was sent COD. At least, mine wasn't. Postal carrier just dropped mine off and I see nothing indicating COD on the shipping label.
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Hmm, it looks like there might have been a fairy godmother looking out for the C4L prizes, so that they weren't shipped COD.  We're still changing up things for next year (donors will ship the prizes directly to the winners), but maybe something came together nicely for C4L 2013 Smiley

To any admin: could I please request a lock on this thread?  If anyone has any issues with prizes, etc., please feel free to contact me via PM or via email.  I think this thread has come to its natural conclusion.